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Found 3 results

  1. Hope somebody can help advise me how to proceed with this, sorry is a bit long. I work as a support worker for people with mental health problems as part of my job I promote healthy living and exercise with the service users I work with. In July I agreed to take a service user to our local Exercise 4 Less (Wigan) and train with him, I can claim back my expenses from work as long as I am taking service users. We signed up but it was never pointed out that it was a 12 month contract I even asked "what if I can no longer make it to the gym due to work", in fact the girl told me "no problem you can cancel any time if its because of work illness or moving home". Happy with this I did the direct debit. the sessions with the service user never came off as he got a job so I never ended up going to the gym. I paid the direct debit until October when I decided to cancel. I wrote a letter asking them to cancel my membership and dropped it off at the gym in person and cancelled the direct debit. I heard nothing until last month when I got a call from Harlands telling me as I had defaulted on my direct debit I owed them £34.99. I explained that I had cancelled my membership. He told me "no you can't it is a 12 month contract. I tried to explain what had been told to me in the gym but got the impression he didn't believe me, so just told him I wasn't paying it and the call ended. Fast forward to this month Monday I received a letter from Harlands saying I now owe £69.98 as I have defaulted again on my arrangement. If I don't pay it will be £129 by 26th December. I rang them and again explained the situation they told me to go directly to the gym and explain to them which I did, I was told to ring head office and given the number. Head office told me they could not help and I need to go and speak to the gym manager, who told me I need to pay its a 12 month contract and its in the terms and conditions, I had to leave before I punched his head in On the day I signed up to the direct debit at the gym, I left the gym with no paperwork what so ever no copy of any agreement or terms as I usually read such things. I have checked my emails and the day I joined I received an email titled "All you need to know about your gym membership" there are no terms and conditions on it just advertising and a link to the website. Sick of being given the run around, what should I do? Charlie
  2. Hi, I'm new on here, but am desperate for some help! It came to light last week that my 80 year old father has been subject to a PPI fraud. He trusted that he was going to get some money back, and was asked for money in advance, to which he succumbed. In the revelation of all of this, it's transpired that he has been going overdrawn in the bank, and has taken out a couple of loans. The first loan was for £5000, last December, and was in his name, and, although he shouldn't have done it, it was all above board as far as we can tell. There was however, a second loan in January £9600 which was used to pay off the first loan, and clear the £2500 overdraft they had allowed him to take out!!!. But, and here's the thing, they allowed him to take it out in my mothers name, without seeing her?. They have admitted that they never saw her, that my father was allowed to take the paperwork out of the bank, home to her (She's not very mobile, and is not quite 'with it' any more), for signature, and then gave him the money???!!!!!!! Now, we believe that this was wrong, and they shouldn't have done it. But, what should we do now?, who should we see etc?
  3. Hi hope someone can help me. We had a loan with future which was taken out in Nov 2003 and the broker was Purple Loans which is now part of GE Money. We wrote to Future before Christmas with regard to mis sold PPI they got back to us and told us it was Purple we had to deal with as they made us take the PPI we wrote to the address then we had to write to GE as they now own Purple. GE have replied to say as it was before 2005 and as more than 3yrs has passed we should have had cause to complain also since it was more than 6yrs they or the FOS are unable to help or to do any more and this is the final response letter. We are owed over £1700.00 of this PPI which we know now was forced on us the loan was paid out in 2006 and no rebate or any thing was ever paid back. So what we need to know is there anyone who can help as our next step is or where to go.
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