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  1. I've been sent the data, having sent a SAR to BoS. This credit card ran from 1993 to 2003. There's about £800 worth of PPI payments on there, but when I put the transactions into the calculator at 24.9% contractual rate, the claim figure comes out at over £15000..... That seems excessive and I'm just wondering if I've put the wrong figure in or if anyone else has had success with a claim this size. Here's the big question.... Is 24.9% the right figure? I'm told it was but have no proof, and there's no interest figures on the monthly statements. Does anyone know if this
  2. Good morning HOPE THIS IS THE CORRECT FORUM, i have an issue and need some advice hopefully there some bank account/visa debit card experts here? On friday 13th i went as usual to buy my weekly bus ticket on the First Bus M-tickets app ( i have never had this problem before) but when i clicked checkout i selected my card and instantly the screen came back with "transaction declined", i thought this is strange because i had the money in account ready. I left it half an hour confused to try again but before i did i went to check my banking app to check my balance and low and behold th
  3. ello theoldgit : I have come across one of your replies in regards to Visa Application UK I was in UK under Tier 1 PSW permit until February 2014 , and had personal loans of GBP 2000 and un paid credit cards and phone contracts not more than 6000 GBP in total, I could not repay them since i left the country due to expired leave to remain . and I have checked on the trustonline.org.uk - i do not have any CCJ against me I am concerned this debt which I owe to the Creditors will hinder my new tier 2 (general) visa application Kindly advise me, will
  4. Hi, I had an account with Nationwide about 4 months ago, at the time I had an issue with a company taking funds without permission I contacted the bank which in turn refunded the two payments back to my account. A short while went by I thought this was the end of the issue with the company in question. I ended up closing my account to move to another bank which were offering a good switch to us deal therefore I did. Move forward to now, I've received a letter from Nationwide asking me to pay back funds of £500 as the company which I had the dispute with provided evi
  5. Three months ago I was accused of shoplifting, brought back to an office, was spoken to by the loss prevention people, and given a one year ban (which I had to sign, but I can't remember is I was told signing was an admission of guilt). I was in the uk visiting my English fiance and gave RLP people my home country issued id (NOT my passport). They didn't say anything about sending my a loss recovery letter and didn't get police involved. I am now married and applying to join my spouse in the uk. I've done quite a bit of reading, but would like to confirm that since I was never issu
  6. My son is having a problem with a Visa charge back through RBS. He bought a car 3 September 2016 the rear brake lines ruptured suddenly due to corrosion on 15 December 2016. The dealer agreed to fix it. Then 13 January 2017 it failed it's MOT because the front brake lines were corroded. At the same time various advisories for corrosion on most of the underside suspension, chassis would have cost more than the car was worth. My son rejected the car under Consumer rights act 2015 (note that this requires the dealer to collect the car). He refused the rej
  7. could someone please recommend a organization that specializes in advice for obtaining a uk tourist visa ,the visa would be for my Venezuelan girlfriend . thankyou
  8. Hi, I'm interested in how Verified by Visa is supposed to work. I'm in dispute with a merchant and I know that when I make a transaction with the merchant, the Verified by Visa screen is shown but it just 'goes through the motions' and doesn't ask me for any details. Is this right? Thanks
  9. I want to visit Los Angeles next year with my partner and was looking at the visa forms. Do they usualy ask such weird questions like 'what is your mothers mothers name, what is your fathers fathers name, what is your maternal grandmothers name (which is the same as the first question etc?:
  10. Hello Friends, Can you tell me whether the UKBA service of assessing visa application is subject to general consumer laws or not ? And if so , can I raise a claim in court, six years after I was wronged by them. they had made and admitted their mistake in assessing my application but refused to refund my air travel ticket saying that they advise applicants not to book ticket in advance. However I don't think I am bound by their advise and that I want to claim this in court, five years after the incident.
  11. Does anyone have a link to the UK Visa chargeback policy? I am trying to do a chargeback on my visa debit card and Nationwide are dragging their heels, stating that I am out of time (120 days). However it is my understanding that if a service/goods is purchased in the future then there is a 540 day limit to claim. Also, the 120 day limit can start on the day that the problem is known about. Its a bit confusing cos moneysavingexpert states that the 540 day limit can be used if there is services are brought for a future date e.g. concert tickets. Which? states that the
  12. Just sent SAR off for some missing statements but I do have about 90% of them from 1998 to 2005 when the account was settled and closed. I cannot find anything on my agreement details with my signature agreeing to PPI as it was automatically added when I took out the card. My questions are, will I be able to reclaim from 1998 and what are the correct redress spreadsheets that I should be looking at in the meantime ? Is there one for all of statements and one for some missing statements ? Thanks for any assistance.
  13. Hi All, I strongly believe I am a victim of fraud and I have been cheated, and HSBC is doing nothing to help me. Chrono of events: Jan 13 - Placed order for one (1) iPad Air – Space Grey 32GB WIFI & Cellular, Paid £406.91, via VISA Debit card on HSBC website. Jan 27 - Cancelled order due to non delivery of the Ipad. Jan 30 - Refund was to be issued within 24 hours. Feb 12- Still no refund. Company said refund being processed. Feb 18 - Received Email notification that Company has ceased to trade Feb 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, 27, 28 and Mar 3rd - Company has been infor
  14. I have had visa card for decades with largish credit limit of around £7000, very light usage, and always paid in full before pbd. The latest Card was issued in 2010 and I did not use it for any purchases but kept it for emergencies only, and was due for renewal at the end of July 2014. However, sometime in Feb 2014 they sent this surprise automatically generated note; “Would you like to keep your Barclaycard account open? We've noticed you haven't used your Barclaycard Classic card for a while and thought your account may longer be needed. That is why on 9 April 2014 we'll close
  15. Hello I am applying for Tier 2 visa in two days and just found out that I am supposed to mention in the application if I ever had any fare evasion case. Actually 2 years back i was convicted of train fare evasion and i pleaded NOT guilty and wrote back when I received summons from the court, after which I also went for a hearing and they asked me for proof whichI was unable to provide so I paid the penalty to get rid of the issue and not to carry on the case in that case i had to plead guilty and pay. Now I am not sure if this is a criminal offence and should I mention this in my visa
  16. hoping to start a claim for PPI paid over at least 5 years on a £8k+ that I believe is SB . I have statements from previous SAR for approx 5 years which is a big help - PPI ranges from £30+ per month up to £70+ per month. Debt was assigned to MarlinIII who send a six monthly statement and have already admitted in writing most likely unenforceable agreement. (old application for missing prescribed terms) Would appreciate any help/thoughts/pitfalls etc etc Not sure how far I can claim back and how to calculate many thanks
  17. For a family member.... Who now lives in Newfoundland Canada, moving to BC next year. He has an £11k Visa debt with Halifax, he wants to know in as much detail as possible, what would happen if he simply stopped paying it in order to concentrate on more important Canadian debts. He doesn't intend returning to the UK ever, and is now a full Canadian citizen. Thanks in advance.
  18. Sent a CCA request to Cabot 6/6/15 Signed for and received 8/6/15 Reply received today and I have attached an edited copy. They mention that information will be provided in 40 days. If details are not provided by 23/6/15 will it still therefore be unenforceable ? Cabot bought the account from Equidebt in 2013. I have never received any form of annual statements from anyone including the OC. I have only been advised of the debt balance so therefore have they failed to comply with FCA handbook CONC 13.1.5 ?
  19. Hi, Hopefully you can give advise on my next step regards my complaint. I am trying to be fair with my bank and only asking for my original payment of £120 to be reimbursed, I am not asking for payment for the time and effort I have put in to writing these letters and sending these recorded delivery, the 8% interest, and the added stress this has caused me as a pensioner and full time carer for my son who has severe mental health issues and trying to make sure he isn't sectioned again by making sure he is taking his medication. I really could do without all this on top. I
  20. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/401236/indicative-visa-charges-for-2015-to-2016.pdf So far its still a indication. I wish it won't apply.
  21. I have now eventually received SAR details from NatWest but they cannot obtain a copy of the original agreement or any statements between November 1998 to October 2001 (due to inactivity on the account) as closed in June 2008. Is this correct or should I be pushing for them to attempt location from their archives ? I do have most of the statements from April 1999 to October 2001, its just that I was hopefully trying to locate any that I did not have. Also when submitting complaint, shall I enclose any copies of statements that they do not have ? Do I also use the compound intere
  22. Dear Cagers, Seeking your help to reclaim my visa card penalty charges from Barclays . card was taken out in 1998. charges were taken between 2005 and 2009 . 1- sent prem letter with schedule of claim -march 14 2- received rejection letter from Barclay- April 14 3-wrote letter to challenge and before action letter -May 14 4- another reminder letter before action -26th july I am wondering if I should start proceeding or send another reminder ,I have not heard from Barclays since their first rejection letter in April ' My POC is ready which I will post up here before send
  23. hey not sure if i have put this in the correct section but here goes nothing. i contacted by bank because i was dealing with another matter that needed me to go through statements since i first opened the account and i noticed sporadically payments coming out via my card which i never authorized or had a connection with any branch of the company thats taking them. i got in touch with the bank this morning and they said because its over 120 days i'd have to print out all my statements which is going to cost me money i can't afford since i'd have to go to the library and
  24. HSBC took it upon themselves yesterday to stop my VISA DEBIT card for no good reason. I had just paid online a BT (British Telecom) bill which they thought (as stated to me when I called them) ‘suspicious’. They were in possession of two contact telephone numbers for me. They did not call either of there although when I talked to them they lied and said they had called them. This is not the first time they have done this to me. Why do any of us stay with this rubbish bank? I’m going to see my local management tomorrow and take him up one side and down the other. For all the good it
  25. Hello, i got caught shoplifting from TXMAX, total came to around £45 in goods, they took me to a back room and called the cops, cops checked me. I didn't have any documents just cinema world card with my photo. They took my details, I signed banned paper and after 3 days I had a letter from RLP, I was very scared , so I payed immediately. I don't have anything from the police any penalty, it happened in March. I will apply for next visa, do I need declare this situation? Do I have are record on the police national computer (PNC)"? Do I need
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