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  1. thank you citizen B . I feel much better right now. I contacted the shelter and they said the same. also they told me that the council should not keep me and my family in the property for the whole process as children and a pregnant women are involved, but its a discretion so they shouldn't but they can. looks like if I want to get any help for the council I will have to wait until the bailiff's show up for the eviction to be enforce. any way I will pay the expenses with in 14 days to avoid CCJ on my name. once again thank to everyone who help me on this matter .
  2. http://www.channel4.com/programmes/things-we-wont-say-about-race-that-are-true/on-demand/59754-001
  3. hi lea thank you for your replay. sorry I dint realised the question, but deposit its protected. I will pay the court fees in time this will be considered a ccj ? once again thank you .
  4. thank you for your help. tomorrow I will call the shelter as I can not see any other option myself. like I said the council adviser told me that I will be eligible for help but I can not leave my place or they will not help me. I really don't want to have any ccj registered under my mane. once again thank you for you help and time.
  5. I'm really confused, my land lord decided to have his property back and served me the section 21 but I could find anywhere to go. so I seek advice on my local council and they advised me to stay in the property until the LL get a accelerated possession order from the court and after the bailiffs'. the council adviser told me if I leave before they will see my case as intentional homeless and they will not help me after that . I never missed one rent payment, so no arrears at all. the council adviser told me as well that the land lord has is paper work fine, so
  6. I do agree with you on this unfortunately there is many people out there taking advantage of the children for they on benefit. really sad.
  7. the problem is this dealers they know exactly how to persuade people to buy and them they start the bully game so the buyer things has no rights. best thing its buy second hand cars on well named business preferable with guarantee.
  8. you just have to provide the details of the driver at the moment that happened and they will contact the driver for the rest .
  9. I personally don't thing this is a good idea. I child should not come on this world for seconds interests.
  10. but after 5 years this will deleted from they records ? thank you.
  11. although this was with my LA still will have a record on DPW? I never asked for any JSA or any other benefits with DWP.
  12. lets say that I apply for job in my LA after 5 years this still have impact on it or it will be deleted and there is no interest on this anymore ?thank you.
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