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  1. Sent a CCA request to Cabot 6/6/15 Signed for and received 8/6/15 Reply received today and I have attached an edited copy. They mention that information will be provided in 40 days. If details are not provided by 23/6/15 will it still therefore be unenforceable ? Cabot bought the account from Equidebt in 2013. I have never received any form of annual statements from anyone including the OC. I have only been advised of the debt balance so therefore have they failed to comply with FCA handbook CONC 13.1.5 ?
  2. Now Cabot have bought Equidebt's debt book, will they have been told about any CCJs in there? Mine is about 9 years old, For less than 2.5k credit card debt. Thanks
  3. My father had a £5,000 alleged debt bought outright by Equidebt some years back, who didn't seem too bad as debt collectors go, though others may of course have had different experiences. Before Equidebt bought it it was last with Intrum Justitia, acting as Cahoot agents 'from memory', and with a couple of other Cahoot agents before that I think. He sent one of the early mobs a CCA request with the £1 fee asking for proof of the alleged debt, copy retained and sent recorded delivery, and they sneakily recorded the £1 fee as a payment towards the alleged debt. He then wrote them a letter, copy retained and sent recorded delivery, explaining that they shouldn't have done this and it certainly wasn't a payment towards the alleged debt. The alleged debt eventually became statute barred, but Equidebt obviously didn't realise this. A few months before Equidebt assumed it was going to be statute barred they got a solicitor involved, a genuine legal threat I think and no 'in house' bluff, who was swiftly dispatched after receiving copies of all the relevant letters and proof of deliveries. Equidebt were not amused and I almost felt a bit sorry for them, but it wasn't my father's fault and he couldn't afford to pay. Like I said, Equidebt believed that the debt was not statute barred and if no records had been kept. If they did initiate a court case, then a judge could possibly have found in their favour on that front. My father and I have dealt with multiple debts over the years, being taken to court a combined 5 times in the process (never lost), so I have a pretty good idea about what is regular auto-poop and what might be something to take seriously. I obviously can't definitively state that Equidebt would have taken my father to court. However, the thing that struck me most about the letter he got was the timing of it. It was just a couple of months before Equidebt believed the debt was to become statute barred. On 2 of the past occasions that we were taken to court, it was done in a similar fashion with a solicitors letter being received just a couple of months before a debt was due to become statute barred. I hope that you now understand everything I have said fully. Are you of the opinion that Equidebt never took anyone to court? I honestly don't know if they did, not from forum memory, and don't have the time to trawl through old threads to find out at the moment.
  4. Hi! We have received letters from Cabot saying they have taken over our Equidebt account. Firstly they say the original lender is equidebt and its for a credit card, when its in fact Abbey national and for a bank loan we had with them. We did have a CCJ from abbey and then equidebt took over the loan and we have been paying a monthly payment to them since up in till they went broke , this is all several years old, I cant find any old paperwork as we have moved house since. Could I have some advice on what we need to do as it seems that they haven't even got there facts right:-o
  5. Hi all, In July 2012 I settled an outstanding payday loan (for roughly £350) with 247MoneyBox, after it had been passed on to the debt collection company Equidebt. I agreed the settlement figure with Equidebt and paid it into their account, with the company assuring me they would now inform 247MoneyBox that the debt had been settled. I requested written confirmation of this (which I have since passed on to my employer as part of a security check). Over a year later and I have started receiving letters from a company called Rossendales Collect, informing me that I still have an outstanding loan with 247Moneybox. I rang them and explained that I had already settled the account with Equidebt, and they informed me that I would need to send them proof of this so that they could close the account. I can only presume that Equidebt failed to inform 247MoneyBox that I had settled the debt way back in July 2012. Now I need to prove this to both the new debt collection company and 247MoneyBox, but Equidebt have gone out of business. Can anyone help?! Its been over a year since I had any dealings with any of these payday loan/ debt collection companies and I really thought I'd seen the back of them! Thanks, Segway
  6. hello, Looking for some advice please... We had a co-op bank account..2001/2.. which was passed to Equidebt for collection about 2005. .arranged payments to Equidebt paid monthly without fail. In April this year we received a letter from Cabot, with a letter from the co-op informing us that the account had been bought by Cabot but to maintain payments as per usual to Equidebt which we have done until today when payment was rejected by the bank.. Checked Equidebt's website and found out about Equidebt being in administration. However we have not received any notifications about this, so who are we supposed to pay? The letter we had from Cabot in April confirmed we had to pay Equidebt. but we can't now and have not been told otherwise. Please help don't know what to do now. Thank you.
  7. On 23 May 2013 I received a letter from Equidebt saying that they were closing my file as the could not provide me with a valid CCA. Today I received a letter from Cabot telling me that they had bought the debt, and what was I going to do about paying it. They also enclosed a letter from the liquidators saying that Equidebt entered administration on 17/6/2013, and that Cabot had bought the alleged debt. Before I start a fight with cabot (already had dealings with them, and beaten them!), is there any mileage in the fact Equidebt closed my account before they went bust, and therefore before Cabot bought it? Any advice gratefully received. Thanks. Steve
  8. Hi All, I had a credit card debt in the early 2000's, the debt had been passed through numerous agencies and I paid this throughout this time. Having read through numerous sites and happily finding CAG. In 2009 I issued to Equidebt a s.77/78 requesting the consumer credit agreement and they responded 14 days later stating that a request for the consumer credit agreement had been placed with their vendor and until the matter was resolved no further collection activity will occur. Nothing happened then until November 2011 when I received a letter from Equidebt stating they had recently reviewed my account and that a balance was still outstanding. I am not certain if I responded to that letter or if I did it would have followed the line above in that I was still waiting for my requested copy of the CCA. I received no further communication from them. From this I assume that no copy of the CCA is in existence or it would have been produced by Equidebt or Credit Ancillary Services which seems to have been one and the same organisation sending me letters at the time with the same address. I have now just received a letter from Cabot Financial stating that they had recently bought the account and they are now responsible for my account and receiving payments. They state in the reference information that the original lender was Equidebt, which it was not, it was a Bank credit card but they do quote the credit card number. This debt does not appear on my Credit Report at all. To put a scale of the debt for information it is between £2,000 and £4,000 and the interest has been frozen for a large number of years and I have not made any payments for over 4 years. Question, should I ignore this letter or respond in writing requesting the CCA again from Cabot and referring to my previous request letter some 4 years earlier. I would appreciate some guidance on this as I do not want to stir up a hornets nest if not necessary.
  9. I previously had an account with Equidebt which I was paying. I then went through an IVA but was querying the amounts quoted by Equidebt which they claimed I owed, however as it was an IVA I was consistently told that they would only receive a fraction of the monies owed, so it did not matter. In any case the IVA failed due to the repayments becoming unaffordable. I have now received a letter from Cabot Financial stating that they have gone into administration and would like a breakdown of all the payments that I have made and exactly what I owe. This debt is going back to 2002 so will I have a chance of getting any of this information?
  10. I will keep it short and sweet, I have been with Payplan since 2005, on a dmp, I am only paying £1 a month to each of my 12 creditors. Got a letter from Equidebt, talking about talking about me breaking my agreement with Co-op credit card, and how they will continue to ask for the full money until I come up with it. What are they on about? Told Payplan, but they are useless, they are no help whatsoever. I am in arrears with my mortgage, and need to pay that off, but why is Equidebt not talking to Payplan, and why talk about a debt that is over 10 years old, and I have been paying Payplan and my own dmp before that, so what are they talking about me breaking an agreement. I b******ds keep crawling out of the woodwork, and annoying any health and hope I do have?
  11. Hello Cag, I got a letter today in the post from Equidebt requesting payment for a old credit card i had from Barclaycard. They say i owe them £963.05. I believe my last payment into this account was 2005 / 2006. T hey are threatning with a doorstep agent coming around. So far as I read i believe this should be statued barred. They give 14 to respond to this letter. There's nothing in my Credit Report relating to this. What should I do? Thank you.
  12. Hi everyone received a letter from Equidebt demanding nearly £1800 for a very old Abbey National debt. To be honest i'm not sure if it's an old overdraft or loan from when i worked for them. It's def SB i left them in 2001 & never heard anymore from them & haven't changed address. Do i just ignore equidebt's letter, or reply with a SB one. Thanks
  13. Hi just after a bit of advise if poss - to keep a long story short, I got myself into some financial trouble and ended up using various payday loan companies. Most i managed to pay off in full. i had 2 outstanding one of which was payday express. They just kept rolling over what i owed and charging me £100 each time. I worked out id paid well over what id borrowed. So i cancelled my debit card and stopped paying them anything. after loads of hassle, calls, emails i agreed to pay £10 a month. This debt then got transferred to equidebt and i carried on paying £10 a month. After 11 months i cancelled my direct debit to see if they would notice. After a couple of months they did. (I also cancelled the £10 a month i was paying to the other payday loan company and ive not heard anything). Equidebt have now chased payment and have offered me a settlement discount of £100 if i pay in full before 15th of april. or £10 a month at the original sum of £660. A family member has offered to pay it off for me. What should i do ? im worried if i pay in full it will just get transferred to another debt company and ill be in the same boat.. thanks
  14. iHave received from Equidebt acting for Aktiv Kapital re a debt for £1629.54 first national tricity finance I sent letter telling them don't know of any debt to them and asked for a copy of the original credit agreement they have sent letter back saying they have requested the details from the vendor, they are saying that as they are the 3rd party they are not required to supply the details in the 12 + 2 days request is this so as they have stated that this could be sometime. Also i had the same about 12 months ago where it was mackenzie hall on behalf of aktiv kapital first national tricity finance for the same amount, s ent mackenzie hall the same request and got letter back saying thay had returned it to aktiv kapital. should i do anything or just sit tight there is nothing on my credit file re first national tricity finance.
  15. Hi all I wasn't sure if I should start a new thread, as I posted a few days ago Re: Aktiv Capital sending a £300 pay-us-half-and-we'll-sod-off letter with no details of the debt. I was advised to ignore and thats just what I have done. This is a completely seperate 'debt' by the looks of it, however if I should have added to the existing thread, then could a member of the site team please move it I received the attached letter from Equidebt (Who?!) this morning. It states the creditor as Aktiv Capital and that I owe £3926.53. The only thing I've ever had in my life with that amount of credit was a credit card with HSBC that was paid off donkeys years ago so I really don't know where this is from. Again, it's not on my Experian credit file and I haven't got a clue what the original debt was or who the OC is. Now the kind hearted ladies and gentleman of Equidebt are offering a monumental discount - pay £785.31 over 12 months. A discount of £3,141.22 Going by past advice this usually means that they know their so called debt is unenforceable. The thing that annoys me, is now they are giving me 20 days to contact them or they will recommend court action etc etc. What would be the best thing to do to get these cretins off my back? Has anybody heard of Equidebt and dealt with them before? And as a quick side question, would anybody recommend Visa Vanquis credit cards to repair or build a credit score? Thanks again everybody and keep up the great work. Your site is a credit to the team. [ATTACH=CONFIG]41675[/ATTACH]
  16. Hi, I today received several letters relating to Coop accounts I held in the early 2000s from Equidebt. These accounts defaulted in 2005 and fell off my credit file last year. Equidebt have given me 21 days to respond making an offer of a full lump sum "no matter how small I believe the offer to be" or to pay monthly by DD. If not they will "explore" an application to "try to obtain" a CCJ or doorstep recovery. Should I tell them where to stick it and send a statute barred letter? I have had no correspondence with Coop or anybody else about these accounts since 2005. Has anyone else had experience of dealing with these people?
  17. For the past four years I've been getting letters from these debt collection agencies and it's beginning to drive me a bit crazy. They never say where the debt originated but I suspect it was from a Cable&Wireless phone line in my name in my shared house in university (14 years ago!) that I forgot to get disconnected when I left. I had a letter from C&W shortly after I left university asking me to contact them but I was leaving the country shortly after for a few years and so left thinking nothing of it. It then started about four and a half years ago with a letter from Thames Credit. I wrote to them asking what the debt was and they didn't respond so I found a thread on money saving expert and wrote a Consumer Credit Act letter asking for the credit agreement, they didn't respond in time so I sent them the standard follow up letter ("Therefore on 20 March 2008 this account became unenforceable at law") and phoned Trading Standards who said there wasn't a lot they could do but they would make a note of it. A year after that ActivKapital sent me a contact letter, I sent them the first response and they sent back a letter saying they hadn't been able to verify my identity and so would not continue action. After that Mackenzie Hall sent me a letter asking for contact, I sent them the first CCA letter and they stopped sending me letters. Earlier this year EquiDebt sent me a letter. I replied in the usual way and they sent my £1 postal order back with a letter saying "Having receiver [sic] your request, we have undertaken a review of the tracing procedure and are unable to verify that you are the correct individual that we are attempting to contact. As suck we are not in a position to provide you with a copy of the original agreement relating to the account. We have therefore removed your details from our records and will not contact you again in respect of this account. We apologise for any inconvenience that has been caused, this certainly was not our intention." Finally a month and a half ago I got a letter from Ruthbridge asking me to contact them. I sent them the same letter asking for the credit agreement under the CCA and then today I received a letter: "We take notes of the points you have raised in your correspondence, however we must advise that we are not in a position to comply with your request at this stage as we are required to verify information we have been provided with yourself [sic] for the purposes of data protection in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. We would appreciate it if you would contact our offices so we can complete the necessary verification." I could just sent the second letter again and I'm sure it would go away but it is driving me crazy that they all just keep selling/passing it on without addressing the fact that there clearly is no credit agreement or the statue of limitations is long since up. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks & sorry it was so long, good to vent finally!
  18. Afternoon Ladies and Gents. Sorry to bother you, but I'm looking for a little help and advice (kinda just checking that I've got my head in order). In order to do so, I'd probably better add in the background story... About eight years ago my marriage broke down, and we had small debt problems at the time (we're talking hundreds, not thousands). My ex-wife was not particularly co-operative when we parted and blocked our joint bank account (which only ever held my earnings, hers went into her own current account). As you can guess, this caused all sorts of chaos whilst trying to get things re organised ref DDs and SOs.Added to which, she never forwarded mail. Anyways, I did the best I could at the time, and a year later left the UK in search of adventure. Not being particularly ambitious, I ended up stopping in the first place I landed, Poland. I've heard nothing from any DCA since I left the UK, until this summer I came back with my most recent SWMBO to help her set up a company for her Father. In the interests of speed, I organised two mobiles on contract, but personally and at my parents address, and after the first month's payments changed them over to the company. Pretty much from the day I took out the phone contract Equidebt have been contacting my parents by mail (though letters addressed to me), and now more worryingly, by telephone. Understandably they are both very upset, and not being one to upset the apple cart with those we sometimes rely on in times of need, I do not intend to involve them at all, if at all possible, in resolving this matter. Now, sorry for babbling on, but, if I am correct, this "debt" (of which I have never spoken to Equidebt, either verbally or by writing) is statute barred, is it not? If I now call Equidebt, will I restart the 6 year period???, or as that has already lapsed, can it not be restarted? I'm not quite sure what to do... Any help would be much appreciated.
  19. :-xHi all, the cretins are at it again. I have today received a letter (FORMAL DEMAND FOR PAYMENT) The account that it refers to has been ongoing since May last year. The last letter from them re the same account was in November last year. The latest letter starts: As we have now purchsed the above debt we are authorised to recover the full amount due, quoted above. This is a formal notice of intended court action we intend to take unless you pay, or agree an arrangement to pay, the sum you owe.And so the letter goes on,do I answer or do I just ignore the cretins. Oh they have already had a CCA letter back in May last year and nothing was forthcoming.
  20. Hi there - down to 2 remaining payday loans now (Wonga and Txtloan) out of what was probably 13 or 14. Txtloan one has been proving difficult, as far as getting any kind of response from them. We wrote offering a settlement of original loan (£300) plus one months interest but never received a reply. It is now with Equidebt and they have not answered any of our 15 E-mails, but continued to send their 'please contact us' stock E-mails. So I spoke with them today on the phone and they apologised for not responding but gave no actual reason why they hadn't. After a bit of arguing and him going away and checking with presumably a manager they have come up with a settlement figure of £519 which is a 25% discount on the £692 that the debt was when transferred to them from TxtLoan (see below breakdown from Txtloan site) They also said they would take this £519 over 3 monthly payments without any extra cost or fees, and interest is frozen. I know it is not ideal, but as they seem unwilling to budge any further is this worth considering accepting and paying over 3 months? They are willing to send out an actual letter confirming the deal. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks in advance Loan £300.00 issued on the 25th May 2012. Interest £204.00 1st Reminder Charge £25.00 incurred on the 10th Jun 2012. 2nd Reminder Charge £25.00 incurred on the 20th Jun 2012. Subtotal £554.00 Administration Fee 138.50 incurred on the 25th Jul 2012. Total £692.50
  21. Hiya, I have a slightly unusual case here, well for me anyway. I have received plenty of letters in the past from various DCA's chasing for money and fired off the stature barred letter as they have provided all the info for the original debtor, however on this occassion I am not sure how to proceed. I received a letter from Equidebt informing me that they are chasing an amount of £1659 on behalf of Aktiv Kapital Ltd. They have provided no other information other than their own reference number. I did have correspondence with AK last year for a debt of £1300 and it was confirmed that was statute barred. My problem is that although I am 99% sure that AK have just sold on the debt to Equidebt as the amounts are fairly similar I have no way of proving this as Equidebt have provided very little information. I am also positive this is a statue barred debt as there is no negative information on my credit file. In addition they are stating that unless I contact them within 7 days they will arrange for doorstep collection. Should I just fire off another statute barred letter to Equidebt or try something a little different as they are just acting on behalf of AK. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  22. Hi, Today I received a letter from Equidebt asking me to call them so I did. It seems I am outstanding a debt from October 2001 to Dickens and Jones (House of Fraser) which I never repaid in full. The current balance is £236 which I imagine has gathered numerous charges etc but I would like to here from anyone who can give me advice on this. Should I arrange a payment plan with them? I definately cannot afford to pay this in full. Can they send in balliffs to recover? I'm starting to worry so would appreciate any help. Many thanks.
  23. Hi. I will try to keep this short. My fiance has been living with me for 12 years. He received a letter from Equidebt a couple of weeks ago attempting to contact him. Also had a couple of recorded telephone message left. Ignored everything. Today he has received another letter from them stating they have been instucted by Activ Kapital to collect £1500. These are the only times anyone has ever contacted him at this address. He can remember an outstanding loan he had but cant remember how much/who with. He has had no contact with anyone regarding this debt for at least 12 years, maybe longer. The thing we need to know is how will he know whether a ccj was taken out on him if it was over 6 years ago as we have read that it will not show on his file after 6 years. He has never received any paperwork. Was going to try a credit search but cant remember all of his previous addresses. Now we don't know what to do. Any help/advice would be very much appreciated.
  24. I have recently received two letters from Equidebt. The first was a bog standard one searching for me. The second was a debt collection notification. It is for a debt that had been taken on by Aktiv Kapital which they have now sold over. It is over 10 years old (an unfortunate reminder of a past relationship!) and I have been paying by monthly standing order. In 2001 I went through the citizens advice and they set up a payment of £10 per month which is all I could afford even though I was in full time employment. Since the debt was taken over by Aktiv Kapital they have been steadily increasing the amount I pay until it has now registered £29 per month even though I have never received any communication from them including when they took the debt over. I am now a mother with two young children and work 8 hours a week. Now I have this letter from Equidebt saying they are going to " instruct a doorstep agent to make an appointment to visit you at home and discuss your financial situation and repayment of this debt" - I am assuming they mean a bailiff?. I have never disputed I owe the money or defaulted on a payment even though at times I couldn't afford to pay. It is making me ill through the stress and causing trouble between myself and my partner. I am assuming they got my details through my bank as I have moved 3 times in the past 8 years. I could really use some advice on how I am supposed to cope with this company as I am unable to get hold of a financial adviser from my local citizens advice. The outstanding balance is quoted at under £2500 but I have never had any notification of how much I have paid or how much has been added on in charges. From reading the forums I understand that I shouldn't contact them via telephone but I really am at my wits end and am panicking that someone will turn up on my doorstep. Is there anyone that can advise me what to do now?
  25. Hi, I have debts going back to 1999-2002, i was with a girl bought a load of stuff for her house, electricals, new car and got myself in a lot of trouble because we split not long after all this and i was left with the debt. I havent had contact with anyone since 2003. I have been on the voters role since 06 and have heard nothing, then last week i got a letter from Equidebt saying they where looking for me about a debt, i ignored it and now have another letter, i have recently moved back to my parents and the letters are being redirected, however back then i fell out with my folks cause of the harrasment they where getting and i am petrified it will happen again! If i access my credit report will the collection agencies see my new address? I want to check if there are any CCJ's before i send a statute barred letter, my parents lived at there old address till 05 and sent all the letters back saying i didnt live there anymore so i assume a CCJ would come from court and they would have seen that. Please please help as i am sitting here shaking and feel like its all starting again! Many Thanks
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