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  1. Hi, has anyone here ever purchased this insurance from my builder? https://mybuilder-plus.com/ I had a really bad experience with a previous builder and so what to protect myself properly this time. Does anyone know what this type of insurance is called and any other companies that might sell it, as 7.5% seems steep! I particually like the idea that I am covered if the builder walks off, or does a poor job, or walks off with my deposit! Any thoughts would be gratefully received!
  2. I'm not sure you are right. Its not that straight forward. I was not asking for the judge to speak to me in a separate room, only that he speaks to me in the hearing room, that would have had recording equipment - I thought that was pretty self explanatory (on the part of the judge). With my adhd, all I wanted was an opportunity to explain that I was extremely anxious. Nothing else!
  3. I attended a small claims hearing and I was extremely anxious. I also suffer from ADHD with exasperates the anxiety by x10. I told the court usher about my adhd and asked for it to be passed onto the judge for his info (also so that if he does not know what adhd is, he can google it). After about 3 hours of waiting, I finally went in. I was trembling with the stress of waiting all that time! I asked the judge if we could speak alone for a moment as I wanted to discuss a private matter (I wanted to explain my ADHD had turned me into a quivering wreck and why that was so that he could account for it). To this the judge refused to speak to me and then blasted me for wasting the court's time! He said I should say openly in the room what my personal issue was! I am registered disabled because of my mental health and I could not believe the way the judge was treating me. I did not feel it appropriate to explain my disability in front of the other prty- which is my right! As a result, I was unable to articulate my case and I lost ( almost £4k). Does anyone know what I can do and if it is worth appealing based on the judge discriminating against me based on my disability/ adhd?
  4. Thanks for the reply andy. Yes I completed the DQ. Why didn't I comply with the directions? I assumed the court would tell me! I did try calling the court on the last day of payment, but I was holding on for 30 minutes before I was cut off! Why didn't I spend a few hours compiling the evidence not knowing if there was a case? I wanted to save myself a few hours! Having taken this from another post, could you please confirm this is okay? Dear Sir/Madam, further to the order dated 7th December made by District Judge xxx which gave the following direction to the claimant xxx: Page 2, point 6. Each party must deliver to the other party and to the court office copies of all documents on which that party intends to rely at the hearing no later than 14 days before the hearing. I am sympatheic to the claimaints plight and I wish his wife no ill will, however it must be noted that the claimant had 13 other days in which to put his evidence together. The claimant has failed to comply with the above order and no documentation has been received by me by the deadline set of 22/2/18 at 10am, as the claimant has failed to produce any documentation and therefore broken the terms imposed by the court I am requesting the case be struck out. Yours Faithfully,
  5. No its not that. What am I unsure about? 1. Even though claimant has missed the deadline, so have I! Will that go against me? 2. Was I meant to have expected to create my evidential case/documents, without even knowing that the claimant had paid the court costs? No one informed me that the defendent had paid court costs as per the n157. Had I been informed, I would have have produced the evidence and sent it off to the court. 3. Is it enough that the claimant has not followed the court's direction, for it to be thrown out? just unsure about it all. Like some others, I get nervous whenever I think about going to court!
  6. thanks Andy, so what you are saying is that the claimant needs my permission as well to get the extra time? Why on earth would any defendant agree to that?! also is my defence that the court admin have not informed me that the matter has progressed to court or/ and that the claimant has not providing their evidence (but considering I haven't either)?
  7. I hired an accountant to do my books. I believe he has overcharged me. I paid him £600 for his work, but he claims I owe him another £1200. I told him no, but he has taken it this far. I plan to use the consumer protection act, I do not believe he used reasonable skill and care when carrying out his work. I hope I have covered everything!
  8. Hello, I am being taken to court for non payment of fees. I received a notice of allocation to the small claims track (hearing) in December and it stated that the claimant had till the 8th feb to pay the court fee. On the 7th feb, the claimant wrote to me asking me to settle his costs before he paid the court fee the next day, but I refused. It is now the 22nd and I had heard nothing about this from the court. However the claimant wrote to the court today asking for a postponement for the supply of his evidence (which is in for this Monday) as his mrs has gone into hospital. This is unfair, I have not been made aware that the court case was going ahead (by the court admin). Nor was I told by the claimant that he would definitely be putting in a claim. I am now at a disadvantage as I have not been given adequate time to prepare- compared to the defendant. Can anyone advise if I can get this thrown out as a result of the above, or any other court rules that the court admin and claimants must abide by in terms of informing the defendant within set deadlines? many thanks
  9. Just a couple of questions! Do you have any s75 CCA rights if the bank have refunded a deposit via chargeback? I paid a builder for some work and as he did not complete the work and refused to return my money, I clawed back some of my money via chargeback - unfortunately this was also for a deposit I paid. Given that the bank have given back my money on the deposit, do they still have liability under s75? I really hope they do as I need the protection! also My bank is asking me for all sorts of information that doesn't appear of any use to them. They are either trying to find a way to wriggle out of paying out, or they are delaying things. They are asking for my builder's (who I am making a claim against) insurance policy, as I previously tried to claim on that, but failed as the builder did not have the right cover. Why would the bank want this information. How does it prove they are liable under s75? thanks!
  10. I called the bar standards board and they told me it has to go via the legal ombudsman which seems strange. a) I think I was feeling rather emotional when I said he has been dishonest. I guess is someone says they will treat what you tell them as confidential, it would be dishonest for them to go and chat about it with their friends at a later time? Maybe not. I know it was the barrister as he told me. I have a feeling that one of my neighbours that I get on with was there at the time and it left him with no option but to tell me. I understand that and it does make sense. But it infuriates me that my neighbours now know my personal information. How would you guys like it if your neighbours knew that you were struggling financially and that your business had gone down the drain? Its such a horrible feeling.
  11. I hired a barrister directly to deal with suing my ex-builder. The barrister thought it would be okay to talk to her friends (who also happen to be my neighbours) about my case. Apart from the fact I feel humiliated, I now feel that my case with the builder is ruined, as the details of my case could lead back to him. Can anyone tell me if it is worth pursing a legal case against the barrister over her conduct and am I likely to gain compensation for the possible loss of my other case? thanks
  12. I hired an arbitrator as an ADR between me and my accountant. However it turns out that the contract between me and my accountant does not have a clause for arbitration. The arbitrator took on the job without checking this. He says he doesn't work for free! Given that almost all other professionals would do such a check, as it saves a lot of time - is there is legal requirement for him to do this check?
  13. I hired a guy to do my garden. He invoiced me £250 to start the work. I forgot to pay it. A day later he completed the work and the work was awful - really badly done. He invoiced me a further £250, which I paid. A week later he sends me a snotty letter saying that I owed him the money for the first invoice. However, I stated I am not willing to pay it because I cleared what was owed on the second and final invoice. Does anyone know what the law says about this? thanks
  14. thanks for the above, but I just wonder if approved inspectors have a legal duty to actually physically check certain parts of the build, or can they get away with simply having photos sent to them!
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