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  1. Letter from FOS : Insurance company will be making me an offer : I will post again when received
  2. Complaint upheld by FOS : will post further in due course . thank you as always for guidance
  3. this is now with the FOS who have set up the case. I have sent them copies of all documentation .
  4. well : I tried to claim PPI for this in 2016 but was deemed not mis -sold. I had forgotten I claimed to be honest and recently went through some paperwork and sent them another claim. Received letter saying had previously tried with copy of rejection letter. Further letter saying undisclosed commission : greater than the 50% threshold and a cheque on the way For £700.00 + !!
  5. Santander very prompt response : no change in their decision. Have now approached FOS.
  6. have had a reply from Axa (genworth ?) saying theyve forwarded my complaint to Santander who will respond of behalf of the insurer. what a carry on
  7. anything to wriggle off the hook !! I thought that was a bit dodgy !! Thanks I've written to Genworth asking them to re-visit my complaint . For the life of me cannot believe they think it hasn't been mis sold given the circumstances of the sale.
  8. thank you for that as always : I am now writing to Genworth asking them to re-visit my complaint. Received Santanders 4 page final response saying they have grounds to say I would have bought the policy in any event!! . Santander have said it's time barred under general legal principles having 15 years from the point of sale to bring a claim at court against SCUKL . They also say I may still be due redress under Plevin.
  9. sorry to be a pain : got the paperwork out again. Only just noticed the assistant didn't put a cross next to "Employment Status" on the application so clearly didn't ask about my Employment status at the point of sale. Also could this be classed as a pressured sale as I was in a queue of people in a very busy clearance department , was asked if I wanted to save 10% there and then by taking out a Debenhams account? I am now going to approach Genworth who I believe are the underwriters. Thank you
  10. complaint closed : letter from Santander they say no flaw in the sale and I would have bought the policy anyway. Probably because it was pushed on me whilst waiting in a queue in a busy clearance department in my lunch hour!!! I am now going to write to Genworth Life style Protection stating this . not giving up!!
  11. Rang Santander for an update : in theory final response day this week : they said it's still being investigated. They said they've a backlog of these claims that have been awaiting advice from the insurer but they now are ploughing their way through them. At this rate they'll have had my complaint from when I first lodged it for almost three years!!!
  12. Yes I see about the two different things: had similar from LLoyds recently regarding the commission which they paid out on but we will see what happens. But that was for a credit card and I went to the FOS, who suggested to Lloyds that it was an unfair relationship because of the commission. Couldn't go to the FOS with this Debenhams / Santander as it's a store card pre: regulation. But I understand if they refuse regarding the commission I can then go to Glenworth , and if they in turn refuse I CAN then go to the FOS re Glenworth?? many thanks
  13. you trained me well!!! they were asking things like if I served a probationary period in my job etc etc.... No I didn't do a spreadsheet but have used the sheets on this site more than once with great success. I think that's my next job. However it's whether or not i Paid more than 50% commission on the premiums?? thanks
  14. to be honest so much time has passed since I took the card out : I couldn't answer anyway and I said all of the info will have been on the original form. I submitted a copy of the application form with the assistants markings on it. I got the feeling they were trying to trip me up!!
  15. Submitted claim for mis sold PPI on Debenhams store card in Feb 2016. The card was sold to me whilst being served in Debenhams clearance dept in 2000. Queue of people waiting : assistant "crossed" the parts of the form including payment protection. Santander dismissed my claim : not mis sold : Couldn't refer to FOS as pre- regulation. However Santander then wrote back after the Plevin ruling. Possible unfair relationship because of the commission. They rang me last week for further info ie employment, savings etc at the time I took the card out (18 years ago!!). They say I will have a final response by 5th July 2018. Not holding my breath, but let's see. Am I correct in my understanding that if they refuse my claim I can then contact Genworth Insurance and if they also refuse I can then refer Genworth to FOS?? Many thanks as always
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