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  1. hi guys hoping someone can shed some light on this. applied for universal credits 14/12/16, handing in fit notes ever since etc been waiting since to have WCA and i called to ask what was happening with that on friday UC said my work group had changed to no work related activity and i wouldn't have to attended the appointment they scheduled for me, that for me is a weight off my shoulders since i have agoraphobia being forced to go to the job centre every month always ends up with me in a state crying because i don't want to be outside. anyway, the advisor couldn't work out why now that my group has changed, that there wasn't any payment issued since i've been waiting since Dec 2016. Case manager was meant to call me back friday by 6pm, which never happened. i've had problems with him before, meant to contact me before 6pm the day i called, this was nearly 5 weeks ago and i'm still waiting. anyway, rambling on here. i just want to know really peoples experiences once their work group changed, how long did it take to receive their back payment. My work group changed on the 16th so it seems like its taking longer than it should. im just worried because even though my group has changed, theyve told me that i don't need to go to anymore appointments yet another advisor that i spoke to said i still have to go. if i don't go, i dont get paid and then i dont have any money for myself and my kids to live on. hope someone can put my mind at ease since i'm getting stressed out which isn't helping my current condition. thanks guys
  2. wow and that was only one i had. i can't believe what a fool i was. i hadn't had any acknowledgement of my complaint so i called them today. after 46 minutes on hold to be answered they've sent a standard "we are investigating" to the wrong address. they were adamant i moved from number 46 *current street* to number 48 *current street* i often wonder how people survive daily life. fingers crossed they pay out
  3. Hi guys, hoping you can help. I've sent off my complaint to Provident about irresponsible lending, what i am wondering about is what would be refunded (if successful). From what i have read up on, it would be interest + 8% of that interest. So for example, one of my loans were £1600, over a period of 104 weeks with an interest rate of 181.4%. Using an interest calculator online, it shows the interest on that loan would be £4,409.70 plus 8% of that which is £352.78, totalling £4,762.48. I just want to make sure because that seems an awful lot, considering i had 10+ loans from them over the years and this is just one of those. Apologies if the calculations are wrong, I'm terrible at maths, hopefully someone can shed some light on this.
  4. Well they've shot themselves in the foot there, that's nearly 18 months in a lump sum. Can always count on you guys for accurate advice
  5. Got a text Wednesday reminding me of an appointment for my pip assessment that I never knew I had, called them & asked about it as I couldn't remember applying, turns out I applied January 2016 and it's taken this long to get an appointment. The question I have is, if my claim is allowed will it be backdated that far? Luckily they've allowed a home visit (have acrophobia due to my anxiety) andnthey had a cancellation tomorrow. So after I've seen this person tomorrow what's the average time to get a decision? Thanks in advance for any replies
  6. Hey, just a quick question really. I previously had a short term benefit advance and a budgeting advance, I called this morning to see if it was possible to apply again for what I have paid back and was told I can't apply until the full amount is paid off. (Confused with that as I had a budgeting advance after the benefit advance) anyway, I digress. I am just wondering if anyone knows of any help out there as an alternative. Can't apply to the welfare fund as they helped me 3 times previously when my benefits were cut before I switched to UC Thanks in advance for reading the thread and of any answers
  7. ESA had sent me a form out to fill in about being unable to attend an appointment, which i filled in and posted the same day i recieved it..and they either hadn't processed it or even received it so they stopped my claim. decision maker for that didn't change the decision so i have to take it to tribunal . id love to be able to work but with everything i have phsyically and mentally going on right now it just won't happen but i know i have to make the effort for them to pay me JSA. i can see myself haven't a complete meltdown when signing on on friday and making a complete fool of myself.
  8. and thank you to everyone whos replied. this is the icing on the cake after the lasdt 8ish weeks ive had so its good to see some people still care.
  9. i put down admin/office. claiming JSA is only a short term thing until my ESA appeal is accepted at the tribunal stage. i have no idea what market labour laws are either. the last time i claimed JSA, once the decision maker made their decision in your favour that was it you were payed what you were owed. they person that called back a second time from the benefit centre said that if the job centre said i wasn't actively looking for work in the backdated period or something then they wouldn't pay me anything. the problem is my claim is complicated. my ESA was stopped at the end of august and i wasn't made aware of this for another few weeks when i handed in my fit note and got a text telling me that they had got my fit note but i didn't have an active claim. my advisor put a detailed note with the form for back-dating explaining all this because neither of the options at the start of the form really fit my situation. it asked what i was doing for money in the period i was claiming for, so i had to put CTC/CB and they said i should add that i thought i had an active ESA claim as if i ticked the other box it asked what i had been doing to find work when i hadn't been doing anything because as far as i was aware i was claiming ESA. was advised to speak to the JC directly so i called them and managed to get about a 30 second conversation out the guy before being told someone will phone me back tomorrow. the advisor i saw my first 2 appointments was really understanding and pushing that i would get the backdated payments but the man i seen last week (and who answered the phone today) is a bit of an ******* to be honest, had my crying on friday in the middle of the JC.. we'll see what they say tomorrow but im not expecting them to change their mind. its so disheartening, i just feel that they dont give a hoot about anyone.
  10. Okay well never mind, benefit centre called back and said JC didn't agree so they won't pay me anything and I can contact the job centre directly. They have no idea what this is doing to my already deteriorating mental health.
  11. i had a mandatory reconsideration for backdating of my JSA, the decision maker decided in my favour so i will be paid 29 days im owed. I was told by about 7-8 advisors that if they changed the decision in my favour it could be actioned as a same day payment because i've been without for so long. i spoke to the benefit centre today and they have said even though it has been ruled in my favour they have to contact the job centre regarding "labour market laws" and that it will be around another week before i am paid anything. who is correct? its been about 6 weeks now and we've been living off about £20 or less a week to feed/keep warm etc myself and 2 kids under 7 so we're desperate for this money
  12. firstly,im not sure ive posted in the correct part of the forum apologies if im in the wrong place. at the start of july i found 2-3 large pieces of plastic inside my brownies i ordered,the pieces were picked up and sent away for an investigation which i was told would take 4-6 weeks. im now on week 11 and no resolution on this. ive called constantly and been promised around 10 call backs from both the area manager and the area mangers boss and i am still waiting for those weeks later. i emailed what i thought was their ceos office about 2-3 weeks ago and had no reply either. does anyone a) know their ceos office email and b) what the heck i can do about this? its my phone bill and time being wasted chasing this up and being constantly let down thanks of anyone replies
  13. my letting agent (landlord) has issued me with a section 33 today. the reason stated on this is because i have not kept the property in a "clean and tidy" condition...i have photos that prove otherwise. There is no damage mess etc does any one know if i can do anything regarding this? i have 2 kids (5 and 7) and am worrying so much. im going to view a place tomorrow but the issue is rent in advance and deposit,the council said the DHP is unlikely to help me as they helped before with rent in advance and deposit for this place and i should get that back if my rent is up to date which it is. the issue is i have been told the landlord for my current property won't give me these until i have left the property and with the deposit she has another 30 days after the date i leave to make a claim on it. sorry for rambling but im at my wits end.
  14. I'm due to sign again on Friday coming if I call them tomorrow so go back on esa will this mess up any payment I should have been getting on the 23rd?
  15. I missed my atos appointment that's why it was stopped,without so much as a letter to warn me. I did the mandatory reconsideration and their decision to make me fit for was was upheld. My advisor at JCP told me not to bother with sick notes anymore until I was back on esa? Is that wrong? My sick notes were only for like 4 weeks at time.
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