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  1. Not really sure why most people aren't getting my point. My problem isn’t the shift at all, it’s how some are getting a better deal than others , it’s about fairness. No one can make anyone do the full 8 hour shift because the building shuts at 1pm. Choosing the shift has nothing to do with being smart because as I said, last year everyone worked a half day regardless of start time, feel free to read my post properly before you make snide comments. Once again, my post is not about any kind of shift, but the fact nothing about this is equal! God forbid I want equality in the workplace, everyone getting paid the same, everyone working the same. Even the managers who have to do this aren’t happy, no one is happy about it but you all make out like I’m the only one being unreasonable and have no right to be unhappy that some of my colleagues are getting better deal than others and I doubt most people here wouldn’t be too happy if this happened to them as you would want to be treat the same as everyone else. You got a great forum here guys, very supportive! Unclebulgaria was the only person who actually got my post so thanks
  2. Hello, I currently work for a Government ran business on back shift (4pm-12am) and all of back shift are having to work day shift for a few days between Christmas and New Year. While I feel it is unfair that we have to change our shift, this is not my problem. My problem is, a week ago we had to state what time on day shift we were going in: 7am-3pm, 8am-4pm or 9am-5pm. I chose 7-3, only, today we have found out that the building is closing at 1pm (which it did last year but everyone just worked a half day regardless of time started and got paid a full days pay) BUT this time if you start at 7am you work until 1pm, start at 8 or 9 you work until 1pm. How is this fair? I would be working 1-2 hours more than those starting later yet getting paid exactly the same. Is this level of inequality wrong? If so, what can I do about it?
  3. Hey all, Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but I wasn't sure. I work for [removed]) and have done for 7 months. Since working there my name is spelled incorrectly everywhere I log into - even my name badge up until a few weeks ago. It's not a huge misspell - My surname is [removed]) but they have spelled it [removed]) everywhere. I brought this to my Team Leaders attention when I joined and they said it's not on - it's not my name and they will get it changed HR have refused to correct the mistake they made as they "would have to change it everywhere" and they aren't prepared to do that. I pay invoices suppliers send in on behalf of disabled students and wonder if it is legal to have my name incorrectly spelled everywhere - even on my works email address I use to contact suppliers and clients or if it is unreasonable of employer to refuse the name correction? As I said, I know it's not a huge misspell but it is the principle that it is just not my name and I have to spell my name incorrectly on purpose with certain applications so I can log in a nd it's taking me extra time to do my work as I often get it incorrect as I'm not used to spelling my name wrong. My TL has been made aware of this but HR won't budge even though they change employees name instantly if they get married etc I know this probably sounds very trivial but it is a huge annoyance to me. Thanks in advance.
  4. Luckily yes and I have now but wont get my tax refund prob until next year, which is almost £100.
  5. Just a quick update. I finally got a reply from Manpower... that IS an admin fee and they said they take around £5 which is 50% of what I actually "saved" due to TSA but what stings the most is, they advised me to opt-in to the TSA even though I shouldn't be paying any tax at all as I've just done a tax calculator on the Governments site and I'm due a tax refund!! While I will get back the tax I paid, I wont get the admin fees back. Thanks all for your help, really appreciate it!
  6. There is no mention of any fee or charge in the TSA FAQ handbook. Funnily enough, no one has replied to my email even though they have been quick in the past and I think if there was a fee, it would have come out of my first TSA but it didnt. Stuck on what to do, because if this isn't a "fee" or "mistake" I wont get anywhere writing to Manpower.
  7. I find it disgusting because its a fee I have not been told about and when I asked the point of contact she said the amounts should match, not "there's an admin fee you know", she even said she'd look into it. I don't like hidden charges/fees, especially when I specifically ask and I still don't get told about it. An admin fee wouldn't be so bad if I actually got told about it. Yes I am returning to work after a long illness.
  8. Thanks for your reply. I was sent the booklet in an email when I first queried it but it still makes no sense to me. How disgusting if that is an admin fee but I'm hoping its an error and I will get the money back. I will see what is said on Monday and will write if I get no joy. Thanks again!
  9. Hey all. I'm so sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but I had no idea where to put it so please feel free to move it to the correct place. I am currently working in a temporary, full time position with the possibility of going permanent after 3 months. While I'm temp, I am "under" Manpower, if/when I go perm I then get took over by the company I am working for. Manpower use the TSA Scheme but I'm having a few problems and I hope someone can help me. I have been paid 4 times (I worked 1 week in hand and get paid weekly while temp). My first wage and TSA was correct: TSA Allow: 34.60 - A TSA Adjust: -34.60 the allow and adjust matched but the next 3 payments have not matched: TSA Allow: 43.25 - M TSA Adjust: -47.58 as you can see, what has been taken out is greater than what has been put in, which means I am short by almost £5 per week. I asked our point of contact for Manpower if the allow and adjust should be the same - she said yes and said she would look into it for me but I havent heard anything from her for 2 weeks. Now I am emailing the whole team as advised for someone to help but I'd like some info in case they are trying to pull a fast one. Can anyone who knows about TSA explain or let me know if the allow/adjust should be the same or if they are meant to be different and why? Is the above TSA correct and I'm worrying about nothing? I've heard so many bad things about Manpower since I started my new job that I'm worrying they may be taking money from me (and others). What rights I have and what I do about it if all this is wrong. Any help/info is appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Ah, thank you, I will email my place fo work and ask them to have one ready on Tuesday if they can. Thanks again!
  11. Hi all. I was claiming ESA from April last year until a week or so ago and have now got a new job and I start the training on Tuesday. I need a P45 but how and where do I get one from? I don't have one from a previous employer as I was a carer for my Grandmother but dont see how I can have what I need by Tuesday, especially as its bank holiday. What do I do? I didnt know I needed this until I came back from the induction today and everywhere was closed. Thanks in advance!
  12. Why do I need a credit check? Why is it any of their business what my credit is like? I am only assisting the admin dept, I dont think I would be doing anything financial within the company. I got credit for a new car easier than this lol
  13. Hi all, rather a strange post so please bear with me. Today I had a 3 hour long final assessment as an admin assistant and got offered the job after my 1 on 1 interview at the end. I was called away to the interview when I was inbetween filling in all the forms. When I finished the forms, the another lady who worked there (not the one who interview me) looked through my forms and said I need to provide proof of the last 3 years of my benefits. I was a carer for my Gran up until Sept 2014 but was getting Carers Allowance up until August 2012. The Carers Allowance stopped due to my Gran being in hospital so much but I still carried on being her carer even though I was claiming JSA. In April 2014 I started to claim ESA as my Grans health began to deteriorate and she was in and out of hospital again but I was still her carer. My Gran passed in Sept 2014 and am signing off ESA now as this job offer has really given me the boost I needed and that I never thought Id get. My question is, why do I need to provide this information? How do I go about providing this information? From the DWP? I didnt even know I could get this info.
  14. Hello all. I am wanting to move out of my current property where I live with my parents and rent. I am currently receiving JSA but job hunting like crazy. My question is - if I rang the local council, would they be able to give me an accurate idea of what contribution of Housing Benefit I would get if I had a property in mind? The reason I ask is that I need to know if I can afford it or not before I commit myself, I dont want them giving me a maximum/approx contribution only to find it was inaccurate. The online calculators that are on the councils website are completely useless as my parents (who are retired) used the housing benefit calculator and it was way off and now struggle with their rent as a result of this. I know the easiest answer is to ring and find out but I dont really want to waste money on a phone call if its a waste of time. Any help/suggestions? Thanks
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