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Found 24 results

  1. Hi, I wonder if someone can help on this matter. October 2017 - I received a Capital COntribution Order (CCO) for £52968.06 to repay to Legal Aid Agency (LAA) following a legal proceeding. In this case Rossendales claimed £362.50 as enforcement costs and other fees for a Charging Order thay they put on my property. December 2017 - I lodged a Judicial Review as litigant in person against Legal Aid Agency. The argument was that the CCO was miscalculated. Jannuary 2018 - The High Court ordered LAA to recalculate the CCO within 3 months. May 2018 - LAA admitted the miscalculation and issued a variation of the CCO for £39567. This time Rossendales raised the enforcement costs and other fees to £442.50. 21 August 2018 - I contacted Rossedales in order to arrange a payment plan. 29 August - The High Court ordered LAA to pay my costs for the persuance of Judical Review. 31 August 2018 - Out of the blue, Rossendales sent me another variation of the CCO for £41003.63. This time Rossendales raised the enforcement costs to £1878.50. Basically, the amount of the CCO did not changed (£39567). Rosseldales just added more fees. I understand the initial enforcement costs of £362.50 for the application of the Charging Order. But after they secured their credit there was not action anymore in terms of enforcement. I lodged my Judicial Review and succeded in that.They sent me a new CCO and applied fees for £442.50. After contacting them on 21 august to arrange a payment plan they raised again the enforcement fees to £1878.50. Which enforcement fees they are talking about if the only enforcement action took place on October 2017( 11 months ago) for the Charging Order? There was no enforcement action from Oct 2017 up to date especially when I succeded with my Judicial Review. I intend to make some objections to this fees but I need some advice or opinions on the best way to proceed. I really hope that someone can help me. Thank you very much
  2. Hi all , i have been attending work programme for over a month - and was late for an appointment due to a heavy cold and my provider decided callously to raise a doubt with DWP. recieved a 'good reason letter' asking why i dint attend work programme appt.- how can i successfully challenge this and avoid a sanction. help would be very much appreciated guys!
  3. Hi, on 25th I was taken 244,61f from my account by Direct Debit from O2. They said it was mistake but I know people that was edited like that before. O2 said to use Indemnity Claim (firstly they said they are refunding me but after few chats they said they didn't - pure edited). I contacted Barclays like 5-6 times. Everyone edited or ignores the matter. I have proof on chatts that different customer service write that indemnity claim is succesful and I will get my money back but after 2.5 days I don't have nothing. I have just called on barclays helpline and some guy edited told me that they need 2 more days (he didn't even check anything). I told that I want to speak with Branch Manager - he told ok and put me on hold and then he disconnected !! I have a problem because now I am abroad - normally I would go to the bank and won't leave without my money. Just a good thing I know now that Barclays are edited same as O2. Never go to them. I am taking my money from their accounts as soon as I can. What should I do with 244,61f - should I sue them? Barclays as an UK bank is obligated to use in this matter DD guarantee - and I should get my money asap. Tomorrow I will propably call a lawyer and will see how it goes from there.
  4. We've been served our Section 21 notice, 4 months into a 6 month contract. The reason ... they claim we're "not happy in the property". However, we found several leaks through the roof, one through a ceiling in a bedroom and the main bedroom had mold growing on the ceiling. I informed the landlord of this, they got a professional roofer out and he told them it needs a new roof. They get 3 other quotes and get told the same thing by each of them. During a phone call, she claims the roof didn't need replacing and it was my fault! I had used a brush to brush off the moss from the roof, the previous tenant had paid to have the other side fully cleaned off, oddly both leaks were on that side of the roof! Anyway, you get the idea. My question is; our tenancy runs out on 15th July, we've found somewhere but can't move in till 21st July, 6 days. I have a feeling the landlord would be a complete [something not overly polite] and refuse us. Question is - if we pay the 6 day difference and stay anyway, can she do anything about it? Takes weeks to get it all taken to court anyway I believe. They may just be agreeable, but covering my back just in case we have to make other plans...
  5. More of a rant, the new manager I have always asks for the reasons why I want to book a day or half day off. It's not in a friendly "oh doing something nice?" way, its more of a "You should never take days off, you can do those things at the weekend" kind of way. Requested a half day for Thursday, got an instant response of "Why?". So I just said "Personal reasons". Does anyone else get this too? /rant Edit: one other thing, I once took a couple of hours off to leave early, thinking it wouldn't be a problem since I work late occasionally and do the odd weekend. He later put it down as a half day off. I reminded him it was a couple of hours, so technically 1/4 day off, he said tough, the system only does increments of half day. argh!
  6. Hi All As title stated, how can insurance company cancel policy for no reason or even false reason. I had a motor transportation insurance which been cancelled by the insurance company with no reason giving and even without my knowledge, Did read some thread over here claiming insurance company only require to sent a recorded letter regardless if received or not and regardless of the cancellation reason. The cancellation has cost me so far £20000 refund for customer's booking. hire purchase, rent , mortgage, wages. and had to shut down my business totally as no any other insurance company are willing to offer me alternative insurance due to the crazy cancellation. this is the first question i been asked by the other insurance company did you had any policy cancelled or void, obviously i have to say the truth and have nothing to hide, i do have a clean licence with 10 years no claim bonus. when i did contact the insurance company ( the broker ) claim it is not them who cancelled it and i need to speak with staveley head, spoken with them they claim i have no space at my house address to sell cars or to keep my recovery trucks, but i am not trading from home,never said so, and they already has my industrial estate business address, then they change they word and says the industrial estate showing as Tesco site, then no it is a caravan site !!! well there is a caravan site at the end of the industrial estate but has nothing to do with me, also Tesco is 2 miles away, however they asked for pictures of my unit and yard space around and i did sent them all pictures and even with video. the insdustrial unit has a large yard of 800 Sqm , then to the date no reply what so ever even after i sent 2 other email and recoded letter. I am so close to be a bankrupt and have no idea what do it, it is been well over a month now and don't even have fund to pay for a solicitor as i have to keep my payment for the hire purchase vehicle , did make a complaint to the financial ombudsman however they claim i have to wait 8 weeks if no reply from the insurance company, thinking about taking a legal action myself, however there is no much information online about the real truth if the insurance company in UK have the right to cancel any insurance policy regardless of the reason or not. any help will be much appreciated
  7. Hello all, I was wondering if any of you knowledgeable people could help me out with an issue I’m having regarding a previous place of employment please? (I removed potentially identifying details here) After three months I had a successful appraisal and was actually given a pay rise and a permanent contract… and then I was fired a couple of weeks later. Out of the blue. No disciplinary, no discussion, nothing. I was called out of the office one morning by a feared manager, who dragged me into a spare office with the HR lady (a long story, she was hired it seems to find any way at all for existing staff to be punished) They told me they were giving me four weeks’ notice and I had to leave the building immediately. When I asked why, she told me ‘I don’t have to give you a reason why, you’ve not been here long enough. It’s your conduct that’s the problem.’ I asked her to define her reasons; she was literally shaking with anger, and told me again she didn’t have to tell me why. I remained calm (which seemed to infuriate her further), while she fumed and the HR woman smirked. They then escorted me back into the office, and I was shocked to see it had been emptied of all the staff! It was so overly dramatic. They stood over me as I packed my things, and escorted me off the premises as though I’d committed some terrible crime. Of course, after this event I went straight to the jobcentre for advice to be told that as I’d been there for less than a year I had no rights (but they were very eager to get me onto their trial of universal credit!). My phone blew up with calls and texts from my colleagues completely baffled as to what had happened, telling me they’d all been told to go to the upstairs office and then told that I’d been ‘let go’. No reasons were given to them. They were left very scared it could happen to them too. Thankfully, I had been looking for another job in the evenings and had secured a new one that I started a few weeks later (the job that fired me had no idea about this as I was not using them for references, and I hadn’t shared this information with anyone else), otherwise it would have left me in a terribly difficult position of having to explain why I’d been fired for ‘conduct issues’ when I didn’t even know what they were myself! Couple this with my previous disability (which they were fully aware of when they employed me), and they would have made finding a new job incredibly difficult for me (as well as forcing me back onto benefits). They paid me the four weeks of notice and outstanding holiday pay (I’m sure they’ve taxed me far too much but that’s beside the point). I’ve now scrubbed that job from my CV and have been very happily in my new position for a few months. I’m still in contact with most of my previous colleagues who have been filling me in on continued issues in my absence. SO, to finally get to the point, I believe that there is little I can do about the way I was treated there due to the length of time I was employed by them, but is there anything I can do for my colleagues that remain? Can I report them somewhere? What would I even report them for? Even though I’ve moved on, I’m occasionally gripped by anxiety for what could have happened to me if I didn’t have another job to go to. I’m angry, of course, but more concerned for those I’ve left behind. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for taking the time to read this, I hope it made sense.
  8. Our Landlady has constantly dropped hints that this 3 bedroom house should be for a family not a couple so my Mrs and I are looking for somewhere else (daughter left home). Talking to Landlady yesterday she said she'd give us back the deposit 10 days after we leave. She's a tight bitch so I don't trust her. 1. Is that even legal? 2. Whose to say she wont just walk around the house making up stories to diddle us out of our deposit money?
  9. I have worked for 30years in the same position. I became sick 10yrs ago for few months and returned back to work. 7years ago my company was bought over by a contracting firm. I still remain in the same site I have been 30yrs ago. Five months ago I was issued a suspension letter due to health reasons for one month. I was recalled back after one month to defend why I should not be terminated and my GP responded with sick note that I am receiving treatment. The threat of suspension and losing my job had followed me through. I have now suffered stroke and may not be able to work again. My employer is now aware of my health problem and on my case to be interviewed.- I need all help----- what my entitlement are and what to do.
  10. How can I find out if I am deliberately being turned down for jobs where I have previously work due to someone in authority taking a dislike to me.
  11. I have an old outstanding debt from Littlewoods which was sold to Drysden / Capquest. The debt is from 2006 and I don't think any payment has been made since 2007 which should mean it should have come off my record. I entered a CCA request to them and also asked Experian to look into it and eventually I had a reply that they couldn't complete the CCA request but what they did have was a screen shot of a payment I'm supposed to have made in 2010. Is this something they can even do, shouldn't they still respond to the CCA? Can anyone advise what to do next? Thanks
  12. I am not sure whether this is the right section/place for this, but perhaps someone around here can offer advice on the following. I recently got a letter from the R.B.S, informing me that that "we have, with regret, decided that we will no longer provide these [bank account] facilities for you" They don't give any reasons, but I am assuming that my name has come up on some wide sweeping statistical based list for potential fraud/money laundering, and I guess that the R.B.S doesn't like the little man trying to get a piece of their action. I don't have a regular job, but work freelance offshore. This means that I don't have regular income, but instead have large sporadic payments, often coming from abroad. I have also traded Bitcoins during the bubble where I made thousands, and also during the crash, where I lost even more thousands. This involved a high turnover of funds and international payments, including many payments into Bitcoin exchanges. Due to my work, I am also abroad quite often, use my card abroad, and access my online banking from foreign internet ISPs, which has caused the bank to suspend services to me in the past. Aside from that, I have no debt with this bank, am always several thousand in the black, etc. Whilst it doesn't break my heart that the parasitic übermonolithic R.B.S doesn't want to be my friend anymore, I do find it quite concerning that these institutions, upon whom society has been forced to rely upon for 95% of all economic interactions, have the power to simply cut someone off, without any evidence or proof of wrongdoing (there isn't any because I am not and never have been involved with any fraud/money laundering). Also, the bank states; "We will not be able to provide references for you". If I am not mistaken, I will totally 100% need a reference from my previous bank, in order to open another bank account. Can anyone suggest to me any course of action that I might take? Would telling another bank the truth about why I am wanting to open another bank account with them simply result in an automatic rejection? Am I going to be forced to lie to open another bank account?
  13. HSBC took it upon themselves yesterday to stop my VISA DEBIT card for no good reason. I had just paid online a BT (British Telecom) bill which they thought (as stated to me when I called them) ‘suspicious’. They were in possession of two contact telephone numbers for me. They did not call either of there although when I talked to them they lied and said they had called them. This is not the first time they have done this to me. Why do any of us stay with this rubbish bank? I’m going to see my local management tomorrow and take him up one side and down the other. For all the good it will do, At least I may feel a bit better
  14. I went to sign on this morning and after waiting for a long time, one of the advisers came over and asked me who I was there to see. I told them and she went off, and then came back and asked me to sit with her at her desk and asked for my NI no. which I gave her. She then looked up my details and informed me that my claim had been stopped. I was then asked if I'd missed any appointments, to which I replied 'No', and then she told me to wait as she needed to speak to someone. I was then called over by a manager, who after doing some digging around, told me that it seems to have been an 'error' and that I could be signed on as normal, and my claim would be 're-started', although he wasn't sure when I would receive my money and I'd need to drop in next week to find out. BUT... ....on my last signing a fortnight ago, I saw a new adviser who told me that my jobseeking log 'may not be adequate'. I asked why and he got quite impatient, and refused to tell me how I could amend it to meet the requirements and he said if I wanted to discuss that he would make an appointment for me to speak to someone, to which I agreed. At this appointment, I spoke to the same manager I saw today and actually found him to very helpful. He said my written activity log was basically OK, but I should write the job location and ensure that wherever there was a reference number, to include that for all entries, not just the ones found on Universal Jobmatch. He also confirmed that although it was mandatory to have an Universal Jobmatch account - which I have - that it's not mandatory to give them access -which I haven't - and that my written diary of jobseeking activities which I take to each signing, was acceptable. I asked if he could make a note of our conversation on their records, which he agreed to, and I left that appointment feeling better informed and as if I'd been treated fairly. But then today, I go in to find that my claim has been closed down. So, I'm just wondering if anyone can see if there's any possible reason for this to have occurred, or if it's, as the manager told me today, simply an 'error'. I'm pretty stressed about this so any thoughts/advice would be useful. Thanks.
  15. We received a section 21 (1) (b) from the agency managing our property. We are not challenging the eviction, however, we have noticed the property is now being advertised on renting websites before we have acknowledged the notice (verbally or written) and before we have vacated the property. We were under the impression that the landlord cannot legally relet the property for six months due to the way he has evicted us, is this correct? They are using the break clause in our 12 month contract which comes into force after 6 months (which has now passed).
  16. i recieved a good reason letter today for an appointment they apparantly told me about in february to attend seetec on (12/05) but in fact the only mandatory appointment letters i got was for (20th and 22nd) both of which i canceled because they were all day appointments, then i had an appointment with my advisor this past monday and he did not mention missing an appointment or anything... im just wondering how i should go about doing this good reason letter should i simply say that i had no appointment for the 12th and include copies of the letters which state the dates are 20th/22nd june and 9th july?
  17. Hi. I've been on the Work Programme for around 8 weeks now. My provider is Seetec who in turn sub-contract to a company called Groundwork (meaning I've never actually met anybody employed directly by Seetec). Over the past 8 weeks I have bent over backwards to work with them as I am desperate to get back into work and genuinely appreciate any help that is offered. Unfortunately, while my advisor has been fantastic, every other member of staff I have been faced with has been beyond useless (it amazes me some of them ever passed an interview). Today I received a letter stating that on 12/08/13 I was notified of a mandatory activity that I must take part in on 23/08/13 but I failed to attend. I now have until the 13/09/13 to respond to this letter or I will be sanctioned. The catch is... I did attend! I signed into the building, took part in my scheduled activity (jobsearch), spoke to the advisor running the group on that day, signed for my travel expenses and signed out of the building before leaving. Obviously I will be at Groundwork at 9am on Monday morning to dispute this and try to get it sorted but are they required to provide me with copies of the signing in/out book or expenses sheet in order to allow me to appeal this potential sanction? Any advice would be massively appreciated. Thank You.
  18. Today I received a letter from DWP saying that I a doubt has been raised because it appears I failed to undertake an activity Ingeus told me to do. It says that on 19.08.2013 I was notified to attend/participate in an appointment on 20.08.13 but that I failed to do so. Now they need a good reason letter from me sent to the address on the letter before 06.09.13 to explain why I didn't undertake this activity. ---------------------------------- on 19.08.2013, whilst I was with my adviser, he said that he didn't have a digital copy of my CV on file , he said that if I didn't send it over to him I will get sanctioned from the jobcentre. I didn't want him to have a digital copy of my CV so I tried to give him my printed CV on paper but he refused. He insisted on a digital one. He then issued me with a mandatory work notification which normally has an appointment on it on the first page 20.08.2013 (which is automatically generated). The details of this letter mentions that the activity to be done at the appointment is that a CV will need to be emailed to him by 5pm on 19.08.2013 as a mandatory activity on the work programme. Failure to receive this cv and cover letter will mean that the job centre will be informed. Although I wasn't interested in sending it to him by email, I have changed it to PDF (no changes can be done to it) with a copyright included then sent it to him. and he received it after checking with him over the phone and that was all completed before 5pm. Now how can he expect me to attend the appointment on 20.08.2013 if the activity to be completed is on 19.08.2013. I am sure this advisor is using this tactic to get me off the work programme. He is deliberately misleading me. I need to lodge a complaint against him. What are the best points to raise in this letter to win this case?
  19. Hello. First post, and i am hoping someone around here can fill me in better than Barclays have, and possibly offer me advice? I have searched the forums around here and no one seemed to of matched my situation, based on their financials they have posted in the thread, so figured i would post a new thread. My situation started on Monday the 3rd of September, where i had money taken by Barclays from my account (the entire balance) the transaction was named "Reconcile" i only noticed this on the 5th of September, due to not checking my account since the Friday before, and had received no letter explaining this. So i complained, the funds were returned the same day, "good" i thought, i said to the customer relations manager that i would not post a complaint anywhere due to it being resolved the same day, they put this down to a "computer error" (probably BS), so i thought this was the end of the matter, 2 days later i received a letter, but didn't open it until the 14th as it got "buried" under other post, saying this account will be closed one month on from the date on the letter (my only current account btw) I have held this account since 1998, Which i found very strange, it was in credit by a considerable amount, no over draft, no defaults, I have no outstanding payments in my name (i don't like having debt) My card is only ever used over the counter to take out cash which i will need for the week ahead, as i don't feel secure using my chip and pin card. I feel i have been probably the best customer i could of been, the account is always active money going in and out, now apparently i do not meet their criteria, no explanation (like others) and what makes it worse, according to the woman if i was to make a letter to access the information stored on me, i would be in no better position to tell why this had happened (I feel this is a lie?). Now i have to create another bank account, which i am worried because i expect this will go onto my credit report, which could stop me opening other accounts? Naturally, like most people, it is a necessity to have a bank account. Willing to answer questions, and looking for some advice. Thanks for reading
  20. http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/14456/online-news/debt-collector-to-pay-firms-15000-after-investigation
  21. Hi everyone, I wonder if you can help me. I wrote to RBS about mis sold PPI on an old, paid up loan, they sent a letter back asking why I thought it had been mis sold. I wrote back saying that as the loan was secured on my property (they had a legal charge on it) why would I need PPI aswell. They replied saying that it was not a valid reason. Any thoughts on this please.
  22. For more details see this thread. Here's a quick summary: I've been sanctioned, but the reason on the letter is incredibly vague. It just says that I 'cannot be treated as actively seeking work'. After five attempts at trying to find out the reason I finally got told the content of the sanction doubt that was sent to head office in Newcastle, however this is incredibly vague too. It only says that I haven't 'adhered to my job seeker's agreement'. I arranged a reconsideration meeting at my local branch yesterday through Newcastle, which my local branch pretended didn't exist when I attempted to arrange through them, in order to find out the reason for my sanction. However, they kept me waiting for almost an hour, pretending the advisor was busy with another jobseeker and would be unable to see me. The appointment was booked in advance, so they knew they needed to be available at this time and I happen to know the advisor I was supposed to be seeing and the entire time I was there I did not see her speak to another job seeker. JCP are clearly refusing to let me know the reason as they know they don't have a leg to stand on and without me knowing the reason for my sanction doubt I'm unable to get either a reconsideration or appeal against it. Is there another body I can speak to about this in order to get JCP to tell me the reason for my sanction? There's a time limit on the amount of time I have to get a reconsideration and appeal against it, so something needs to be done soon.
  23. Hi All, my OH has been working at a small shop/deli beginning 14th oct, 2011; she was called on Monday morning and told she was no longer needed and not to come in the next Friday, Saturday and Sunday (the days she works), but she'd be paid for them as it was her one-week notice from the company. There has been no warning / disciplinary, and she has a full contract with the company. We wrote an email to the company owner asking for a reason (and a formal letter of dismissal), which we received and which stated my OH was aware "there would be a probationary period" and that her work had been "unsatisfactory"; there is nothing in her contract about a probationary period, and she was often left in charge of other staff members so as to her work being unsatisfactory this is highly dubious... On a related note (we believe), she had had a few days absence the week before (for which she had a note from her doctors due to flu) and a friend of the owner had filled-in, who seems to have been given her position! This seems like a very unfair course of action - how should she proceed with this matter?
  24. Hi Having received SAR's back from a couple of lender's I've had loans / credit card's with, I'm now in a position to complete and send off the FOS questionnaire. From 2001 up until 2008, I was employed but wasn't on a salary nor did I have a contract of employment - I was on piece work and was paid per unit of work that I did. Some months I could make a small fortune whilst other months, I didn't make a penny - it all depended on how much work I recieved from my client, if any. Would this be a valid reason to claim back PPI bearing in mind some months I had no income but was still employed? Also, from 2008 until end of last year, I was doing the same job but I worked for a limited company I set up - the way I was paid was exactly the same. Would this make any difference to the claim or not?
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