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  1. Hi, I had an account with Nationwide about 4 months ago, at the time I had an issue with a company taking funds without permission I contacted the bank which in turn refunded the two payments back to my account. A short while went by I thought this was the end of the issue with the company in question. I ended up closing my account to move to another bank which were offering a good switch to us deal therefore I did. Move forward to now, I've received a letter from Nationwide asking me to pay back funds of £500 as the company which I had the dispute with provided evidence to indicate the transactions were of my own, therefore they've requested me to pay back the funds into an account of which they've provided on the letter, this letter has come from the 'Payment Processing Controls'. I've tried telling Nationwide I did not give the company permission to take funds, the evidence the company provided were that of my details that were provided to them when I created an account with them, I told Nationwide I had an account with them however I still did not give them permission to take money from my card, they've simply told me I would have to take this up with the company now as there's nothing else they can do. I don't have the funds at the moment to be pay the money back they're asking for, I firmly still believe I do not owe this money back. I've checked my Credit Report which also shows the account as closed and satisfied. I did speak to the Visa Disputes Team who told me there's nothing they could do to get the funds back as the account is closed, the member of staff words being "we don't have a leg to stand on". However someone somewhere within the bank is clearly trying to retrieve this money. Where do I stand? Can Nationwide legally chase me for this money?
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