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  1. The main chaos was all about the cowboy builder to ask the facilitating payment fraud just after the garden wall he demolished in his plan. Make long story short ( go to the paragraph 14 ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Claim Case registered in March 2014. * However, Halifax assigned its panel*claims management company (LAS) 7 July 2014 handle my case. * on 7*July 2014 The loss assessors provided by LAS confirmed the two hours*appointment commencing at*4pm,*10 July 2014. * LAS emailed me with offer*£65.
  2. Here goes, hope I've started off this thread correctly! I thought about testing if the CCA I had with the Halifax was enforceable last June. Joined the site, read loads of info and even went as far as buying the £1 postal orders. I just didn't feel right trying to wriggle out of a debt at the time. However, after a hammering from the Halifax on my current account overdraft since January and their CC interest like something Dick Turpin would have been proud of, I've decided enough is enough and it's time to fight back. I'm diving in at the deep end and requesting CCAs for 4 cards
  3. Could somebody help with this My daughter wants to buy her council house and has lived in it for about 9 years so does qualify for the right to buy discount but she was told she could not have the new help to buy ISA as well as that would mean two discounts is this correct as I was under the impression that you could have a help to buy ISA as well as the council right to buy discount thanks for any help
  4. My son had a student account with Halifax when he first went to university. Sadly, due to mental health problems, now diagnosed as bipolar disorder, he dropped out of university. Halifax agreed to freeze the account. In recent months his health has deteriorated again, and he is now claiming Employment and Support Allowance and living back at home with us. Halifax have recently decided to charge him £16 per month for the overdraft, but as this month's payment has put him into 'Unplanned Overdraft' he has been charged another £5 per day on top of this, so the debt is now m
  5. Received a computer generated letter from Halifax stating that as my monthly S/O to pay my rent had been returned they were going to add to their extortionate profit pocket and charge me £10 for doing sweet nothing. So I looked at the online banking, to see that my S/O had been set up to pay four weekly? Strange as I had set it up to pay on the 25th of every month, I had never seen this 'four week' option in the drop down menu before. So I changed it to pay on the 25th of the month thereafter, thinking it may well have been a genuine mistake on my part? (fat fingers!) Then look
  6. Hi Everyone. I am a relatively new customer with Halifax and noticed some transactions on my account that i didn't recognize from WHO internet (William Hill) these transactions totaled to 457 pounds there was also a credit on my account from WHO internet for 400 pounds around the same day these transactions took place. I contacted the disputes team and they refunded the 457 pounds straight away, however at the same time they also deducted 400 from my account in order to reverse the initial 400 credit. So i ended up getting a total credit of 57 pounds. Fast forwar
  7. In our local paper last week Single mum Alison Turner is taking one of the country's biggest banks to court for allegedly harassing her about her overdraft.In what is expected to be a ground-breaking case, Ms... Hope link works Enjoy
  8. I have had a Halifax Credit Card for a couple of years now and always made necessary repayments with no problems. I make slightly more than the minimum payment with direct bank transfer. However in May I overlooked that the minimum payment had gone up by £9.00 due to a purchase I had made. So my payment was short by a few quid for that month but I didn't realize this until I got a letter in the post yesterday informing me I had failed in my contractual obligations and they have therefore levied a £12.- late payment fee and removed the promotional interest rate which cannot be re-instated
  9. Hello everyone, I could really do with some advice and help on this matter. My current girlfriend has been having a nightmare of a time with her Ex-Boyfriend. To cut a long story short they were together for 7 years, had a joint mortgage and a joint current account with Halifax. Turns out the ex was a gambling addict, he stole money from her, opened credit cards using her information and financially abused her. Eventually she left him. She moved back in with her parents 17 months ago, rang Halifax (her mortgage lender) and told them her new address which they updated on
  10. Hi, Hopefully you can give advise on my next step regards my complaint. I am trying to be fair with my bank and only asking for my original payment of £120 to be reimbursed, I am not asking for payment for the time and effort I have put in to writing these letters and sending these recorded delivery, the 8% interest, and the added stress this has caused me as a pensioner and full time carer for my son who has severe mental health issues and trying to make sure he isn't sectioned again by making sure he is taking his medication. I really could do without all this on top. I
  11. new to the site hope I'm not going to bore you. received my ISA maturing letter, it talks of 5 options the last one "simply withdrwaw your cash close the account". When you look for the option in the list to tick and put details of the account where you want the cash to go to, it does not exist, only now got 3 options non to close account. So it says if options dont suit your needs phone this number, I phone select the closing account option, I'm asked have I considered other options etc. I ask to close the account, after many security details including Nat No, I'm asked for my phone ban
  12. Hi All, Well just helping a close family member, 2 years ago my Dad was declared bankrupt and the Halifax joint account was over drawn by £1k. Therefore my mum who is 75 had been paying £5.00 month and the debt has never reduced and is now £1,500.15. Due to illness my dad has had to finish work following some under lining heath problems and now started his treatment. So they have no income apart from state pension, they have had to claim benefits to pay rent etc, but can not pay the debt. We have written to ask for the debt to written off as a 75 lady no
  13. This is a new thread following on from the sticky about the above subject about challenging the Halifax about the overdraft charges. As Hfx customers will know these charges have been taken for over 12 months now, I am wondering if it would still be possible to go back to the old structure and close the account, or is it too late? My points are: 1) I have another current account that I can have salary paid into etc... 2) I am currently being charged £2 a day by Hfx for being overdrawn which becomes on average £60 per month. 3) If I did manage to go back to the old interest on O/D met
  14. Hi First Of all going back to July 2008 I had a Halifax current account which has a overdraft limit of £2500. I was overdrawn for just a little amount and i was given charges of £35 and £28 for going overdrawn due to a payment of £5 e.g. i bought lunch at world for £5 and same day i bought McDonald £4.43 i would get charged £35x2 and the one of £28. This continued for a whole month until i got back to my main residential house ( mums house) and opened my post to see all the charges being applied. I was silly and immature to not take these charges
  15. Hi, Ive recently had a fraudulent payment from my bank account, the Halifax have said they dont see it as fraudulent and have refered it to there disputes team, as a result its cost me £110 & today they have offered a £40 compensation payment to me, can anybody help me please & also can someone advise how I should proceed. many thanks lee
  16. I have a Rewards account & I am currently struggling with debt, mortgage arrears, repossession & failing IVA due to sickness. My house insurance, mortgage protection, mortgage & current account are all with HALIFAX. My bank are aware of my financial situation & I spoke to the money management team who have placed my account as "CONTROLED" to help with future charges for 6 months. I have cancelled all dd expect the priority ones. I am constantly in my £250 overdraft as have had NO INCOME for the last 4 months due to MY EMPLOYERS SSP finished in Nov13 & am currently
  17. Hi all, I just wondered if you could help me, I recently made an error with paying my mortgage. It was due for payment on the 28th January, but for unforeseen circumstances there was insufficient funds in my bank account and the payment was not made. I was paid on the 31st January, Halifax reapplied for the payment on the 11th February which was accepted. I went onto my credit report this morning and a late payment marker has been added, I'm horrified. I know this was my mistake, but feel I'm going to be penalised for next 6 years, I feel sick. Is there anything I can do? I have now
  18. Hi, A combination of being out of work for a few months last year and moving to take a substantial pay cut means I'm starting to struggle financially and it's got to the point where I'll have to borrow to meet my commitments which obviously isn't really a sensible path for me to go down. At the moment I have around £280 a month left after all my direct debits etc, and I still need to buy food, gas, electricity, clothes etc out of that. I'm currently considering a debt management plan, however the bulk of what I owe is with Halifax so I was wondering what my chances were of negotiatin
  19. hi, i sell on amazon and have been using halifax for years for my amazon payments, on the 3rd october i opened some new online savings accounts putting 1 pound of my own money in them, which i was going to use on for selling on amazon, after which my online access was restricted, i only found out about this yesterday, phoned them got through to the fraud team, which for very rude and unprofessional, intimidating almost, basicly i said i opend couple of onlinne saver as i sell on amazon, the guy said i will never need this many accounts,you could be doing pay day loan frauds with
  20. I banked with Hailfax many years ago and have an overdraft that I'm only ever paying charges on @ £1 per day but apart from that the account is never touched and these charges do not in anyway reduce the balance on the account I have spoken with them over the telephone with zero success about having the account closed so instead of paying fees every month, the £30 goes towards clearing the balance Is this possible and if so how?
  21. summer holidays about to start, expecting children over for the first week of the holidays. vodafone decided yet again to overcharge me this month and bar my phone, nothing new there, however went to shops to get credit for my pay-as-u-go and first time ever my bank card doesn't work, 4 times, so needing money and phone credit to contact the x i go to my bank who i've been with for 15 years plus, and they all know me there, however on inserting my card in the atm for a mini statement the atm grabs my card, i go to the counter and join the proverbial lo
  22. Help needed as i feel very strongly regarding a late payment charge of 12 pounds added to my account which i wish to dispute. I had an outstanding balance of 180 pounds which was due to be payed off by the 8th of July 2013, the goods i purchased was returned for a full refund and my account was credited back on the 20th June 2013. I believed this would put my credit card balance back to nil so no payment was necessary, this appears not to be the case. I am told that a credit refund does not count as a payment so i should of made a payment hence the charges.Does this really count as a late paym
  23. Hi Lost job a while ago, (ill health) and fell behind on loan, bank has sent me a default notice yesterday and part of the notice reads, "You are in breach of that clause as arrears of monthly instalments, costs, expenses and interest amounting to £xxxxx are now due and outstanding. Can they add expenses interest and costs to arrears total. Also they say Outstanding Balance under agreement £xxx Less rebate allowable on future instalments* xxx Total Amount to be paid xxx *We have not taken into account any payment received in the last 10 days. Total Amount to be
  24. We were not informed of the transfer of childrens accounts when Halifax was no longer with Bank of Scotland and the loss of interest which shocked me as I opened the account starting at 10% going down to 6% but when it was transferred without my knowledge it was 1% you can imagine how shocked I was as I was not given the opportunity to move this money elsewhere and I think it should be looked into as to why this happened.
  25. I have read this and other posts on BCOB with interest, as I would like nothing better than to reclaim charges from and sort out reducing my Halifax overdraft. I have read conflicting information about BCOB mostly about if it even covers overdrafts at all, some say these fall under the OFT. I may look at claiming back charges under hardship rules. I would be interested to know if anyone has actually been to court through BCOB and if they have, what the outcome was.
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