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  1. Hi dx100uk cannot, as have no records going that far back
  2. Hi Have been in dispute with tax credits over, overpayment from 2013/14 today received a letters saying we owe money from 2007/8, 2008/2009 and 2009/10. I did read somewhere once that tax credits cannot top up all overpayments and expect you to pay. So question 1) how far back can tax credits go? 2) Can they top all overpayments up. 3) If not can I pay 2007/8 1st, then 2008/9 next etc. Thanks for any feedback
  3. Just received a letter today from Moorcroft, telling me they are now responsible for collection, and payments must be made to them, what can you read into that
  4. Hi dx100uk Was 2009 for £5000, over 5years, will sar, as copy of agreement I have has not been signed by me. Just been searching about and found this page, which seems to state that an OFT letter must be send with a default notice and also that the sums in the notice must be correct, mine are incorrect http://www.watsonssolicitors.co.uk/santander.html also as in this case, I had agreed a payment plan with the Halifax and was never informed about been defaulted, at an earlier stage when then sent me a threatening letter I phoned up and they apologized and paid me £50
  5. Hi renegadeimp Halifax, not sure what arrears are made up off, just copied what said in letter
  6. Hi Lost job a while ago, (ill health) and fell behind on loan, bank has sent me a default notice yesterday and part of the notice reads, "You are in breach of that clause as arrears of monthly instalments, costs, expenses and interest amounting to £xxxxx are now due and outstanding. Can they add expenses interest and costs to arrears total. Also they say Outstanding Balance under agreement £xxx Less rebate allowable on future instalments* xxx Total Amount to be paid xxx *We have not taken into account any payment received in the last 10 days. Total Amount to be
  7. Ok thanks, just thought that they would have to at least contact doctor to finish me on medical grounds.
  8. 1 no idea, never offered anything 2 Yes, but surely they need to contact doctor to get an idea of what I can and can't do.
  9. Hi I'm having to write this post on my mobile, so may not format correctly. Last year dvla took my psv license of me on medical grounds, employer paid my sick pay for six month then finished me. At doctors this morning and found out they have never contacted her. So my question is this, do I have an unfair dismissal case, as besides never contacting my doctor, I was never offered any other position.
  10. Hi Can anyone let me know whether MBNA has broke credit agreement. Last year I opted out of an interest rate rise which froze account so that they could no longer increase my interest rate and I only pay off minimum amount every month. But it seems they have been taking minimum amount + £10 on top, this was never agreed with me. So question is have they broke terms of credit agreement, if so where do i stand. Thanks
  11. Hi BRIGADIER2JCS Yep i told them on the phone and in 2 emails and just finishing off the letter i'm writing before posting. CAM p.s can you explain how they are at liberty to chase if the alleged debt is over 14 years, and the law states that anything over 6 is statue barred.
  12. Hi All Well i just received letter from Ruthbridge, claiming i owed £2300 for a Barclaycard account over 14 years ago and at another address. I just laughed at them down the phone when they said I needed to pay it and they also said they where not breaking the law / OFTs guidelines chasing the alleged debt. I just reported them to the OFT, Trading Standards(Consumer Direct) also emailed Watchdog as they reported on them in 2009 for the same thing and sent an email to Vince cable, try and get them in as much sh*t as possible. Just waiting now to see if they reply with my reque
  13. Hi We have received a letter from HMRC telling us that we need to repay an overpayment in child tax credits. After going through the award letter for 2011/12, i'm completley stumped with their figures. For the past 2 years we have not been entitled to any credits, but they say we owe £90 for an overpayment on this award period. How can we owe £90, when for the last 2 year we have not received anything. I'm appealing against the overpayment as i believe they have supplied either incorrect or misleading information on the award. Has anyone had any dealing with the appeal precedu
  14. Paid last payment, waiting to see what they do on my credit file, will let you know then
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