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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I have just joined. I am a joint executor Non beneficiary, in a family will where the one of the two beneficiaries also executors cannot agree to the price to buy out the other. It has become hostile between them, it is going to court to decide what happens to the house and I am now a party to the claim, as second claimant, siding with the reasonable party for the purpose of getting this protracted matter dealt with. The indemnity form I have been sent by the solicitor of one party states in the last of three paragraphs, the following and I wish to know please if this is a reasonable paragraph that should protect me against costs Now this note witnesses that in consideration of the foregoing the First Claimant agrees to indemnify the Second Claimant in full in respect of the Second Claimants share of any costs order made against the Claimants in the said proceedings for as long as the Second Claimant remains that party to same. I would be most grateful for your comments. Regards
  2. Hello everyone, I could really do with some advice and help on this matter. My current girlfriend has been having a nightmare of a time with her Ex-Boyfriend. To cut a long story short they were together for 7 years, had a joint mortgage and a joint current account with Halifax. Turns out the ex was a gambling addict, he stole money from her, opened credit cards using her information and financially abused her. Eventually she left him. She moved back in with her parents 17 months ago, rang Halifax (her mortgage lender) and told them her new address which they updated on their systems. Halifax refused to take her name off the joint account, even though she was clearly not using it (she has never used it). Meanwhile her ex has been using it as his current account as he is not able to get any more lines of credit due to him defaulting on the mortgage payments. My girlfriend never got statements from them for the mortgage and assumed he was still paying the mortgage (he was still living at their jointly owned property). However, he hadnt been paying and it is now 14k in arrears. When she found this out she rang halifax to discuss her options and they said "Tough tits, you have to pay the arrears". My GF couldnt afford this, as the mortgage payments were £800.00 a month contractually, she couldnt afford this never mind extra to clear the arrears. But they werent interested, they didnt ask her for an I and E form, they didnt give her any support or help or offer any solutions. This is my first problem., the complete lack of empathy and support from the bank The second problem we have only just found out about (my gf went back to her house they are trying to sell to clean it and found the letters from halifax) is that her ex has been requesting indemnity claims on all the direct debits that have ever been paid from the account, getting the refunds and then transferring the money into his own nationwide account. I am fuming, Halifax have never sent my gf a statement to her parents house even though they have her address and she has requested them on numerous occaisions! She had no idea this was going on. Halifax even told her there was no way she could ever get her name taken off the account unless her ex went into the bank and signed for it which was never going to happen. She has been into a branch today and made a complaint, she was told she would have to pay off the £1700 overdraft if she wanted to be taken off the account. Her parents have kindly paid it for her and they have closed down the current account. I work for a bank myself and I am absolutely fuming with Halifax, they have allowed her ex to commit fraud by falsely claiming these direct debits back, surely somebody at that bank has failed to spot these suspicious transactions?! He has claimed thousands of pounds worth of direct debits back from Sky, Abbey, Black horse, General and Legal etc etc etc. The black horse one is the worst, as this wasnt even paid from the Halifax account it was paid from my gfs own nationwide current account in full and he has somehow claimed this back into the halifax account. It was for a sofa in my gf's name! It had nothing to do with him. He must have pretended to be her to be able to do this. I am furious. :-x:-x:-x What if anything can we do about this? He has gained a financial advantage by dishonestly claiming the direct debits were not authorized, surely Halifax should be taking this matter very seriously as their systems and personnel have failed to spot this and stop it. I know that all bank employees have a legal responsibility to report suspicious transactions and failing to do so can lead to fines and sanctions by the regulator. What if he was using these funds to commit criminal activity? or fund terrorist activities? I also find it strange that after she has been into the bank and complained they have suddenly changed their tune and agreed to close the account, is this an admittance of wrongdoing on their part? I really need some support and guidance as I cannot believe my girlfriend should have to pay financially for all of his wrongdoing and deceit. The money from black horse was £1700 and that was my girlfriends money, obviously they are going to want that back. He has literally stolen it from her! sorry for the long post but i am at a loss with what our options are, after 10 years working in the banking industry i have never seen anything like this. Edit: Oh FYI, her ex is a mortgage advisor for another high profile retail bank, and has lots of experience working for a retail bank, he knows how their systems work, he knows what indemnity claims are and how they work, he knew exactly what he was doing. The little ******. Thank you all so much.
  3. Hi I have been obtaining help and assistance from MacMillan Cancer Support due to a recent diagnosis and they have suggested I make 4 DDI claims against some transactions on my Lloyds account dating back to 2010. The amounts and dates differ than from what was agreed but due to my illness I didnt check them. I lodged the claim with Lloyds after being told by one of the customer service assistants that I should have kept a closer eye on my account...to which I replied Oh sorry I was busy having chemotherapy and my mind was elsewhere. So after a week I still havent heard anything so have called them and they have told me that they have written to the companies in question to see if they can get the money back from them first before they give it back to me? Im really confused - I thought the bank would indemnify my loss? Does anyone have any advice or tips of which I can do or say next please to push this matter through a bit quicker? Many thanks for your help
  4. Hi guys, I made an indemnity claim against BT for three payments they took from me in 2010, i had cancelled the service but never knew I could claim it back until now. My question is has anyone ever done this only for the company to contest it and for the bank to take the money back from you? if the company did contest it how long was it before the bank took it back out? Thank you
  5. Hi All, I employed the service of a Solicitors firm and believed I was dealing with a Solicitor however on investigation this was not the case. I have also uncovered a number of false representations by this individual. Today I contact the Solsitiors office and requested proof they have professional indemnity insurance and they have refused my request. Does anyone know if I have a right to see this proof? Thank You
  6. I was wondering if anyone has been asked/required to take out indemnity insurance on a house sale. Apparently, the house has an old convenant, (not pointed out by our solicitors 10 years ago, but too late to do anything about now), that restricts changing the appearance of the property. Our solicitor says that having upvc windows installed constitutes a change of appearance and that I can either apply for retrospective approval from the housing association or take out indemnity insurance. The catch is if I apply to the housing association, it can take X amount of time and may (only may) cost money - but that if I do so I would no longer be eligible for indemnity insurance. Most of the street has had replacement windows. I have tried to find out from the housing association what the process is, but other than saying that asking in advance incurs no cost, (too late for that) they do not reply. Logic would suggest that retrospective permission would also be straightforward and free, but council/housing associations are often not logical. In ten years the covenant has not been enforced, but that does not assuage the fears of the buyer's solicitors. If only our solicitor had been so conscientious. I've only ever taken out insurance for a set period - for my house or car - so how does indemnity insurance work for houses when you just don't know if or when it will ever be claimed against? What kind of premium are people paying?
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