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Found 9 results

  1. HI, I have been using Stepchange to help me pay of several debts amounting to over £5k. I have repeatedly asked Very if they would freeze interest on my account due to the interest being more than the affordable payments. They keep refusing. My question is.. how can I get them to freeze the interest so I am actually paying the debt off? Step change have only said it's their choice, but surely they aren't allowed to cause unnecessary hardship? Thanks for reading.
  2. p2_27_2015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_22f26a3441-e14b1ffb71-76790237
  3. Hello there. I have just been granted a DRO on december 12th. So breathing a sigh of relief on alot of fronts. However I do have a concern that I need to find out about and hoping someone on here can answer! One of my debts included in the DRO is with barclaycard for 2k. I have two bank accounts with barclays..a basic one and a current account with 100 quid overdraft. Will barclays freeze/close my bank accounts? I am in no debt at all with my bank accounts so see no reason why they would but I have read elsewhere they might as they are all under the barclays umbrella. Its a big concern as my disability pension and housing benefit go into my current account and cannot afford for that to be frozen.
  4. I banked with Hailfax many years ago and have an overdraft that I'm only ever paying charges on @ £1 per day but apart from that the account is never touched and these charges do not in anyway reduce the balance on the account I have spoken with them over the telephone with zero success about having the account closed so instead of paying fees every month, the £30 goes towards clearing the balance Is this possible and if so how?
  5. I had a business account with NW and recently sent them a SAR (and £10 cheque) which they received on 16th August now well in excess of their 40 day requirement I have also now sent them the letter before court action, time period also expired without any contact. Wherer do I go from here?
  6. hi, sorry, couldnt find a forum for FLM. but they are known as amigo loans, flm quick, richmond group.. is there any way FLM loans will freeze interest charges? they were told a few weeks ago that there is now financial hardship and they were asked to stop interest so that it would give a realistic opportunity to repay the debt. is there a way to force them to do this?
  7. There was some proposals as to freeze various benefits for the next 2 years, however, from a comment by Cameron we may well actually see a reduction. http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2012/oct/07/david-cameron-mansion-tax-cuts
  8. It's getting close to the SB clock on a number of alleged debts, I've sent 'prove it' letter with no reply they just transfer the 'debt' on and I get a new DCA to play with. I'm well used to the threat'o'grams but I have 2 large amounts (both over 10k) going SB in October and November, both are 'owned' by Lowell. Recently I've had a 'we found you' letter from Fredrickson, I sent a "Well done I was never hiding/prove it" letter, but before this has got there (recorded) I've had another letter, again 'considering' legal action. I'm going to post the 'prove it' letter again but wondered if they were to start legal action it takes a few months to get going and then there is the court date to settle. If they were to start formal legal action but by the time it went to court the SB clock had run out, would they be able to enforce the debt, or is that just bad luck on their part?
  9. Hi all First of all I must make this clear ... I HAVE NO INTENTION OF RUNNING AWAY FROM MY DEBT, EVERY INTENTIONS OF CLEARING IT Maybe a stupid question but I really would like know the answer. I am about to leave the UK with a serious amount of debt but I still intend to clear this debt once I have settled into my new home (outside of the EU and the Americas). This means that for maybe 4 to 6 months that the DMP plan I am on will not receive any payment as I need to settle into my new surroundings. There will be no one in the UK who will know where I have gone. I will have a PO Box number and an agent to collect the mail to scan and send on to me However, my money will still be paid into a UK bank account but within 24 hours be transferred to a new account in my new homeland. Can any creditor freeze my bank account without first taking court action. Also if I am not in the UK how will they serve the papers as the address I had would have been sold and therefore no longer be mine Thanks in advance for any help/info. Anonemous
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