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  1. I was thinking of writing a letter enclosing a cheque for the amount I think I fairly owe and basically stating something along the lines of
  2. Okay Can I obtain a copy of the recorded calls for myself and am I in the right to keep refusing payment until the matter has been addressed correctly?
  3. I have a Vanquis card with a limit of £250 initially taken out with Argos on a buy now pay later thing I missed the first repayment due to errors on their website not allowing card payments to go through they called me, I express on the phone I wished the pay the FULL balance off at the end of the month (November 14) and as a gesture of good will they would cancel the fees to my account, brilliant! I call them to make this payment and but within that time more charges had been added and the original charges were not removed nor had any memo been placed on my account then when I questioned this they hung up I instantly wrote an email of complaint regarding this which was not responded too until about 2 weeks later stating they were investigating the matter but this could take x amount of time during which I must continue to make regular payments and interest will still be added I've recently received a reply from Vanquis saying they've listened to both calls, the second saying their operative was not abrupt and they were unable to tell if the disconnection was caused at my end or not. With regards the first call the operative did state she would waiver the charges if I paid in full but as I didn't make a payment of £61 before my agreed final payment date then this was reversed I was not made aware of any interim payments needing paying before making my final payment and have since refused to make any payments while I'm trying to get to bottom of this as I think I've been unfairly treated My current balance now stands at £371 thats now £121 more than I borrowed. Now I more than happy to pay in full the amount I originally agreed but NO more which they keep refusing saying the account has now defaulted, whatever that means? What can I do next? Do I have any rights regards my original verbal agreement I made on the telephone? Thanks in advance
  4. The £1 per day is their fee for an authorised overdraft within the agreed limit. The account itself is classed as closed and no longer used for any form of banking other paying into to cover any monthly charges
  5. I have an account with Halifax that has an overdraft costing £1 per day. I didn't pay my monthly fees for a few months or so and kept incurring charges upon charges sometimes £100 per time I wrote to them explaining I am more than happy to repay the OD I've used but will not pay any of the charges and interested and would like to set up a fee free repayment plan They finally replied refunding all charges, next months pending charges and a payment via cheque for any hassle caused Now I need to speak with the collections department and try to arrange a fee free plan but have been informed this is unlikely to happen If this is the case then I'm never going to make any progress on clearing my debts as I can't afford both the daily £1 charge as well as a repayment because currently even if I paid £50 into that account every month ONLY £20 of this would come off my balance with the other £30 being swallowed up How can I make them accept my fee free repayment offer?
  6. I banked with Hailfax many years ago and have an overdraft that I'm only ever paying charges on @ £1 per day but apart from that the account is never touched and these charges do not in anyway reduce the balance on the account I have spoken with them over the telephone with zero success about having the account closed so instead of paying fees every month, the £30 goes towards clearing the balance Is this possible and if so how?
  7. The letter hand delivered was on Eon headed paper and stated they had been to the property to collect the sum of around £600 and were now going to obtain a warrant with police backup plus locksmith to enter and fit the meter all at my expense
  8. I've recently been hit with a massive bill from Eon which I was thought was being paid via DD which had failed and I hadn't noticed and admittedly hadn't opened my post so they sent a bailiff who left a very threatening letter explaining all the extra costs I was going to incur when they apply for a warrant to enter my premisses for the fitting of a pre-pay meter I logged onto my online account and it appears I'm not on any kind of tariff or price plan and according to their charts I'm somehow (despite being at work 5 days a week 8am-7pm) using 70% more energy than equivalent customers in a 3 bed semi They are wanting minimum repayments of £200 per month on top of my monthly bill which I can't afford but they wont budge and unless I pay are continuing with the court application for a warrant to enter What can I do? Thanks in advance
  9. Was there supposed to be a link there Lee?
  10. I have a reply.... Who or where would be the most reputable source to buy one?
  11. Hi Locust I am indeed a Vodafone customer and have dealt with Lee in the past with great success email ref #6250637
  12. Email sent subject - 'New Battery WRT135' I'll post reference number as soon as I get it
  13. Hi there and thanks for the responses. Over the Easter weekend we did swap batteries and matched our settings so everything was the same and my phone did indeed last a lot longer than normal and out lasted hers by about 34 hrs so it looks like the problem does indeed lie with the battery and not the handset
  14. I've been in contract for only a few months and I'm lucky if my battery will last a day sometimes and I'm hardly use it, my wife has the same phone and hers last maybe 3 days Am I entitled to a replacement?
  15. Okay, update wife spoke to them on phone (by accident) a couple of weeks ago and explained that her circumstances haven't changed, sort of a fib, but point is even if they were updated they would just chase us for more money which we don't have. Her mum is paying them, payments are up to date but they want her to go to CAB and get an updated financial statement which she cant do as they will just hassle us even more if they know her circumstances have changed. Does she have any rights to withhold her current financial information, as she is still no better off than when she made the payment plan with the CAB in the first place?? She is also 6 months pregnant and housebound due to pelvic pain so cannot get to CAB for financial statement anyway. When they call they use her maiden name, so I presume they do not know she is married, can she stop them harassing her without having to tell them about her change of circumstances, as nothing will be gained by this and will cause both of us more financial and personal anguish? Please help anyone?
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