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  1. Letter from Robbers Way today offering me a 50% discount off the balance. Bless. I think Ill file that one where it belongs.
  2. DX, Slick - Thanks for all you advice on this one. My credit score is healthy again so I'm just going to sit tight and reply with the SB letter if Robbers Way start to get feisty. The BC and Hoist accounts are closed and will drop off my credit reports by December so it seems best just to wait it out. There's nothing much left to do other than send in a donation Thanks, guys. - Essemess
  3. Thanks, dx. It's good to have confirmation. I'd assumed as much having read plenty of posts on the forum. General consensus seemed to be last payment + a month or so for the 6yr clock to start. Should I now write to Barclaycard to have them amend the data held by credit reference agencies? The ones I have looked at have 6 year clock ending November 2017. April 2017 (or May 2017 at the latest) would seem to be more accurate and therefor have this drop off my file? Do I need to respond to Robbers Way to advise them that this debt is now SB'd? I'd like to head off any potential for mi
  4. I've contacted Barclay card via their online SAR form but do have my accounts going back some years...last payment date was March 2011. This is backed up by history on credit score websites (Noddle & Clearscore) Exact date should come in the SAR pack. Documents attached with the usual blur applied. barclaycard-robinsonway.compressed.pdf
  5. Was taken out back in August 2007. Can't believe it's taken them this long but glad about it.
  6. Letter turned up from robbers-way with a "Barclaycard CAS MART Application Retrieval" print out attached. This is (according to the letter) a reconstituted copy of the credit agreement. Apart from my personal details and an initial credit limit, there's nothing much on it. Robbers way want me to get in contact with in 10 days. It's now 6 years and 4 months since the original request to barclaycard for the agreement and my last payment to them. Safe to say now SB'd? Should I keep quiet and not reply to their letter?
  7. Thanks again dx & Slick for the good advice. I should have posted the saga up here ages ago! Hope it helps others.
  8. Thanks for the advice Slick. I was tempted to poke Robbers with a letter giving them grief for still not answering the S78 but will leave it alone. The statute bar should be here and gone now but the actual default wasn't registered until Dec 2011 which is over 9 months after my last payment. I chased this up but received no response from MKDP (the DCA at the time) about the discrepancy. I'll leave it until the end of June then start making demands of Robbers that this thing drops off my file. For now, I'll keep quiet and enjoy the silence Thanks again -
  9. This one may be very quick "discontinued" but.... The brief history is - 03/2011 - Last payment made on account. Wrote Barclays to request true copy of signed agreement 08/2011 - Mercers letters 01/2015 - MKDP letters - Responded during this period with S.78 02/2015 and followed up with 12+2 expired 02/2015 04/2016 - Robbers Way letters - I responded with dispute letter 09/2016 - Cohen letters - Responded with reminder that the S.78 had not been answered and enclosed copies 02/2017 - Queried incorrect default date on credit reference file for Hoist Ex Barclaycard. DCA didn't re
  10. Six long years passed on this one back in May. Not had anything from the Halifax or their attack dogs since April 2015. Can't even remember the last time I had to screen a call from a DCA. I guess it's all over
  11. Statute barred date came and went! Yay! Had a "reduced offer / call us to discuss" letter from CrapQuest back in April and responded to them with account in dispute with MBNA (and had been for almost 6 years at the time of my response!). Finally heard something back - got a letter from MBNA saying that they will not investigate the complaint as it has been "over 6 years since there was any activity on the account" and that this was "their final response". Should I frame that letter from MBNA? They have put it in writing that the account has had no activity for over 6 years. Ca
  12. Almost another year passed and nothing from anyone chasing this one since April of 2015. Just a couple of months and this will be statute barred.
  13. What seems like a yearly event now - another update. Not heard anything new since January of last year, that's 13 months now. The statute barred date rapidly approaches.
  14. A copy and paste from a Which? article If there's a problem with a download and it doesn’t work properly, you should be able to argue that the seller is in breach of contract. For example, if the download fails to work or isn't as the seller described it. In such cases, you should be able to ask the retailer to replace the download. (source - http://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/problem/can-i-get-a-refund-on-a-digital-download)
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