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  1. I have written to Halifax again regarding credit card charges, also mentioning about FCA approved documents and the 31.14 CPR. They are still saying that the information is commercially sensitive, and because, as previously stated, a friend had their case thrown out due to Halifax putting it in their defence, I am now a bit stuck with what to do.
  2. if I proceeded to small claims and they provided this info as a defence, how would I ensure that it doesn't get thrown out? Do I have to ask the court or Halifax regarding 31.14 CPR? It would also be useful info to pass on to my friend, could he get his case looked at by the courts again?
  3. Halifax will not pass on the information as they say it is "commercially sensitive" A friend went down the small claims route to reclaim and they provided the info to the court as a defence, this caused the claim to be thrown out. Sorry for posting on someone elses thread with this.
  4. Yes, but the Halifax won't pass on the information, and I need to know how to stop it getting thrown out of court when they provide it as a defence
  5. Just a note if reclaiming from Halifax/Lloyds Banking Group. They will state in their reply that an independant assesor has shown that it costs more than £12 to deal with overlimits and late payment. They will also submit this as a defence if you take them to court, causing the case to be thrown out. As this information is " commercially sensitive" you will be unable to see it. So it looks like reclaiming will no longer be possible.
  6. With regards to the above, is now no longer relevant as I have switched lanline providers. Unfortunately, Vodafone customer service gets worse every month. Aside from a still ongoing complaint that is now with the Communications Ombudsman, I am having further problems with Vodafone. Around April/May I phoned Voda CS regarding internet settings for my phone (not that they will improve anything) Towards the end of the call I was offered a tablet on special offer, no upforont cost, at around £18/19 per month. I asked if this included the Ipad and was told "yes" I said that I needed time to think about it and I would get back to them. I rang back in July and was told there were no notes about the offer and that it was unlikely that I was offered that price as it was heavily discounted. I explained that a work colleague, also with Vodafone took up the same offer, so it wasn't just me who had been given the offer. The rep said they would listen to the call and get back to me after 72 hours, a week later, no response, I rang back and expained again, the rep apologised and said they would forward it to their manager who would get back to me in 72 hours, again, after a week, no response, so I rang again, and was told an escalation email would be sent and I would hear back either that day (Friday) or Monday. Still no response. I am now quite glad I did not take Vodafone up on their offer as I would hate to be stuck in another two year contract and have to put up with poor customer service and data signal for any longer than I have to. Roll on March so I can leave Vodafone for good.
  7. In the literature issued ny Post Office Telecoms it shows prices to call networks,not prefixes in relation to calling mobiles.
  8. Anyone? My thoughts here are that if I were to proceed I want to make sure I have a good chance of sucess. I won a credit card charges claim through MCOL against Barclaycard after the FOS rejected it. Though Barclaycard said it was to save on costs ;-) The claim for PPI is around £500.
  9. To re-hash an old thread I now have the finances to start the small claims procedure. The problem is, if this ever did get to court it would be a case of my word against theirs. I KNOW that I was told at the point of sale that when the PPI was discussed, the salesman said "It's free, you might as well have it" Also that I was not asked a single question about my work and benefits situation, just given a form to sign. The Ombudsman at the FOS said he could not be sure of my statement of events because Creation gave me all the required literature. I do also KNOW that if I was told the full details at the sale, I would have said straight away, thanks but no thanks I have never took out PPI on any previous loans or cards. Thoughts welcome
  10. Thank you for responding Lee. I have already given the Post Office details of my mobile contract, showing that I pay my bills to Vodafone with a bill and headed Vodafone letter. They say that they have no control over this data as it comes from elsewhere (I need to find out where) I have also been into my local Vodafone store to show my landline bill states 3 Mobile. Vodafone say the process of porting was fully completed. As I said previously, I need to contact someone (OFCOM or the Communications Ombudsman maybe) to find out who is responsible.
  11. Personally I think this is the responsibility of Vodafone as I don't see the Post Office, or any other landline provider for that matter having control over the mobile provider data. I would like to know where this comes from and any other relevant details.
  12. It is odd, because my mobile is being called from my landline, something somewhere is telling the Post Office that I have a 3 Mobile number, is there an organisation (COS?) that would clarify?
  13. I pay Vodafone for my mobile, it started as a SIM only contract purchased via mobiles.co.uk Vodafone say that the porting of the number has been fully completed.
  14. Here's an interesting one that someone will hopefully have the right answer to. I have a Post Office landline and on my itemised bill I noticed that my own personal mobile number (Vodafone) was showing as 3 Mobile, even though I ported my number from them (3) over two years ago. The problem is that it costs more to call a 3 Mobile than a Vodafone mobile with the Post Office. I informed both Post Office and Vodafone with proof but they said it was the others responsobility. Can anyone give a definitive answer on this? Thanks
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