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Found 15 results

  1. Posting on behalf of my partner who has experienced an issue with unauthorised transactions on her HSBC current account. Between the 10th November and the 13th several transactions were made at a local coop supermarket to buy goods and get cashback as well as one ATM withdrawal of £130. Upon discovering the transactions had been made my partner immediately contacted HSBC and reported the card as stolen and went through their fraud process aswell as reporting the theft to both Action Fraud and our local police. Now, I was under the impression that the FCA guidelines stated that
  2. Is it illegal to pay people using the GetCash service? Say they can't do bank transfers, or just for transactions in general? I recently got a call from the fraud department after carrying out a transaction with GetCash, but they just wanted me to confirm some recent transactions, specifically asking about the GetCash ATM transaction twice where i lied and said it was me. I think flags were raised because it was in a location far from me though. All was fine after and they unlocked my account, didn't specify why they called though. Anyone have any information on this subject? Can
  3. Initially i was excited about having a new bank on the high street. They market themselves as different to the others and I fell for it. Now i'm stuck in a situation that's really running me down mentally. On Tuesday, I noticed that there were a number of transactions leaving my account for a gambling site I hold an account with that I didn't authorise. I spoke to their live chat who locked my account and asked me to report the transactions to the police and my bank as it was believed to have been hacked. I report the transactions to Metro Bank as soon as i could an
  4. Hello, I am after some advise please to help with my defence as to whether I can seek and obtain copies of any transactions relating to my load account with Lloyds prior to the sale to Cabot and if whether the sell price can be admissible in the balance I should be paying to Cabot as opposed to what they've put claim in for. Recently been served with a CCJ for defaulting on installment repayment for an unsecured loan I obtained from Lloyds TSB in 1994. The agreement of sale points to this taking place in Oct of 2012. I need advise also on how and if I qualify for PPI , as this
  5. Hi Everyone. I am a relatively new customer with Halifax and noticed some transactions on my account that i didn't recognize from WHO internet (William Hill) these transactions totaled to 457 pounds there was also a credit on my account from WHO internet for 400 pounds around the same day these transactions took place. I contacted the disputes team and they refunded the 457 pounds straight away, however at the same time they also deducted 400 from my account in order to reverse the initial 400 credit. So i ended up getting a total credit of 57 pounds. Fast forwar
  6. Hi guys. I am a beginner writer, just about starting my second book and obviously, these days you need to work everything out to the smallest detail, else people will say it's all a BS. The main character is a contract killer and is only taking contracts from the internet. Main character cares a lot about his identity to remain completely confidential, and so his customers do as well. Customers can obviously use internet cafes to place an 'order' for his services. That covers them, to a certain degree. Now the money part, how can one send money directly to someone's bank account wit
  7. Good Evening Wise Ones, I just wanted to tell someone about my issues that I am having with PayPal and Unauthorised Transactions on my account over the last few months. It all started when I woke up one morning to find funds had been taken from my bank account and PayPal account from a Gambling Company. To cut a long story short with lots of emails back and forth with PayPal they agreed to refund the charges. I was a bit in shock after all the stories that I have heard about the PayPal. But when checking my bank and PayPal account, only some o
  8. HSBC is to abolish what it said was its "most complained about" banking fee – the £25 charge it makes for bouncing a direct debit or cheque. The change, which will also apply to customers of its First Direct subsidiary, comes into force on 24 November and will affect nine million account holders. A £25 fee will still be applied if HSBC agrees to pay a bill, such as a direct debit to the gas or electricity company, that takes the customer beyond their agreed overdraft limit; the fee that is being axed is the £25 for returning an item such as a direct debit or cheque unpaid
  9. Hello. I am new here and didnt know where else to ask to be quite honest. I have made a right mess of managing my bank account and need some advice. Back in August, I began saving money every week for my electric/gas bill which was due on the 1st September. I get charged quarterly and it is usually around £250. The £253.17 that the bill actually was was in my bank on time (to my knowledge). Now here is where it gets a bit tricky. I checked my bank a few days after the bill was due and sure enough, the balance was about £20, which meant the bill had been
  10. I don't know what to make of this or if I'm being a bit paranoid but this has been happening to me quite often. I have a overdraft of £600 and most months I get near to it. About 3 times this year I have looged into my bank account and checked my balance e.g £10, I have then spent £7 on a Maestro transaction. Then a couple of days later, when I check my account I am overdrawn due to another transaction that I made a week earlier has come off. Some may say it's my fault for not checking that my transactions are off the balance but I just find it strange that the transactions only get
  11. Hi, I wonder if any of you may be able to give me any constructive advice. Last week I discovered 7 transactions from my debit card over £1000 worth, that I knew nothing about or authorised. These were all chip and pin. The bank are now saying that it was my card and the correct pin used so they are not responsible. The situation is I did not make the transactions, my card and myself were 80 miles away at the time, but cannot get the bank to do anything. They emptied my account and am now in serious financial trouble They have referred me to Financial Ombuds
  12. hello, quick bit of advice. Some old creditor has somehow managed to access my bank account over the weekend and emptied it, whilst I was away. any debit card debit details they held were only on the understanding of being for "ID verification" not repayment, and I have had several new cards since then. However, Natwest are telling me that it is their "policy" that loan companies pretty much have open access to your account if you have ever dealt with them, ie, Natwest will refuse to honour the reverse unauthorised payments Visa debit card scheme if the person emptying your acco
  13. Hi, hope you can help. On the 18th Dec last year I disputed around 13 CC transactions. The card issuer said they would look into the matter. On Jan 4th, 15th and 20th I chased the card issuer via Email to find out what was happening and they said they had been unable to talk or communicate with to the merchant. Then on the 23rd I received a letter saying due to the fact the transactions were PIN verified we do not believe these were fraudulent. They then said "if you can tell us how you believe these transactions were made please reply. If you do not reply wi
  14. Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/saving/article-2198401/Lloyds-TSB-business-customers-incorrectly-charged-years.html#ixzz25iQ94XW5
  15. I recently took out a payday loan with WDA but unfortunately due to me becoming unemployed, I was unable to repay the full balance on the due date which was 25/07. I emailed them on 23/07 explaining I was having financial difficulties, I would not be able to pay them anything on the due date but did want to come to an arrangement to pay. I specifically asked them not to take the funds from my card, as there would be insufficient funds in my account I recieved a response asking for the circumstances of my unemployment, which I replied to, they've asked for some proof, like a P45, which I s
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