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  1. Hi everyone. Friday, the 17th my Nokia's screen, or at least a part of it stopped responding, and problem was that it was in the most strategic place, just about at near bottom of it where all the 'OK' and 'NEXT' buttons are. I rang Virgin Mobile from another unlocked phone and discussed it's repair as it was still under the warranty. Just because of the nature of the fault I was unable to do any kind of backup, I was then assured by technical team that a note has been made of the system that I requested not to have any kind of reset. A lad I spoke to als
  2. Hi guys. I am a beginner writer, just about starting my second book and obviously, these days you need to work everything out to the smallest detail, else people will say it's all a BS. The main character is a contract killer and is only taking contracts from the internet. Main character cares a lot about his identity to remain completely confidential, and so his customers do as well. Customers can obviously use internet cafes to place an 'order' for his services. That covers them, to a certain degree. Now the money part, how can one send money directly to someone's bank account wit
  3. Good evening everyone. Nearly six months ago my Jaguar X-Type 03' has been involved in an accident with a HGV. No one was present in my car at this time, lorry was reversing and third party insurer accepted liability. Seems like a fairly easy case. I had a lot of bad experiences with insurance repairs as very often they do fairly good work with visual and cosmetic damages, but when it comes to more advanced / mechanical repairs it becomes a struggle. My insurer, Allianz, sent my car to the first garage who fixed rear driver's side wheel, mudguard and rear driv
  4. Wow. 200 views and no replies. It seems it's complicated as hell. I tried to get some interest from no win-no fee solicitors. Let's have a look if any will come back to me.
  5. I shall start from the very beginning. Last November I took contract SIM for 12 months that I was quite likely to need in the meantime. Cheapest package and I actually never had a chance to use it. That's actually quite irrelevant. I am not a big fan of Direct Debits so in March/April I contacted Orange Customer Services asking if it's possible to make payments every three months in cash in one of their branches. Lady on the phone told me it's absolutely fine because it's a cheapest package (tenner a month) and I don't actually use my mobile (only about 10 mins and 10 texts used over 12 months
  6. I don't really fancy showing my ID just because they're bailiffs. I'd rather get them to get the police and only show my ID to the police just to non-verbally show them what I think of them.
  7. What happens. Me and my brother are from Belarus, I have recently joined him overhere to study. He went back home, to start new employment. Yesterday I had a visit from Bristow and Sutor saying there is an outstanding council tax. He does not live here anymore, can they take my stuff? Housing association and local council is aware that he went back home, but apparently he does not pay the agreed rates.
  8. What about the fact that we have no tenancy agreement with that bloke and our names are similar to his?
  9. Okay, here we go. Situation as follows, I am renting a bedroom with my brother from some latvian bloke, he's first name happens to be our surnames. He barely sleeps here at the property, he does have another place where he live out there somewhere. I just had a visit from Bristow and Sutor blokes saying, they can take MY goods ( my name nor my brother's is not listed on ANY documents ) because we live here, and he does not pay council tax. Can they really take whatever they like just because we're at the property which has outstanding council tax balance?
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