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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, We have a joint judgement against a builder and his ltd company (company A). He took the money, disappeared, due his commitment with the Army as he claimed and never got back. He did not defend the claim, and has since tried to enter into IVA, as he acquired a large amount of debt in the course of last year. It seems he hasn't been paying any of the suppliers or providers of services. He says in his IVA proposal that he is planning to close his ltd company and now working a a sole trader. We know that he has since registered another company (company B) on his father's name and we believe that he bought expensive machinery (i.e. digger and dumper). We rejected his IVA proposal, as the information provided was incorrect and it did not seem to guarantee any future payments. We would like to get a court order for questioning, but think that he will just come up with his current bank statements showing 0 balances. He doesn't have anything registered on his name either. Can we ask the court to demand historic statements from his accounts to see where the money that we paid disappeared, so we can possibly connect it to the newly established company? Can we ask to see registration details of the other vehicles in the household and see what name they are registered in? And also ask for prove of purchase by other family members? Also, if he claimed to be away with the Army, can we ask for proof of termination of employment? What we would like to see really, is not so much his current state of affairs, but what was going on for the last year when he acquired these large debts, i.e. we particularly wanted to see how he spent the money that we paid him and also try establish if there are any newly acquired assets in his father or other family member and how they paid for it. I have prepared a list of questions. Would it be OK to post them here for advice? Also, I have come across a thread on some forum, where they say that the debtor still showed up in court without any documents and the court has accepted his words. Is this really possible? Can the court refuse you to attend the questioning if you ask for it? Can I record the questioning session? We have reported this for fraud investigation, but it is taking ages and nobody seems to be doing anything with it. Many thanks for your help
  2. Hi, I opened a credit card account with vanquis in September 2005 and stopped paying them around early 2008 as they were hammering me with charges and i'd pay them what they asked for and the next month there'd be another charge. Obviously they must have defaulted the account and sold it on to lowell. I've only recently been checking my credit file and noticed that the default date for the account is september 2013. The cynic In me feels that lowell.s may have done a bit of sleight of hand with the default date as I doubt vanquis would have waited over 5 years to put the account in default. I no longer have the account details for this, so is there a way I can Sar them without the account number and will this reveal the correct default date or would I need to request that seperately?
  3. hi guys, so i have the name, mobile number, email address and bank details of the professional that i hired, unfortunately they never gave me an invoice and i never gained their address. The job they did was below standard and they even damaged our property for me to be able to take action against them i need their address, so since i know you need to obtain a court order for the bank to release the address, what form do i need for this to happen.
  4. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help. I'm currently applying to rent a house and a credit check has brought up two CCJ's one I knew about that was paid off via an attachment of earnings 2 years ago and another I have no knowledge (it doesn't even show up on my Experian or a CCJ check I paid for). from talking to the court and doing some digging I can see its to a company that are now defunct (dissolved as of September 2015 according to Companies House). The letting agent are refusing to proceed until it's cleared (if it isn't already) and I produce a satisfied statement. I'm just not sure how I do this if the company no longer exist, any advice? Thanks.
  5. Hi Guys I originally joined CAG about seven years ago to seek advice after being sued for a personal injuries claim. Judgement was made by default - court papers being sent to a previous address by recorded delivery and not received by me, so I was unable to defend myself in court. My subsequent application to set aside was dismissed. Quantum hearing was heard in August 2009. An oral examination was also conducted as to my means. It was evident that I was not in a position to pay and I offered £1.00/month. This was considered "unacceptable" by the Judgement Creditor and I have never been advised the amount that would be acceptable. I have only made payments totalling £6.00 in the early days after the case ... I have never received any correspondence relating to this case from the Judgement Creditor's legal team and no payment enforcement has ever been attempted. This morning I was handed a summons to appear at court for another oral examination later this month. I have no assets, am self-employed, in receipt of WTC, HB and CTR -- my weekly income is considerably less than the £72.40 the law states I need to live on each week. I'm sure the oral examination is just a formality really .. but if anyone could offer any sound advice, I'd appreciate it. Best wishes Imp
  6. Hello, I am after some advise please to help with my defence as to whether I can seek and obtain copies of any transactions relating to my load account with Lloyds prior to the sale to Cabot and if whether the sell price can be admissible in the balance I should be paying to Cabot as opposed to what they've put claim in for. Recently been served with a CCJ for defaulting on installment repayment for an unsecured loan I obtained from Lloyds TSB in 1994. The agreement of sale points to this taking place in Oct of 2012. I need advise also on how and if I qualify for PPI , as this can perhaps be what I can repay the outstanding amount owed. The loan was unsecured.
  7. Hi In the last few days I've received a County Court Claim Form from a company called 1ST Credit (Finance) Ltd of Reigate which states my HSBC Gold Visa card debt was assigned to them last September. As I have now less than 14 days to respond unless defending the claim, is it worth opting to defend the claim and requesting a CCA from them to see if I can have the claim refused by the court? Or do I just have to accept a CCJ? Thanks in advice for any advice, Terry
  8. Hi Have received a letter from Red claiming they are in the process of obtaining my employment details, and that once they have them they will decide on further action. Do these DCA's have the right (or means) to obtain my employment details? I am not working at the moment so they aren't going to find anything, but how would they be privy to that information anyway?
  9. Hi, this is my first post, not sure if I'm posting in the right section? I had cavity wall insulation done on my house in April 2011, after signing up following a cold call at my door from a very persuasive salesman (I know, mistake no.1). The work was completed ok so far as I know, but since then I have been unable to get any paperwork or the promised 25 year guarantee from the installers. The company is registered with CIGA as an approved installer. I have contacted the company on numerous occasions, to be told that my property will be included in the next batch of applications to CIGA, or will be fast tracked, or the guarantee has already been applied for. Subsequent calls to CIGA show no record of any such application having been made. The last communication I have from the company is a letter from December 2011 apologising for the oversight in not applying for it. Now when I ring the phone just goes to voicemail and emails remain unanswered. CIGA say they cannot help me. I want to put my property on the market, and obviously without a guarantee there is no proof the work has been done. Can anyone suggest what I should do next please? Many thanks.
  10. http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/14160/online-news/crook-hid-criminal-past-to-get-consumer-credit-licence
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