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  1. Initially i was excited about having a new bank on the high street. They market themselves as different to the others and I fell for it. Now i'm stuck in a situation that's really running me down mentally. On Tuesday, I noticed that there were a number of transactions leaving my account for a gambling site I hold an account with that I didn't authorise. I spoke to their live chat who locked my account and asked me to report the transactions to the police and my bank as it was believed to have been hacked. I report the transactions to Metro Bank as soon as i could an
  2. Ignoring it is the worst thing you can do. Have a chat with them and see if you can sort out a payment plan before you get into late payments which will make them less inclined to help you out. They have been pretty fair to me in the past so i don't see why they shouldn't be fair to you.
  3. Hi CAGgers I recently upgraded my contract on o2 with Dial a Phone to a 24 Month Blackberry package. Now o2 state i was due an upgrade on their online system so i went looking for the best deal which i found on dial-a-phones website I did the upgrade and received the phone with all the new contract details and cash-back stuff but then i got an email stating that the upgrade had not gone through and are asking me to send the phone back. Are they allowed to do this, and if i don't send the phone back what would the consequence be? Any help would be super
  4. Hi there First time poster. Long time consumer activist Recently i had virgin install their lovely services in my new house. We have been having many problems with the broadband service since installation and have had 4 technicians come out. we where paying for XL and where getting less than 1mbps speeds according to 3 speed test websites before the technicians came out and intermittent 8 - 15mbps connections after they came. Thing is i am an ex technician for a broadband company and know that cable should only differ 3 mbps from the top cap in extreme conditions and so i d
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