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  1. Thanks all I think the supplement is basically the full payment. I can’t believe their behaviour. Literally turned nasty. Wife is in bits. The way and language they are demanding the full payment makes loan sharks look passive! As said I was going to pay it all as a goodwill and “hey we’re friends” but the way they are demanding makes me think that they can just go and cancel the hotel and rebook for a budget they can afford without my wife. I just wasn’t sure if there is any “loss” since they can cancel the hotel.
  2. Hi All Unsure if you can help and if this is the right section, but any advice appreciated. I have seen similar posts when I googled but not one exactly like it. My wife agreed to go on holiday with 3 friends (a family) staying in 2 rooms but cannot make it. She has agreed to pay them for the flight which is non refundable but the hotel is refundable up to the night before the stay. It’s around £460 pp for 5 days. My wife cancelling means the other single will have to pay a room supplement at that hotel. They have 3 weeks before they were due to go. As soon as my wife told her
  3. Thanks. I don’t think there is much we can do. It’s actually a Common [problem]. I checked on line. Basically fraudsters look for builders Emails and know they’re not that tech savvy and payments is pretty basic. They then monitor the comms on that email and then jump in with a spoofed email half way through so you think you’re talking to the same person when it’s not.
  4. Hi All Really appreciate your help on this. I have googled and I don't think there is anything we can do, but thought I'd check here. My mother had a quote for £2700 for some building work. She Emailed the builder and he set a date to start work. She had a reply saying it was confirmed etc. They sent numerous communications. Then she had a reply from the builder on a fake Email address that looked just like his asking for £900 payment to secure the date. She checked his references etc and it all seemed okay. 2 weeks later the builder called her asking fo
  5. Okay, thanks. I've just been quickly reading up and from what I can see I can only claim the charges and not the overdraft fee (due to the 2009 case)? If I went back 10yrs and could charge for the arranged fees then I'd definitely have a lot. I was always overdrawn by the end of the month. I'll SAR this week. I run through the SAR and basically pull out all of the charges and interest fee lines and add them up?
  6. Thanks all. Seems unanimous! I have SAR'd the bank in the past and claimed back agains the CC. I didn't realise I could reclaim fees and interest on the OD. I'll google that. There will be a lot I lived in an agreed £5k overdraft for 3-5yrs. That would have been several hundreds per year. I think it used to be £1 a day up to £1500 and £3 over £1500. Something like that. Should I SAR now or ignore it and then SAR if they try to take me to court? I assume if they attempt court I could then go and SAR and calculate the fees? Thanks D
  7. Hi All Lowells have just offered me 50% off a £5k debt on an overdraft from 5yrs ago. I have a letter and also on their system it shows the 50%. I can pay either in full or in part by Direct debit. Are overdrafts harder to defend due to not needing a CCA? Or os the opposite true and it's harder for them to go to court with? They say this won't remove the full debt from my file. This is what they say: Note: If this account is on your credit file and you opt to pay the 'Discounted Balance' your credit file will be updated to show as 'Partially Satisfied' o
  8. Spoke to soon! They replied yesterday and sent me a large pack (although not as large I, I would expect for 17yrs worth). I am working my way through, but it seems just a series of financial statements. Is this normal and what they should have sent i.e. no context? From what I can see it is my employer, my tax code, then statement. Repeat for each employer and year. Nothing saying about how they got the total amount. Nothing I can see explaining about the initial £5k CCJ. Just a statement saying I owed it. Any key areas I should look for now and next steps? Thanks D
  9. Hi All Quick update. They still haven’t responded to the SAR, but have chased payment for a £100 fine for late payment of single year that is in dispute. Should I remind them on the SAR? I have called and sent past letters stating I was waiting for the SAR and getting advice. They told me my account was on hold on the phone. Thanks D
  10. If I did it again and had more time I would try to ask for the Tomlin on a much reduced overall amount before we got to court (assuming they had all the info that meant I would likely lose in court). In my case because the DCA had already paid for the solicitor to attend and they had all the info they needed by this point so they were less flexible with me. I had tried to ask for 50% total and they did go and check if acceptable so this probably wasn't out of the realm of possibility if done earlier. Unsure if other more experienced people agree with this approach.
  11. Yes. Mine was a bit dodgy from the debt collector and the judge didn't like their behaviour and since the judge has to agree the order she broke the session to get more answers from the DC before agreeing to it. On the letter that was backdated (that I received last week) the DC suggested to pay the whole amount or a Tomlin. I called the DC the day before the trial to discuss options, but they basically said "pay in full is the only option or you can ask the judge for a Tomlin". Then on the day of trial I called again and the DC added £210 for the solicitor and again said "pay in full".
  12. My problem was that my defence relied on them having not responded to my CCA or with the info I would have required to reasonably accept that I owed the debt and for that amount (and is legally required under CCA). They supplied the info I was saying I didn’t have in my defence at last minute. This meant I either went infront of the judge and argued they acted unreasonably but in reality they had the info they needed to probably get the CCJ. With the Tomlin I keep the CCJ off my record, they can’t just change terms on me and it’s a very affordable rate.
  13. Thanks Andy, yeah manageable, I don't have to worry about them changing terms on me and I learnt a lot. Especially when the judge and solicitor were going at each other quoting parts of CCA, CPR and SAR/Data legislation. I'm sure they'll be a next time... Thanks to everyone for the responses.
  14. Over. Accepted a Tomlin order. Judge was not impressed they were so late with returning data, but pretty much alluded she would have had to award CCJ.
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