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  1. Just been in to a Cooperative branch. Apparently, they can't cancel my card and even if they did, they said that WDA would still be able to take money as it would default from the old card and transact it from the new one. Really? So what if I have my card stolen by someone who has access to my pin number, are they trying to tell me they would forever be able to debit money from my account? I don't think so. I've now no choice to call them in a few hours and LIE by saying my card has been lost / possibly stolen. Unbelievable.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I've not got as far as setting up a repayment plan yet. I think the total balance is £781. They've certainly breached their terms and conditions, no company should be allowed to go trigger happy with a card machine. I work in insurance and if someone can't afford to pay their policy in one go - I don't just TRY and take the money anyway without their permission. More needs to be done about this to protect people.
  3. I recently took out a payday loan with WDA but unfortunately due to me becoming unemployed, I was unable to repay the full balance on the due date which was 25/07. I emailed them on 23/07 explaining I was having financial difficulties, I would not be able to pay them anything on the due date but did want to come to an arrangement to pay. I specifically asked them not to take the funds from my card, as there would be insufficient funds in my account I recieved a response asking for the circumstances of my unemployment, which I replied to, they've asked for some proof, like a P45, which I s
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