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  1. Hi all, Have just over £10,000 negative balance on paypal. I have or had a gambling issue where it got out of control. I haven't touched any online accounts in just over two weeks. I can put in my paypal account roughly £500 per month. Should I contact paypal and set up a repayment plan. I received the following e-mail this morning. It's very important that you address the balance on your account today to ensure continued availability of your paypal account and to avoid additional collection efforts. Appreciate all your help.
  2. Hello all, apologies if this is repeating other posters, but just needed some reassurance or additional advice: I was [email protected] via an Ebay/Paypal seller. I sold a bike to a buyer, the payment was requested as bank transfer, however the buyer suggested using PayPal and all I needed to provide was my email for him/her to deposit the money to my PayPal account. The money was deposited, the bike collected (I didn't ask for a collection receipt as it wasn't a courier I had arranged). I removed the money from my PayPal account, and thought everything was good. Two days later, PayPal indicate that the the person who deposited the money didn't receive the bike and the money will be paid back. Now I am missing a bike and my PayPal account is negative £900. I argued strongly with PayPal, explaining the details of my case, supplied the CRN, all conversations with the buyer, etc, but with absolutely no joy. I haven't had any formal communication from PayPal about paying the debt, however, this week I started receiving communications from Westcot (2per day at present). Their number is blocked and I am making a log of their calls. My question is, how do I know if PayPal have sold my debt, or have they just instructed to recover it on their behalf? If they have sold the debt, am I legally obliged to pay it back? In my eyes I don't have a debt and it was PayPal's decision to give the money back from the process of an obvious [problem]. I am quite happy to go to court as I believe PayPal are assisting and allowing fraudulent transactions to take place. It is apparent their security is flawed, and I would love to fight this, I'm just concerned that if PayPal sold the debt that they created then I am tied in to paying Westcot which clearly I don't want to do. Any advice on this would be very much appreciated. Clearly I haven't disclosed all details as its quite complex, but nonetheless I have been the victim of a this and PayPal facilitated this. Regards.
  3. Hi, I will try and explain the scenario that took place between my wife and PayPal as best I can. One morning, my wife was contacted via Facebook messenger by who she believed to be a colleague at her workplace. This was before Christmas and the colleague explained that her PayPal account had restrictions on it and asked if my wife could accept money into her PayPal account for items the colleague had sold to help with the cost of Christmas. Being the ever pleasing colleague she agreed. After the money appeared in my wife's PayPal account, she was instructed to then withdraw to her own bank account and then transfer the money to another bank account provided by the work colleague. This was all completed without any issues. She arrived at her work that morning to be told by her colleague that there was never any request to move money by her and that her Facebook account was hacked. There were two payments made in to my wife's account, both approximately £490 pounds. All money had passed through so we though it was very strange, maybe laundering, but just moved on as our own money wasn't at risk. A few days later however the second payment of £490 was declined, leaving my wife £490 down. We didn't really understand what happened but we assumed the account from which the funds were sent was either hacked as well or they were dodgy too. We contacted our bank to find out where the final destination of these funds went, and to log a case of fraud, but it was a German, online bank and they have yet to enter successfully into dialogue with our bank, so nothing is progressing. And we don't expect it to get anywhere. We now have the PayPal debt collection agency chasing her which we are not happy about. We are also not happy about the fact that no one at PayPal, the bank or any of the other fraud organisations is willing to look into the case in any more detail, despite this transpiring to be quite a common [problem]. Should we stick to our guns regarding this or will that be futile? Do Westcot and/or PayPal take these kind of things to court? Will this effect my wife's credit? I would also like to point out that all conversations that took place on Facebook etc have been recorded and ready to be shown to anyone who needs to see them.... Thanks in advance. James
  4. Hello all, My sister in law received what she thought was a message from her friend asking her to accept some money from her Paypal account and transfer it down into her bank then transfer it to her friend’s bank. She received two payments from two different sources, downloaded £500 and duly transferred it to her “friend’s” bank account. Turned out that the message she received was from a fraudster and the money she received was from two hacked PayPal accounts and the bank account she sent the money to was not her friend’s account. I know she should have questioned why her friend did not download the money herself, she should also have questioned why the money came from two unknown paypal accounts and maybe also double checked where she was sending it. All good things to have done but she is a busy working mum and acted in good faith and was victim to a fairly smart fraud. Paypal is now wanting the money back and has set Debt Collectors onto her. Has she got any defence against Paypal?
  5. Hi, I have an ebay and paypal account which are both blocked and can no longer be unblocked. I have requested for both accounts to be deactivated and my details removed as i can still login to both accounts. Both ebay and paypal have stated they cannot remove my details or deactivate the accounts, but the accounts are blocked and i cannot use them. I was just looking to see if anyone has any advice for me in regards to whether the above is correct from ebay and paypal?
  6. "See you in court" were among my last words during the most recent conversation with the eBay call centre in April 2011. Way back on the 17th of February 2011 I ordered a Macbook Pro which cost £570 from an eBay user who was later removed from their system for being a suspicious seller. The seller received five negative feedbacks in two weeks for attempting to con other eBay members. On the 22nd of February I received a very poorly drafted letter from the seller stating I will not receive the Macbook Pro, and the seller advised me to open an “item not received” case with eBay. The seller tracked this letter through Royal Mail and provided the tracking number to eBay to suggest the Macbook Pro had been delivered, when in fact the tracking number corresponds to the letter and not the Macbook. Having spent nearly ten thousand pounds on eBay in January and February of 2011, as well as being the director of an online consumer electronics store, I was well aware that this letter seemed very suspicious and I did not open an “item not received” case as this would have won in the sellers favour by default. I immediately contacted the UK police and reported this matter to them, who responded with a crime reference number. Shortly after contacting the police, I reported the matter to eBay on the telephone and an “item not as described” case was opened. At this stage, I was assured that I was covered by eBay buyer Protection and I would get my money back. To cut a long story short, eBay decided to close the case in the seller’s favour, despite having removed the suspicious seller from their system. They obviously did not take into account my 100% positive account with over 400 feedbacks on high value items. After appealing the case and contacting the customer service department numerous times, I was continually faced with “we need a police report from your local police station” before they refund my money and if I do not produce this within 3 days, my case will be closed permanently. Having already contacted the police, I was happy to attend my local police station with all the evidence, but was disappointed to find that as part of police policy, they would not write a letter or produce a police report for what is a ‘civil’ matter. The only documentation they could possibly provide was a print out of the police reference which takes 40+ days and wasn’t really what eBay requested. The police informed me that the CAD reference they provided should be sufficient for a reputable business to check the details and in fact EBay were requesting something I could not possibly obtain which is a matter for trading standards. The case was closed by eBay and it became apparent that I was getting further and further away from claiming my money back. As a last attempt, on the 13th of April 2011 I decided to write a letter to both the Dublin and Richmond offices explaining the situation. Needless to say, I received no reply. EBay now have £570 of my money and are effectively refusing to give it back. I am not quite sure how they can get away with doing this. On Tuesday the 3rd of May, nearly three months after ordering the Macbook, I submitted a Money Claim Online through the HM Courts and Tribunals Service using the Richmond EBay address. After researching online, I anticipate that eBay will most probably ignore the court papers. Ultimately this means I would ‘win’ over the next 14 days by default judgement. I understand that eBay will then receive a letter from the court stating that they have lost. They will most likely respond to this by claiming not to have received any paperwork from the court and the default judgement will be set aside. A court hearing date will most likely be set in my local court where I will be given the opportunity to show the clear evidence. I will update the forum when I have any further details.
  7. Hi, I would like to ask you more about the PayPal debt. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?476376-Paypal-Big-negative-balance&p=5155264 Does any of you have any experience? I gambled all money away in 3 casino sessions... . having excellent credit score and mortgage. Now my PayPal is in minus £4k and I have already 3 other loans from my direct bank account and cannot afford to pay this. didn't know they charge from bank transfer where was nothing and few days after transactions got into negative balance... .no idea what to do now.. . Do they put you any negative score on your credit ? What is the process? I cannot have PayPal trying to pull money of my bank when payments arrive as I have other bills to cover... I would really appreciate a response
  8. Please Help and give some advice I have over £7,000£ negative balance on my Paypal account - I can only say its my fault and I have to blame only myself but i want to pay off everything as soon as I can I had a call today from Paypal asking to pay this otherwise they will pass it to Debt collection, they gave me 7 days from today to pay as much as I can but what after ?? Did someone had simillar expeience ? What happenes after 7 days ? I asked to give me 8 weeks to pay it off but she didnt want to lissen Please advise, looks like they dont want any aggrements, I have to add that this debt its not old, week only
  9. I did something stupid, something that I have told my kids over and over again not to do, but I clicked on a Facebook link, to a Chinese shop called Sweet Offerz, advertising the Lego Hogwarts Castle, for half price. I paid using PayPal, but not logged into my account at the time, as I couldn't remember my password, and used a credit card for extra protection. As soon as I had made payment, I regretted it, and thought it was a [problem], so I immediately phoned both PayPal and my credit card company to see if I could stop payment, and explained that I thought it was a [problem], but neither would do it, and said I could raise a claim if the item wasn't received in 30 days. What arrived through the post was a box full of cheap, bad quality plastic bricks, not Lego and instruction books to make a "magic world castle" not a Hogwarts castle as advertised. I thought, I'll just claim my money back through PayPal as what I was sent was clearly no what was advertised, and I thought PayPal would accept this and that would be that. However PayPal have ruled the claim against me and I am not getting a refund, as the company sent proof of the item being posted and delivered, which wasn't the basis of my claim, but they won't budge. I have contacted Sweet Offerz, through their email address supplied by PayPal but they have ignored all my messages, I have asked for a refund, and to return the item but they don't reply. Also I can't log in to the account I created when buying the item, and their site does not recognise my email address when I try to recover my account details, the same email address they sent shipping details to. I should have known PayPal wouldn't be bothered to help, they never do, but is there anywhere else I can take my claim.
  10. Good afternoon... I have an issue with PayPal . I have been frauded online and I've been left with a 7000 pounds negative balance I can't pay.. story is as follows. .. I met someone on a website called people per hour.. who wanted someone to help them sell items on eBay whilst I'll earn commission... I did this for 2 items and sold them to 2 buyers who then paid me via PayPal.. I then stupidly paid the money into my bank account and transferred it to the actual seller who then decided to go missing and not send the product to the buyer... Leaving me in the lurch.. the 2 buyers were luckily refunded but now PayPal are asking for thier money back.. . And have threatened collection agencies.. . I've informed the police and both eBay and PayPal but to no avail... What do I do here?? It was a genuine mistake by me and iv been defrauded... I'm not paying PayPal one penny... I even have emails to prove my innocence as the original actual seller has contacted me loads via email.. . Will the collections people just send me letters or will they actually turn up??? Will it just go away or is my credit score in jeopardy?? Help.... I am law abiding military man who feels awful I got involved in this stupid [problem]...
  11. Hello all, I hope I've chosen the correct sub-forum for this post, but if not would you move it for me? I have encountered an interesting situation this past week and I wonder if I could have some advice on what, if anything, can be done about it. It's probably clearest if I just bullet point the facts: I have a computer graphics card for sale on Ebay Tuesday 12th June I received an email from a potential buyer by the name of Dorothy Baynham telling me they wanted to buy the card for their son's birthday and would I end the auction early and sell to them. Wednesday 13th June I agree to end the auction once a PayPal payment is received. Later on Wednesday PayPal payment for £360 is received along with the shipping name and address. Thursday 14th of June I sent the graphics card away by Royal Mail Special Delivery. Friday 15th of June it is received and signed for by a Mr *** Saturday 16th of June I received an email from a gentleman, completely unrelated to either earlier person, asking me why I have claimed £360 from his bank account. Saturday 16th of June I emailed back making clear that payment was sent from his account in payment for the item sold via Ebay. Friday 22nd of June I have received an email from PayPal telling me they are reversing the payment. Sure enough, my PayPal balance is now -£360. My belief is that the person I was corresponding with has used stolen/hacked credentials for a PayPal account to pay for the Ebay item. Subsequently, the person whose PayPal account was compromised has initiated a charge back. There is a lesson to be learned here, which is to never believe what anyone tells you on Ebay and to stick to their rules and let auctions run their course. I understand that, lesson learned, apparently the hard way. My question is, on the basis that I know the address the item was delivered to and I know who signed for it, is it possible for me to issue a Letter Before Action or similar with the aim of bringing them to account? I should make it clear, I am located in Scotland (west coast), the item was delivered to an address in Dudley. I may very well have to simply suck this up and chalk it up to "I should have known better", but I thought I'd check first. Ideally I'd rather not be out of pocket by £360!
  12. Hopefully someone can help me with an issue I currently have with paypal. I bought a bed online for £399 and paid with Paypal. When it arrived it wasn't as described. I followed the returns instructions on the seller's website which involved them organising collection of the bed. It went back to them and I received an email confirmation from them that they had received the bed back. They also said I would get a refund in 3-5 days. The refund didn't show up and I raised a claim with Paypal. I explained in my claim that the item had already gone back to the seller and I had confirmation they had received it. Paypal took their time but eventually ruled in my favour. They then told me I had to return the item to the seller and paste the tracking info into the claim. As I had already returned the item this was going to be a problem. I called Paypal and they told me that they couldn't accept an email from the seller confirming receipt of the item as proof it had gone back to them. They were going to send a message to the seller asking them to confirm they had received the bed back. I have just received an email from Paypal telling me the claim has now been closed and awarded in the seller's favour. The transaction was "pay after delivery" and they will be taking payment of £399 on the 26th. As things stand, I am now facing a charge of £399 on the 26th for something I don't have. I have confirmation in writing from the seller that they received it back. How should I deal with this?
  13. Good evening all, First time posting here and I'll try include everything in this message. I would really appreciate anyone's help on this matter. I sold an item on eBay and the buyer claimed back even though I sent proof of postage, it was a signed for service but I do not have their signature but tracking shows the item as being delivered. They didn't accept my case. PayPal didn't care as the initial case was with eBay. My PayPal account was in minus for a sum of £900 for around a month and a half, PayPal wouldn't listen to me just kept forcing me to pay even though I didn't have the funds to. Last week I kept receiving phone calls from a random number and 2 days ago I received a letter from Wescot. They claim they are acting on behalf of their client to recover the initial sum (no added fees or charges). How do I proceed? I don't intend to pay as I've been robbed of a laptop and my money. Couldn't care less about them limiting my PayPal account either to be honest. I've read loads of forums about the 3 letter process. I found templates on [removed] do you advise I do this? I don't really want any of these people carrying on chasing me. If I send these letters will I still have the option of entering a repayment plan if they still keep pestering me? I've not made any contact with them as of yet. Just need some advice. If you require more information I will happily provide. Thank you.
  14. Hello, I am a new user here, writing to get advice on a Paypal Dispute of £700 This is how it went to westcot DCA (timeline); 1. It starts with me sending an iPhone to someone via Paypal. 2. I take out the money (£700) in the bank after i receive it and remove bank/card from Paypal 3. after 2 weeks he claims on PayPal that nothing has been received. 3. i didn't track hold of parcel receipts, so dispute case is LOST. 4. Paypal A/C Negative balance £700, received email from PAYPAL to pay in the amount 5. Since i have removed bank and card from paypal, they are unable to charge me. 6. I close the Paypal Account which is prob a wrong move ( it has my phone no. and address) 7. Start to receive phones from Paypal calls, which i have ignored for 2 weeks 8. Recently i received a call and letter from Westcot asking me to call back. 9. An Address verification letter received by Westcot asking to call back and tell if its Address is correct or not. They haven't mentioned the debt amount but I assume it to be much more than £700 now because of the legal expense of Westcott. I have not spoken to westcot as i read in other forums to not speak to them. I am scared as i am on a student visa here in UK and aim to work later on in the UK with work visa. Q. what do you think about Westcot taking action for £700 debt. (court or police) Q. What should i do actually do? I live in a private student accommodation (8 buildings and 1500 flats) and will change it after 3 months.. Q. Whats the worse westcot or paypal can do? Or should i just pay them back and consider my loss. Q Can it affect any future visa / gov. related track record of me? Please HELP!
  15. Hi I received a PayPal Working Capital Advance nearly two and a half years ago when running my own business. I folded the business last year (sole trader so everything was unsecured and this is the only thing I was in debt to) and had been maintaining repayments until October last year. between workload, an upcoming employment tribunal and the neighbour from hell I managed to forget all about it. I also missed the three notification emails they sent re: notice of intention to terminate (I get an amazing amount of Paypal [problem] emails so I've not opened any for ages). The last one (2/3/2017) read as follows: Notice of Intention to terminate [insert my name here], We have made numerous attempts to contact you in order to discuss and resolve outstanding issues with your PayPal Working Capital merchant cash advance, but have been unable to reach you. You entered into a contractual relationship with us on or around [early in]/2015 (the “Agreement”). Under the terms of the Agreement, we purchased a share of your future receivables in exchange for a purchase price and fixed fee. You have not complied with the Minimum Future Receivables Requirement in Clause 4.2 of the Agreement. This is a breach of the Agreement, which allows us to terminate the Agreement in accordance with Clause 6.1.2. In accordance with Clause 6.2, we are entitled to terminate the agreement and seek to recover our losses. A total specified amount of £[less than 1000 but over 500] is outstanding and we will seek an amount equivalent to this as damages. If this specified amount is not repaid within 7 days of the date of this notice, we may take the following actions: Terminate the Agreement; Limit your PayPal account or any other PayPal accounts linked to you or your business; Seek recovery through the use of a third party collections agency acting on our behalf; or take steps to recover the amount due including, but not limited to, beginning legal proceedings against you for a breach of contract as detailed above. Please note that, under the terms of the PayPal User Agreement, we may also seek to recover amounts owed to us from any balance held in your PayPal account or any PayPal account you own. To discuss your options to resolve this, please contact our PayPal Working Capital Merchant Assistance on 0800 368 7102. Our hours of operation are: Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 17.30pm. Alternatively, you may write to us at Paypal Europe, PO Box 9473 Dublin 15, Ireland if you wish to do so. The emails and text messages began on 30/03/2017. They just bang on about wanting to talk to me regarding a "business matter". I've had five emails, seven texts and one phone call to my mobile - it didn't ring it just left a voicemail. The complication is that I never changed my landline and it is actually at my mother's house and she had her first phone call today (I'm going to go block all known Akinika numbers there as I do not want my mother harassed). They also do not have my correct postal address as I moved in January to get away from aforementioned neighbor from hell and neglected to update my PayPal details. I currently can't afford to pay the entire amount, have no issue making payments to PayPal but would like to avoid lining a DCA's pockets if I can. I'm also leery of incurring a CCJ without the opportunity to go defend myself since they do not have a current address (I require enhanced disclosures). What would you all advise as the best way to proceed? They are harassing my elderly mother every day- she was rang at 7:45am today and as it is an automatic recording she can't even respond to them. (Also attached a copy of the T&C if that helps) Thanks. Edit: it was three days ago she started getting the phone calls. I neglected to alter this before posting as had it drafted since Wednesday PPWC_Contract.pdf
  16. I have a negative balance of £320 but can only afford little payments, I’m hoping to be lucky and not get any letters etc untill jan at least I will have it paid off by then, Hi, I have a negative PayPal balance of £320 (first time) and can only afford one payment each month, I was spending money I didn’t have and now suffering the aftermath, iv read loads of posts about what happens but how long do you actually have before PayPal close account or sell the debt to collection agency’s? Do people actually come to your house or do u just respond to letters and phone calls? I’m sure PayPal must email you first before handing it over to someone else or do they just do it without notifying you? have no idea if I will get letters etc? ’m sure PayPal have to notify you first before sending your debt to agencies? I’m hoping to pay it off before it gets to that point ( hopefully January!) any advice would be good thank you!!
  17. Good evening, I need some advice as I am having trouble with a charge back via PayPal for an item I sold back in early January. I sold an Samsung Galaxy S8+ in early January 2018 via Gumtree, I got an offer from a user (who's name on Gumtree did not match the one on his PayPal, this was an alias apparently) and we agreed to an offer so I sent him my PayPal details etc and he sent me his address. I sent the phone via Yodel 48 which was booked via Parcel2Go and it was delivered the next day with a signature, however, I got some very abusive emails from the buyer claiming I never sent the phone and that I was ripping him off when I simply asked him if the phone had arrived ok. A couple of days later I got an email from PayPal saying the buyer has submitted a charge back via his credit card company claiming the item never arrived and that my PayPal balance was now -£455. I sent in all the evidence to the PayPal charge back team, copies of everything including the signature Yodel got on delivery but tonight I got an email back saying the charge back has been decided in the buyers favour which I find baffling. I reported this to the Police a couple of weeks ago I sent them the same information, all the emails etc and they decided to investigate it, I was asked to fill out a form on Action Fraud to get a crime number, a couple of days later (Saturday just gone) I got a call from the investigatory officer saying they had interviewed the buyer and he still claimed that the phone never arrived and denied everything even though there is a signature (I can't see Yodel delivering to someone random). I was told by the officer that she had spoken to the forces fraud department, however, due to reasonable doubt they would not be able to take this any further, she said to me 'someone could have been sat on the side of the road waiting for the van and then signed for the item' which again I find baffling and I was advised to take it to a small claims court but if I can't get the support from PayPal and the Police, what chance do I have in the County Court? I have had the phone blocked but I am still down £455 plus a £14 charge back fee. Does any one have any advice for me, I could really do with some. Many thanks in advance.
  18. A few days ago I completed a few transaction over LocalBitcoins.com to a buyer named Muumbis (currently blocked) who seemed to be a trusted user, had good feedback and 2 months of multiple transactions. The buyer sent me the funds through a PayPal transfer, and then I proceeded to send/release the bitcoins to his account once the money hit my account. These transactions were very profitable to me, amounting to about 40% of profit over the then exchange price of bitcoin. Only after 6 PayPal transactions amounting to a total of around £11000, I noticed that the person’s details included in the PayPal account used to forward all these payments differed greatly from the personal information of this LocalBitcoins.com user. For comparison sake, the owner of the PayPal account is a Canadian, while this person seems to be based in Netherlands (Proxy, likely) and has a verified phone number from Kenya, as well as, beginning of a different gender. As of now PayPal as yet to contact me about any irregularities in these transactions and I made sure I transferred all my PayPal balance to my savings account. However I’m confident I got [problem]med and it’s just a matter of time until these payments are flagged as unauthorized transactions and the owner of the PayPal account files a chargeback against me leaving me empty of bitcoins and about 5000£ of negative PayPal balance, which I have no means to payback as I’m student and I already have some debt going. Summary, I sold some bitcoins at 40-50% in profit to a guy who used a hijacked PayPal account to pay me. It’s just a matter of time until the victim of the hijacked account files a PayPal unauthorised transaction/ chargeback against me. PayPal then reverses the transaction and the [problem]mer gets the bitcoins while I’m left to pay around 5000£ of debt due to the profit margin. I’m divested by this, as I’m a victim too just like the affect PayPal account owner, plus I have no means to payback if these transactions are found to be unauthorized. Perhaps, in the end, all I could do is payback the some of the money to the victim excluding the profit/debt margin that was employed in this [problem]. God, I can’t believe a fell for it, I’m aware of this sort of thing yet due to my own stupidity or being a student with no income I just went for it….Never felt so dumb. I know I’m making assumptions on what if…however, I just need to a little guidance on what to do next or who to turn to, basically a course of action to reduce all the possible damage. Thank you all
  19. Hi guys. First time poster. Came into debt with PayPal. All my own doing. It was £1100 and I've since reduced it to £400. I'm stretched until pay day next month and appear short of options. Any advice? As they said debt collection agency may get involved, which probably worries me more than it should. Just hate having things like this unresolved. Thanks.
  20. Hi I purchased a sofa on eBay from an actual company, as opposed to a private seller. I paid using a credit card, but as it was on eBay, it went through PayPal. I entered my card number directly, rather than using it as a funding source, if that makes sense. I.e. it was a direct purchase with my card rather than PayPal being used as a staged wallet. I make this distinction because I wanted to know whether this gives me any section 75 rights. So anyway the sofa broke after 3 months. The wood supporting the legs broke so the legs went up inside the base.. Although it was only £150, an item should be fit for purpose and not break so soon, especially as the item description said 'high quality materials used'. I contacted the seller but they wanted nothing to do with it, insisting that I should have noticed the defect earlier. As it was over 30 days, they claim I had accepted the item and could not return it. I supplied photographic evidence but they said that someone must have exerted excessive force on it. This is untrue, we have only sat on it normally and not even used it as a sofa bed which it does convert to. So I opened a dispute with PayPal. They heard my side of the story and I asked if they required either the photographs or the correspondence between myself and the seller as proof, but they said not yet, they would request it if they needed it. The next thing that happened is the seller responded to the case (I didn't get to see their response) then PayPal ruled in their favour without me being able to offer any counter argument or evidence. I need to know what I can do next. Should I contact my credit card company? Info on MoneySavingExpert suggests that using PayPal prevents you from claiming under section 75 but it doesn't draw any distinction between PayPal as a wallet and PayPal as a gateway service. I was hoping that using my card directly may help. What other options are available? My wife was successful in using the government Money Claim service so I may do that if the credit card avenue is not viable. The eBay returns process doesn't seem to cover any scenario after 30 days. The company is Furniture In Fashion if that helps or rings any bells with anyone. Any advice welcome! Thanks Burton
  21. hey all, thank you so much for reading, i recently designed a game map for a guy i met, i finished and sent the map of, he paid me several weeks ago and has now charged me back, i am in -£167.99, i am a student who has no money as i had to use that money for rent, previously on my account i had sent the money to another paypal account, before withdrawing from my personal account which has the bank account attached. My personal account has my bank connected, name, phone number etc, whereas my negative one has a fake name, fake address, fake number and no bank, as i didnt want anyone online to know my real information. As far as i know this negative account has not had my real names, number, address and bank account for over 6 months. Thats as far back as i can remember having fake names on it. So possibly before 6 months it may have had my real name address, but defiantly not connected to my bank. I am in trouble now, as they want the funds fixed by February 3rd 2018 (15ish days) this is impossible. I am scared this may not work out well for me as i have no way to get money to payback, so please what can i do? i am 100% certain that paypal will support the buyer as they always do, so there is no way to dispute it. £170 might not be noticeable to a billion dollar company, is it likely they will call up a debt collector? Maybe if they took the balance out of the account i sent it to(linked to bank) please help me, any input would be helpful, thank you:)
  22. Hi , Just wondering if anyone could help . my daughter sold an I phone 6 on E Bay on the 20th June , It was in perfect working order . On the 6th of October she was contacted by the buyer asking to erase her icloud account from the phone , She replied to the buyer saying that the phone had been taken back to factory settings and she did not have anything attached to the phone . On the 9th of October the buyer had contacted Paypal and raised a claim that the phone was not as described and her paypal account was showing a minus £145 balance ?? Paypal had told him to send the phone back to her and as soon as she recieved it they gave him his £145 back !!. On receiving the phone she establised the screen to be broken and the device would not power on . she contacted Paypal to find out what was going on and to explain that the phone was broken . They said that she needed to go to and get the damaged accessed by a 3rd party who was quailified to appraise the damage . This she did through the Apple shop at the Trafford centre , she uploaded the appraisal and sent to them. She checked her account a couple of days later to find the case had been closed due to insufficient evidence ?? She questioned this to be told that they have not given an estimate for it to be repaired . They said they would hold the case for another 7 days for her to make another visit and get the estimate which she did . she sent it to them the cost to repair was £299 . Now they have closed the case again saying not enough evidence again as it has not got the assessors name on it . They are now threatening to pass the Debt on to Debt collectors which has upset her no end . She is at her wits end and does not know where to go from here . Does anyone have any advice on where to go or what to do . thanks Mark .
  23. Hi, I cancelled a web hosting service a couple of years ago, and it wasn't unreasonable to expect billing ti also be cancelled. The service was paid via PayPal Subscriptions, I didn't realise I had to cancel this myself and small payments (5 a month) have been continuing without me realising until recently. When I spotted it, I contacted the company and cancelled the PayPal subscriptions, however, I'm having some difficulty getting the money back from them. They advise that because paypal charges them transaction fees, they will refund me but first want to deduct these fees. Where do I stand legally? Surely I am entitled to a refund as I've 'paid' for a service I haven't received and I don't think I should have to incur the payment fees as part of a refund. Thanks Abe
  24. I am struggling to close PayPal and EBay accounts of my late Husband. Using the contact us forms doesn't appear to produce any contact from either of them. Has anyone had experience of closing these accounts - thank you.
  25. Hi, I recently sold an iPhone on Ebay. The customer had damaged his/her phone, and then messaged me on Ebay and then finally purchased the second hand device from me. Everything was tested before hand and working. However, the customer decided to use it for 3 weeks and then ask for a refund using eBay's Not As Described policy. The customer actually messaged saying they've now purchased an iPhone 7. The whole thing sounded like he/she purchased my phone just as a get me by until he/she got a new phone. he/she eventually returned the phone and it was not in the same condition as it went out. The headphone jack was no longer functioning. Although, the day before it went out i was listening to music on it! PayPal automatically took the funds from my account. they actually made it a negative balance, because there were no funds in there! Days later, PayPal tried to take the money from my bank account, which i found out later was declined. PayPal didn't inform me of the funds being declined, and i was so miffed about the whole eBay thing that i just closed my PayPal and Ebay account. The PayPal balance was showing as 0 and the eBay case was closed. Now i'm getting calls from PayPal, but i'm currently just blocking them. I really do not want to pay them back. What can they do? Will they take me to court over this? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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