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  1. I rage closed my ebay account after my paypal account!! think that option is out of the window.
  2. unclebulgaria67 - Hi thanks for your reply. eBay closed the case before any disputes could be made by either party. As previously mentioned, at the time i was going to just pay the person and closed my paypal account before realised the payment didn't go through. If you were in my shoes, would you re-open a case with ebay, or just sit back and wait?
  3. sgtbush - Thanks for your reply. I'm worrying that it will eventually go to court anyway. how often do they drop these cases?
  4. Hi all. I've now received a letter from a DCA called DLC. The price of the debt has increased to £430. I'm worried this will escalate to court and effect my credit rating. Do i need to do anything? Should i just pay it? Paypal only tried ringing me, they didn't send any formal letters asking for the money. Is that normal before getting a DCA involved? Any advice welcomed!
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I will ignore PayPal for the time being. If they pass it over to a DCA i will ignore them also. My only concern is if they try to take this to court. If that happens i'll pay up i guess.. it's for £300 so it's not an insignicant sum of money. I assume PayPal already refunded the seller anyway as it went to -£300, before it then went to £0 after they tried to take the money from me? i'll just claim ignorance as far i a knew the money came out, then i just closed my account. Thier systems allowed me to afterall..
  6. So by no powers you mean they can't pursue it in court? Can I ignore all correspondence? Or would it be easier to just pay it back before it escalates?
  7. Hi Bazooka Boo, Thanks for the reply! I will do just that.. They set my account to £0 and allowed me to close my account. So i can say as far as i'm concerned everything was settled if anything does happen. Also, with the eBay case closed, i doubt eBay will get involved?
  8. Hi, I recently sold an iPhone on Ebay. The customer had damaged his/her phone, and then messaged me on Ebay and then finally purchased the second hand device from me. Everything was tested before hand and working. However, the customer decided to use it for 3 weeks and then ask for a refund using eBay's Not As Described policy. The customer actually messaged saying they've now purchased an iPhone 7. The whole thing sounded like he/she purchased my phone just as a get me by until he/she got a new phone. he/she eventually returned the phone and it was not in the same condition as it went out. The headphone jack was no longer functioning. Although, the day before it went out i was listening to music on it! PayPal automatically took the funds from my account. they actually made it a negative balance, because there were no funds in there! Days later, PayPal tried to take the money from my bank account, which i found out later was declined. PayPal didn't inform me of the funds being declined, and i was so miffed about the whole eBay thing that i just closed my PayPal and Ebay account. The PayPal balance was showing as 0 and the eBay case was closed. Now i'm getting calls from PayPal, but i'm currently just blocking them. I really do not want to pay them back. What can they do? Will they take me to court over this? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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