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  1. Hello, as I see a couple of people have commented again about this is issue and removing funding from PayPal, I wanted to clarify what has happened in this situation from when I posted this thread. I tried removing cards and linked accounts from PayPal, and it does not work, all I get is this error "We're sorry, we're not able to process your request right now. Please try again later", I have tried numerous times since this saga began and get the same issue, clearly PayPal put some kind of block on the function. Instead, i did cancel all my cards that were linked to account, I do however have a bank account linked, but I do not have a direct debit agreement, so I am sure they can't instruct a withdrawal. I spoke to all of my banks who said they would refuse any PayPal transactions that occurred without my authorization. just to clarify, in my personal experience, PayPal will not let you remove cards/accounts ( I doubt this is legal?!), but thats how it is with my account at least! To close the matter, and to help with others who end up in this situation, Westcot pestered me everyday, twice a day, for approximately 6 weeks, i ignored all correspondence (letters and phone calls). Then it all went silent and i haven't heard anything since mid December 2018. Fingers crossed it remains that way. Thanks for the advice, it really did help me to ignore those DCA clowns.
  2. Hi Thanks for the feedback. Reading the other threads it seems people have been able to remove their associated cards and bank accounts from their PayPal account to stop them taking money (supposedly) owed. When I try and do this I just get an error saying there is a problem and can't complete at this time. Should I be worried, can PayPal enforce a debit from either my bank account, debit card or credit card that is associated to Paypal. Just to clarify i have never set up a direct debit, have only ever used PayPal to pay for items bought from online retailers. Westcot are now pestering me 2x per day. I'm just ignoring at the mo. Thanks again in advance.
  3. Hello all, apologies if this is repeating other posters, but just needed some reassurance or additional advice: I was sc@mmed via an Ebay/Paypal seller. I sold a bike to a buyer, the payment was requested as bank transfer, however the buyer suggested using PayPal and all I needed to provide was my email for him/her to deposit the money to my PayPal account. The money was deposited, the bike collected (I didn't ask for a collection receipt as it wasn't a courier I had arranged). I removed the money from my PayPal account, and thought everything was good. Two days later, PayPal indicate that the the person who deposited the money didn't receive the bike and the money will be paid back. Now I am missing a bike and my PayPal account is negative £900. I argued strongly with PayPal, explaining the details of my case, supplied the CRN, all conversations with the buyer, etc, but with absolutely no joy. I haven't had any formal communication from PayPal about paying the debt, however, this week I started receiving communications from Westcot (2per day at present). Their number is blocked and I am making a log of their calls. My question is, how do I know if PayPal have sold my debt, or have they just instructed to recover it on their behalf? If they have sold the debt, am I legally obliged to pay it back? In my eyes I don't have a debt and it was PayPal's decision to give the money back from the process of an obvious [problem]. I am quite happy to go to court as I believe PayPal are assisting and allowing fraudulent transactions to take place. It is apparent their security is flawed, and I would love to fight this, I'm just concerned that if PayPal sold the debt that they created then I am tied in to paying Westcot which clearly I don't want to do. Any advice on this would be very much appreciated. Clearly I haven't disclosed all details as its quite complex, but nonetheless I have been the victim of a this and PayPal facilitated this. Regards.
  4. Hi, any news on this case, as I am also in a similar situation after being scammed and paypal facilitating the transaction. Would love to hear how you've got on?
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