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  1. Hi dx original thread wasn't letting me reply apologies. Negative balance not paypal credit.
  2. Hi all, Received a couple of letters and texts from Wescot regarding my negative paypal balance. Has been negative since December 2018. Arvato pestered me with a few letters in January 2019. Any reason why Wescot have now started after 13 months? Would they buy the debt off paypal? Do I have any reason to be concerned? Arvato got nowhere with me last year so guess they gave up.
  3. Haven’t received or heard anything from Arvato in well over a week now. Is that normal?
  4. E-mail and text this morning below from a debt collection company named Arvato. I guess I can expect to get continually pestered for the next few weeks before they give up? Dear -----------------------------------, Please let us know if you would like us to write to you at a different email address. This is an urgent message from AFS. Please visit your secure RISE notification at ________________________ Alternatively you can contact us on 0344 472 9316 quoting this unique reference number ----------------- Thank you
  5. Thanks for your quick reply. Just worried because it’s a lot of debt, are PayPal really not going to come chasing for thousands of pounds? Sorry if I’m repeating myself but I’m mega stressed.
  6. Hi again, On Friday I had a missed call from 0151 179 5116. I didn’t answer as was out meeting friends. I have since traced this to a debt collection agency named Federal Management. Any advice would be great as they have good reviews for Debt Collection. Thanks
  7. Hi all, Have just over £10,000 negative balance on paypal. I have or had a gambling issue where it got out of control. I haven't touched any online accounts in just over two weeks. I can put in my paypal account roughly £500 per month. Should I contact paypal and set up a repayment plan. I received the following e-mail this morning. It's very important that you address the balance on your account today to ensure continued availability of your paypal account and to avoid additional collection efforts. Appreciate all your help.
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