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  1. yes, I can access account. I may try with small amount to the the bank transfer and see
  2. I have called wescot at all. paypal told me to call them but I dont want to.... I can sent payments to payapal via bacs using my ref number but dont know if this will be deducted from the negative balance... thanks guys again
  3. Hi Is not that I want to use it, is that I want to keep paying toward the negative balance but I cannot because paypal blocked this function.. I dont want to deal with wescot, just keep paying toward the debt on paypal. Not sure if I should make them bank transfers or I will need to deal with DCA to get this paid off...
  4. Hi All Paypal recently blocked me from paying using debit card, and passed debt to Wescot... do you know how this DCA operates? Do you think I still can pay to paypal using account and transfer money onto them? I didnt hear from wescot yet but that is what they told me on the phone... Please advise me as I am very stressed with this now
  5. Ok... I never had this kind of debts that's why I'm panicking a bit. I may just ignore them and see what they do. DCA cannot influence my credit score right ?
  6. Well, they call me every week and only stop when I tell them next payment date within next 7 days... I'm getting paid monthly so is not possible to have money available every 7 days... Due to other bills and mortgage... They sent me email saying that it may be passed to DCA soon... I still pick up their calls or return them when I miss it... I can pay towards it a bit more may 25% of outstanding within next few weeks ... But what next ? What if it'll be passed to dca? Is it not better for Pp allowing incoming payments , even small amounts every now and then than p
  7. Hi, So my bank stopped CPA, I had a chat with PayPal that I'll be paying in when I can but PayPal still attempts the payments to be taken if my account. Just received multiple emails from them informing about attempt and saying that they all failed because there isn't a direct debit setup... Shall I contact them to ask to stop or just ignore it and keep paying when I can?
  8. Ok, thanks very much all for info. I have asked PayPal for letter but they said they cannot provide and and probably will be calling me every two days even if I can send only a little every month. They say PayPal is not designed to be in negative balance so why they allow this to happen...
  9. Shall I ask for agreement in writing that they happy to accept any payments any time from me without passing it do DCA?
  10. There isn't any currency exchange. I remember it but the problem I have I don't really want to talk about here. I just thought this money is still there and available , as when it wouldn't be there then it was always rejecting transactions and these bank transfers via PayPal all went through.... Thanks very much for advise here . Don't know how it's possible that massive firm as PayPal has not much rights in UK and they cannot do much. I'm happy about that but it is just weird that they let go so many debts from what read.
  11. Yes , I've cancelled CPA AND PayPal called me by themselves... I told them about the situation and they asked how much I can pay in . I said 200 no more for sure at the moment and they said that's fine and they keep contacting me for even small payment as paying in small amounts is better than nothing...
  12. I have called them this morning and did that so it should be ok. But now getting calls from PayPal collection team. I think I'll talk to them and say that I'll be repying it slowly when I can so they don't pass this debt somewhere...
  13. Tsb causing problems all the time. They should have contacted me via text or call when the transactions were happening using insufficient balance but instead they approved it all
  14. I have ! They said they cannot do it because I approved :/
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