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  1. Hey guys.. update.. PayPal have moved on and passed this to a company called westcott who have been trying to ring me... Obviously I'm ignoring them.. I'm expecting letters through the post but none so far.... When they come do I just stay strong and keep ignoring?? Anyone had dealings with westcott before????
  2. Current update then ... I am constantly getting calls from PayPal. . probably 5-6 a day from the same 2 people lol ... They say it's a personal business call and I should call them back lol... Just blocked them and deleting their voice mails.. .no letters or emails just pure phone harrassment... What to do now??? Continue ignoring???? What will happen next????
  3. I saw it on another page a 3 letter back away letter I send to the collections agency to stop them coming... What is fotl??? Do I just ignore everything then???
  4. Just going to sit it out now... And await the collections letters.... When they arrive shall I start the 3 letter process straight away or just ignore it totally... thanks for all your help so far...
  5. Hey.. had loads of phones call which I have I ignored and blocked now.. 1 or 2 emails which I deleted... I have sent one back to them now disputing the case again and also saying I am happy to take this to court to fight my case... They have not been in contact since...
  6. Quick update. I have left it a while after sending PayPal countless emails they have eventually replied stating that I have to pay regardless as it was a 3rd party I obviously am contesting this and said I financially cannot afford to pay this amount back.. they have offered me a payment plan however even a small monthly payment would hit me hard financially and I still feel that I am right in not paying... They said if i don't the letters will start coming to my house reference collection.. what should I do now?? Any advice please???
  7. Ok... Sounds interesting.. thanks for your help... Will I just ditch all letters then and ignore thier calls?? I work away as I'm in the forces.. will anyone knock my door when my wife's there?? I'll be happy to take this to court as o have proof of my innocence and that I haven't done anything wrong... But very happy to leave it lol....
  8. Good afternoon... I have an issue with PayPal . I have been frauded online and I've been left with a 7000 pounds negative balance I can't pay.. story is as follows. .. I met someone on a website called people per hour.. who wanted someone to help them sell items on eBay whilst I'll earn commission... I did this for 2 items and sold them to 2 buyers who then paid me via PayPal.. I then stupidly paid the money into my bank account and transferred it to the actual seller who then decided to go missing and not send the product to the buyer... Leaving me in the lurch.. the 2 buyers were luckily refunded but now PayPal are asking for thier money back.. . And have threatened collection agencies.. . I've informed the police and both eBay and PayPal but to no avail... What do I do here?? It was a genuine mistake by me and iv been defrauded... I'm not paying PayPal one penny... I even have emails to prove my innocence as the original actual seller has contacted me loads via email.. . Will the collections people just send me letters or will they actually turn up??? Will it just go away or is my credit score in jeopardy?? Help.... I am law abiding military man who feels awful I got involved in this stupid [problem]...
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