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  1. Hi, I cancelled a web hosting service a couple of years ago, and it wasn't unreasonable to expect billing ti also be cancelled. The service was paid via PayPal Subscriptions, I didn't realise I had to cancel this myself and small payments (5 a month) have been continuing without me realising until recently. When I spotted it, I contacted the company and cancelled the PayPal subscriptions, however, I'm having some difficulty getting the money back from them. They advise that because paypal charges them transaction fees, they will refund me but first want to deduct these fees.
  2. Hi Don't know if this is the right place but wondered if anyone could help me and let me know where i stand. Today i received 2 letters from my local council about overpaid housing benefit . First one is for £366.90 from 2005 and the second for £241.77 from 2008. As these are both over 6 years old do i have to pay them?
  3. I was claiming tax credits, and due to not filling in their update form as required, they stopped the tax credits, and are sending me threatening letters to pay it back. they said it's too late and I just have to pay. this dates from around last july. to be clear, I should not be paying them anything according to my income, in fact they would owe me things, but obviously this depends on the claim being valid etc. is there any option besides just paying them?
  4. Hi, My OH has been informed that for 11 months now she has been overpaid via her work, coming to about £1200. She has been working extra days to pay back the overpayment but was wondering what happens to the extra Tax that she paid on this amount, and if she can claim it back how she goes about doing this? Thanks JJ
  5. Hello All Advantis are chasing me and my wife for £3433.13 for an overpayment of tax credits. I was made bankrupt three years ago and I'm pretty sure the overpayment to which they are referring was from before that time. If the debt was before the bankruptcy (which was initiated by the HMRC on a separate matter) shouldn't it have been included in the bankruptcy petition? My wife is named separately on the account so I would figure that even before we disputed the amount it should only be for her share and not mine if mine was cleared with the bankruptcy. Also, what is
  6. I recently got into debt with Sainsbury's Credit Card. The debt was for £1280. I also had another credit card i needed to pay off, anyway, when i was transferring the money, I got the amount mixed up and ended up paying £2240 into my sainsbury's account via BACs. I have spoken to Sainsbury's and they have now told me that the debt was moved to Westcot, who i phoned, however they said the debt hasn't come across and I need to speak to Sainsbury's recovery team, which i did after I could see the wrong amount on my online Sainsbury's account 24 hours after the payment. They said they couldn
  7. Hello, I currently have a grievance regarding overpaying my corporate membership fees at Nuffieldhealth Cheam and was wondering if someone could please help if I have a case here. I've been a member of my onsite corporate Nuffield gym since 2011 which I pay £10 per month for. Wanting access to a pool, I decided to take advantage of my corporate discount at other Nuffield gyms and joined Nuffield Cheam in 2012. When I joined Cheam in 2012, I took my company ID badge and was told by the salesperson that their discounted corporate rate at Nuffield Cheam would be £56 per month, whic
  8. Hi all i would like some help, advice or info regarding over payments from an employer my wife worked for the local council at a school for 13hrs a week for 4 and a bit years, Last year she become pregnant and continued to work till april 2014 when she took maternity leave she was told she didnt earn enough money so she wouldnt qualify to be paid materntaiy pay, instead she was paid from the local job center, in august 2014 her employer paid wages into her account because she works for a school and it was during the 6 weeks holidays she thought the money was hers as how could the council mak
  9. Unbeknown to me I've had £1690 sitting in another council tax account from 2010. I knew I'd kept up my payments and knew I'd done no wrong but had no proof. The council are going to transfer my money into my new account BUT I would like advice as they caused me undue stress in 2013. I hear constantly about the council taking people to court for unpaid tax yet not once until yesterday did they inform me that this was there. I was put through hell back in 2013 when Rossendale bailiffs were on my doorstep. I've paid bailiff fees and court costs unnecessarily. Can I take the council to court
  10. Hi all. I had a student loan / grant for a course started September 2004. I left the course early 2005 and claimed jobseekers. Jobseekers would not pay me anything until the summer as they said I had to live off the grant I had received. I still had to sign on but received no payments. About a year or two later the student loan company wanted me to repay the grant. I phoned them and explained how I was ineligible to jsa because of their grant, so if they wanted a repayment they could get it from the job center. She said she would look into it and that's the last I heard. Today,
  11. Hi Just a question concerning my parents really, rather than me for a change! They have an overpayment of tax credits of around £800, which hmrc has been badgering them for for ages. My mum recalls that they once had a letter saying hmrc had made a mistake, but she can't find the letter now, so she's been ignoring the letters which have followed demanding payment. I've just found out about this and pointed out to her that something's changed with the law and they can take it from your wages now i believe if it's a tax credits debt? Anyway, now she has 'Equita' sending her letter
  12. I have worked for the same company for the past 18 years. Two years ago after some health problems i decided to step down from my role to a less stressful role. I wrote to my manager and we agreed what i would work. My part time working has been reviewed by them over these two years as has my shift pattern and they have written to me stating that the shift pattern and part time working can continue. i have been working night shifts during this time In June this year i was offered a different post (same grade) on day shift and i worked out with my line manager what days and hours i would w
  13. Friend of mine received a letter this morning from Tax Credits asking for £1800. This goes back from 6 years ago. They have threatened her with debt bailiffs if she does not cough up. Legally where does she stand with this? As in the first place she did not know the money was owed.
  14. I am being taken to court by a debt company. One part of my armoury is that I have not recieved a notice of assignment by recorded delivery (or in fact at all) The company are saying that they did send one to me, although I have not mentioned the recorded delivery. The date they say they sent it was when I was when I was staying with friends in France, which I can easily prove if necessary. Can I ask that they provide me with the recorded delivery paperwork (which they must have used by law as I understand it) under cpr31.14? Am I correct in my understanding that
  15. I am contractually employed for 25 hours per week. For the past 3 years I have been an acting manager. This means that I regularly find that i am being asked to 'Act Up', work as a manager instead of doing my contracted role. On the weeks that I am managing, I have an increased wage both due to level of responsibility, and also number of hours. I've recently been informed that on the weeks that i have been managing, i have been overpaid, and I now owe nearly £5000 which they are taking from my wages. Had I known that I was being overpaid, I would have contacted them, however I do
  16. Good afternoon Hope someone can help. I am new on here. Currently working for my current employer for nearly 4 years, been a good worker however I have been signed off for stress at work for 4 weeks now due to what I would view as bullying from my line manager. This is an ongoing issue that HR are well aware (and witnessed once) of and I am very anxious about returning to work and am actually considering leaving for another job. Anyway last month I was off for 2 weeks of my monthly pay period backed up with sick notes and I'm 2 weeks into being off this month. Last month my wage was
  17. OK so i used to work for bank X on a shift pattern for which I received a %age uplift on my base salary. Bank X was bought by Bank Y. Shortly before the takeover I stopped doing shift work and just did 9-5. When i received my new contract from Bank Y, the same %age allowance was included in my remuneration. Because the allowance was included in my new contract I did not think I was being overpaid. My employer has now asked why i didn't tell them I was being overpaid, and I told them i thought it was part of my contract. I understand an employers right to claim bac
  18. Please can somebody advise? Friend was employed by Company A from November 2010 till November 2012. Employment contract said company had right to take back any overpaid wages. Company A has now written to friend saying that they want overpaid wages back - they aren't saying which hours were overpaid merely giving a lump sum amount to be in full settlement. They have said that if friend does not pay up soon they will go to the small claims court - and bankrupt friend if necessary. We know that Company A is of the opinion that friend claimed meal breaks and travelling tim
  19. Hi I am trying to deal with my credit history and found a CCJ. This relates to an apparent overpayment of salary in January 2008. I was employed for a short while, but went sick with depression and resigned. I believe they may have paid me sick leave and then gone 'ooooops' shouldn't have done that. To cut a long story, I was diagnosed with depression in 2001, the PTSD and later something more serious, I would have certainly fallen into the Mental Capacity Act because of the medication I was on. They have said they will need proof about my capacity, this is where mental
  20. Hi All Would be very grateful if someone can advise on the following: I share a flat with one other tenant who works full-time and receives no benefits - I receive WTC and in 2012/13 was awarded 50% Council Tax Benefit (Both our names are on the Council Tax bill). In July 2012 I received a letter telling me I would be receiving 100% CTB for the rest of the year. "Great!" I thought... Come May of this year I received a letter from CT saying I owed them backdated CT for 2012/13 to the tune of £600!! When I asked why they said someone had reviewed my claim in February and had conse
  21. Looking for a bit of advice. Just received a letter from the Debt Management (BF) in Gloucestershire saying that there is a debt of just under £2000 outstanding. Telephoned them and it is supposed to be for overpaid Carers Allowance between 1998 and 2000. We have no idea what it is about, but given the fact that it seems to be upwards of 15 years old and neither of us can remember any further back than last month we will accept it. I do seem to remember that it had something to do with my wife being paid ICA for me after they reduced my DLA award in 1998 for which I never appealed against
  22. Hopefully someone can help me out. I claim Income Support and Carers allowance. My wife is disabled and claims DLA high rate for care and mobility. My wife also claimed Incapacity benefit. My wife had her Incapacity Benefit changed to ESA February 2012. Prior to this my income support statements always showed she was claiming High DLA and IB. I was last week sent a review form by DWP, I filled it in and yesterday received my Income Support statement showing a reduction in payments. I telephoned DWP who said, due to the governments change from IB to ESA, my income support had been wrongly awar
  23. Left my previous employer in Dec due to abusive comments made towards me. I got my final wages but then was paid again the following month and that close to Xmas with four kids was a godsend. Fast foward to today and they have emailed with regards the overpayment. I am not in a position to pay it all back in one go, infact out of work it would need to be between £5-10 a week. Probably not what they will want to hear and may try to tighten the screw harder however if I make that proposal and they dont accept it am I right in thinking that if it went to court a judge would look favourably on me
  24. I'll try and keep this as brief as possible. From 2007 to 2010 I was a full time uni student on a fixed bursary with two dependant children and a single mother. I applied for housing benefit and an official came to the house to complete the claim paperwork. I cant remember the exact figures but it meant that I had to pay roughly half the rent and the rest was housing benefit. About 12 months later I was told my rent account was significantly in credit because housing benefit had been increased, when I contacted them I was told the figures were correct so I adjusted the amount of rent I w
  25. My wife was on maternity leave with the NHS for about 6 months before we moved to the US. It turns out, due to a cock-up their end, my wife was overpaid for those 6 months. Anybody who is a nurse/doctor would appreciate that payslips for shiftwork can be confusing and variable, so it wasn't obvious that she was being overpaid. It was only when she sent her notice in that they found the error and demanded nearly £10k immediately - this was in May. Words cannot describe the feeling. My first response was to ask for proof of the overpayment and to offer £10 per week for a year. Rather cheeky
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