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  1. The live chat says you can return the handset and they might offer deals to keep you with them and not change but il phone tomorrow and see what they say
  2. Hi, has anyone ever upgraded their phone with Vodafone and then decided to hand the device back during their 30 day cooling period? If so do you know if they can offer you special deals for other phones? I’m thinking of returning my iPhone 8 and getting an iPhone X, thanks
  3. Ok thanks, hopefully they can offer something similar and il be happy to Exchange if not il just keep the phone I have now
  4. Hi, has anyone ever upgraded their phone on the Vodafone website and then a week or so later they would like to change it? Iv got the iPhone 8 but would like the iPhone X, I’m just wondering if anyone has done this by contacting the returns team and they offer some sort of exchange as in can they give me the new phone with a similar deal to what I’m paying just now and then return this phone once it’s set up and get the upfront cost refunded also? many thanks
  5. Nah it’s over and done with now
  6. No I just paid the balance off way before any of that happened just to be safe
  7. I’m all clear since I paid it off, better to be safe than sorry and just survived on what money I had left over untill next payday
  8. I paid it off and just made use of the money I had left over to keepmegoing
  9. Yes paid PayPal, balance is now £0 and phoned them aswell just incase to confirm no letters were being sent etc, it never got as far as dca being involved
  10. Hi update from me, I paid off the remaining balance in full to avoid hassle and feel 10x better about it
  11. Ok thanks will ignore them and see what happens in next few months or so.
  12. I know it’s legit because I deposited funds to my betting account even when I knew my bank was at £0, iv Just had a phone call from PayPal regarding negative balance and said because it’s been negative for 28 days now it’s a high risk it could be limited or passed on to dca, I just said I could make a payment of £10 and I won’t be able to pay it off untill January
  13. Thanks for reply, yes I am still able to log in and pay and I can have it paid by the 5th of January! 2 payments of £145 and il be back to £0
  14. Yes but with my luck atm I wouldn’t be surprised if it was less than one month and not 6, 6 would be nice as I would easily pay it off by then, so even if a letter from dca arrives saying we will be round to your door in a certain period of time do u still ignore it then?
  15. Yes but no one has replied with a story about themselves being at that stage and I haven’t paid since 20th but what happens if I do get phone call and letters etc I don’t want a knock at the door because I have ignored everything and my marriage could be in danger maybe
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