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  1. Argh! I am so confused. I feel really low today with all this pressure building up on me. I really don't know what to do. Like I said I have no safety net of family to fall on to for support so I want to put myself in the least vulnerable position as possible. I don't want to end up homeless because of all of defaults and unable to get any credit to get me out of my hole. x
  2. @Andyorch I've still much to learn. I am now thinking about if I can sell a lot of the things I no longer need or use like downgrade my iPhone to a basic one and sell my laptop and use my phone to bring in more money instead? Also, I was thinking that maybe I could still find credit and move my balances around to be at the lowest rate and maybe see if I can do overtime at work to help bring the debt down as fast as possible. I would like to get a second job but no where is hiring at the moment. I checked my credit score today and it currently stands at 356... Is that good? Bad? Average? I think I work out the best way for me to cope but there seems to be no easy way out of this mess. x
  3. Ok I will phone them all up tomorrow and ask for these. Thank you as always @Andyorch x
  4. Thanks @Andyorch So I should contact them all and get copies of my contract and take it from there? x
  5. Argh! I am so confused. So you don't think that they will agree to help in anyway? Do you think even requesting a freeze on interest will be rejected? I am so confused as to what to do. I thought I had worked out the best option but your lack of faith in this system worries me. x
  6. its a mix and match. The debts are all in my name but we have a joint account and some bills are joint. If I list all our incomings should I list his debt too?
  7. I am filling out the form now so that I can send it to my creditors. My question is when filling it out do I put both mine and my boyfriends income and outgoings or just mine? A lot is joint? A bit confused.
  8. Thanks @Andyorch I will get onto that immediately x
  9. Thanks guys, Is there any helpful Budget forms you know of that will help me work out what I can and can't afford? x
  10. This is so sad, I loved Grumpy Cat x
  11. @dx100uk That's made me think even more that the original idea of contacting the creditors myself and entering into a pro rata agreement must be my best move. I know I am in a bad financial state but I really want to reduce the restrictions for my future credit status. So I now need to sit down work out my finances and how much spare money I have per month, then individually contact my creditors and ask them to freeze the interest and accept a lower monthly repayment. The downsides to this are: 1. They could refuse to accept my offer (but I will only go back to the position I am in now). 2. It will affect my credit scoring (but not as bad or as long as a DRO or IVA would?) 3. The debt will not be written off but I'll just be allowed to repay it over a longer time scale and a more manageable rate. The upsides are: 1. I will not have the risk of my tenancy ending or my car agreement being revoked. 2. I will be able to breathe financially and not have to worry all the time. 3. The payments I make will actually go to reducing the debt not just hitting the interest. 4. I will have a better chance or getting a mortgage in the future with this option rather than an DRO or IVA. 5. I can keep my bank account. Is the above all correct?
  12. I don't have any parents. Which is why my main concern will always be my tenancy as I am petrified of going homeless and having no one who cares for me to help. If I simply send off the pro rata letter though it wouldn't affect my tenancy or car would it? x
  13. It's a PCP agreement and I think that would rule me out of a DRO as it would take me over the £20k and I don't have any third party who'd be able to take on the debt for me. If I sent the letters off with the pro rata agreement, I would still be able to keep the car wouldn't I?? I'm thinking that although a DRO and IVA would be more immediate for me, that sending the letters off first and seeing what the creditors say and agree too may be a better and more suitable move for me x
  14. The only reason I don't want to enter a DRO unless absolutely necessary is because I was reading that when renting your home the tenancy agent can kick you out of your home for entering into a DRO or IVA? Also, I currently rent my car on a PCP and I could have that contract terminated too?! If I enter into the informal negotiations with my creditors via the pro rata letter, am I correct in thinking that this wouldn't affect my renting status and the my hire car? What would I need to show them to provide income and outgoings proof? Bank Statements and Wage Slips? x
  15. @dx100uk So they can't enforce it? That's so strange. Ok I will include it if I go for a DRO or IVA. I am reading as much as possible on both DRO and IVA's and trying to make an informed decision as to whether or not this is the right thing for me. I am struggling so much financially but I hate the thought of not being able to pay back the creditors. My next question is: Can I still send off the pro rata debt letter asking my creditors to freeze my interest whilst I look into the DRO and IVA's? Or do I need to just go straight into a DRO/IVA situation? If they freeze my interest do I then continue to pay back the minimum payments? Or am I able to negotiate lower repayments? Also, do I contact them myself or is there an agency I can go through? I feel like I am slowly understanding the options available to me, which has eased my mind a lot. I can't thank you all enough for taking the time to read my posts and help me out. I have no one to turn to and you all feel like my friends now x
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