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  1. Hello all I am trying to help a business colleague who has suffered significant business woes as follows: 1. The guy ran a transport business (a limited company) with multiple trucks/trailers which was financed by a combination of different loans some of them backed by different personal guarantees by him and his wife. 2. The business ran into trouble and was made bankrupt by one of the creditors. 3. Subsequently, in pursuit of the personal guarantees the creditors made both he and his wife SEPARATELY bankrupt via two different Hearings on diffe
  2. KJW just to let you knowI assisted a friend with ten debts. CCA's sent to all ten. Not one came back with anything useful, 9 came back with nothing one came back with generic T&C's which were rubbish. He has stopped paying and they are not doing anything and are unable to do anything.
  3. Thanks for your immediate reply Bankfodder. Do you not ever take any time away from this site!!!!?? I got a SAR return from Npower a while ago including call recordings. I could do with a statement to see how they are arriving at their bills. I will get a SAR running with Octopus. Not much chance of anything with Iresa. They were chaotic when they were in business and not likely to get anything from the receiver. All depends how much of the Iresa data was migrated to Octopus.
  4. Hi intrepid, They did not say why they refused. I had no prior dealings with them. I suspect they were concerned because the previous tenant not only did not pay but had another property they did not pay at. Anyway, Npower did withdraw their objection a few days after they raised it.
  5. Hello This is a new thread which follows on from this one: In summary I moved into a new property and switched both Gas and Electricity from Npower to Iresa Energy. Npower objected to the Electricity move but then agreed but Iresa did not follow up by requesting for the move again. Npower continued to bill. Iresa then went bust and Octopus took over the account. This all happened in Sept 2017 through to Sept 2018. I have not paid Npower anything since mid 2018 and despite their threats nothing has happened, very likely in large part due t
  6. Bon-ee-bon Some months ago I found out that a friend of mine was on a debt management plan. I wrote to every one of his (10) creditors and not one could provide the original paperwork in support of the sums they were asking for and collecting on, and one even stated (and I was gobsmacked they would admit it) that the debt was unenforceable but would he mind paying it anyway ha ha! He stopped paying and up to this point nothing has happened. You should be clear about what is needed for them to be successful: 1. They have to deliver a Letter befor
  7. No need to be embarassed Bankfodder. I get an enormous amount from this site and happy to contribute a bit of dollar along with the occasional encouragement to needy people.
  8. I sent a tenner Bankfodder. My friend is not going to do it, he is hanging on for grim death just now. I am hanging on for Death but not the grim part so welcome to my tenner.
  9. Bank fodder you are forcing me to go out to my car and find my wallet so I can punch in my card numbers. Not even my thread!
  10. Dazza a few months ago I discovered a good friend of mine who had ten debts with cards and catalogues which he was slavishly paying off at detriment to his own family quality of life, and I mean hardship, not just absence of second holidays or flat screen TV's. I wrote to all his creditors asking for supporting documents and not one could provide any material that would allow them to enforce the debt. As a result he stopped paying and they have been unable to do anything, one even admitted it was unenforceable. If circumstances have got to the point where yo
  11. Just an update. My colleague did not want to ring them. The saving of the application fee was/is not as important as getting a swift set aside and he felt the best way was to apply to the court for set aside without a hearing. He has done so and the court has sent an acknowledgement and assigned it to our local Court, so we now wait for something else to happen, presumably either a set aside or a Hearing.
  12. I notice you highlight the word ring DX. why is that? Normally we don't do any talking on this forum, only written communications.
  13. Well done DX! It is a Lowell back door CCJ. We have today received details from the court. This is the shorthand version of their claim: Claimant: Lowell Portfolio Ltd Solicitors: Lowell Solicitors Ltd Judgement Date: 3rd August 2020 1. defendant entered into supply and service agreements with Eon Energy (the Agreement) (No start or end date mentioned) 2. The agreement later ended but a Liability remained 3. Agreement later assigned to Claimant 12/07/2019 and notice given to defendant. 4. Repeated requests f
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