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  1. I bought some headphones from Amazon about 6 weeks ago. They Developed a fault just after 30 days. Amazon have offered me a refund, unfortunately the headphones were at a promotional price at the time. The refund wouldn't be enough for me to buy a replacement pair from them. They have refused to either repair or replace them. I know under consumer law I am entitled to a repair or a replacement. Is a retailed such as Amazon able to ignore that if they simply offer a refund? I was very happy with the headphones and really just want a pair without the fault. Where do I stand?
  2. I have removed all the payment methods bar two. 1. A VISA card that I don't seem to hold any longer. 2. My bank account which it won't let me remove as "We're sorry, you can't remove this bank account because of a pending transaction. Please try again later." I have cancelled the DD instruction at the account in question.
  3. Hopefully someone can help me with an issue I currently have with paypal. I bought a bed online for £399 and paid with Paypal. When it arrived it wasn't as described. I followed the returns instructions on the seller's website which involved them organising collection of the bed. It went back to them and I received an email confirmation from them that they had received the bed back. They also said I would get a refund in 3-5 days. The refund didn't show up and I raised a claim with Paypal. I explained in my claim that the item had already gone back to the seller and I had confirmat
  4. They have been charging £100 PA. I'm minded to pay that now and then see if they have been overcharging by £10 PA after the case.
  5. How would it go if I went into the landlords agent tomorrow and gave them a cheque for £250?
  6. I had intended to write a letter today and email them a PDF copy this evening so they have it tomorrow AM. I will also drop a letter in by hand. It was going to be something along the lines of the following.
  7. I unfortunately was the victim of a large fraud several years ago which ended up with me losing all my savings. My credit record has been squeaky clean since than and this month the last default on my account drops off. I am very keen to hold onto a clean credit rating. The demands for payment of the ground rent have been served correctly from what I can see. The demand for extra fees have simply been demanded in a solictors letter. They make no mention of my rights. They also make no mention of what clause of the lease they are charging under.
  8. I have managed to go over the lease. Some points on this. 1: We went through a right to manage process about 4 years ago. This leaves us with a RTM company that collects the service charge and maintains the building. 2. The only sum due to the Lessor is the ground rent. Payable twice yearly. From looking over the lease there appears to be a clause allowing unpaid service charges to be collected and interest of 12% PA charged on them. The lease mentions the rent due and then it moves on to covenants. There are several coveneants that detail what we have to do. All costs
  9. I can't pay that until Thursday next week. (And I can't actually afford to do so, it will require some good will on behalf of people like the gas company and also possibly a visit to a food bank)
  10. Thanks this is really good to read. The lease is a very old lease and will take me some time to review. How do I hold off the dogs on Monday? Can I contact them stating I am disputing the additional fees they have levied?
  11. I have just received two letters from a solicitor acting for the freeholder of the flat. We are currently in arrears on the ground rent on our flat. It isn't a huge amount, £250. Unfortunately I have been off work due to disability for the last two years. First letter was dated 23rd March. It demanded payment of the account in full within 7 days. They also added £180 in admin fees for the landlord and a further £120 in legal fees for the solicitor. Second letter was dated 1st April. It says they have choice but to issue proceedings as they have not heard from us.
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