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  1. I've had the notification letter from the court but no payment details, do I pay the court or the claimant?
  2. Hi Andy just wondering about what happens now, when do I pay and when will the ccj show, am I right in thinking that the ccj goes on and then you apply to get it removed once payment has been made thanks
  3. Perfect, so I pay, avoid the ccj, then appeal later if I can prove the account was not mine, nothing to lose really except the fee to appeal
  4. But I still need to pay in full within a month in the meantime to avoid the ccj?
  5. Ok thanks, so I pay it to avoid the ccj, then I gather more info about the rogue account number, so how long do I have to appeal out of time?
  6. Sorry to keep going on about this, but I am trying to get more information from Yorkshire bank about the account number that wasn’t mine and still thinking about appealing depending on what they come back with. if i do appeal, does the ccj then get put on hold until the outcome of the appeal, then the month to pay timer starts again. The most important thing to me is to avoid the ccj being entered as that can’t happen under any circumstances
  7. So for example, I pay it in full, then manage to prove beyond doubt that the account wasn’t mine, say 2 years later, can I appeal then or is there a time limit. Just trying to think of possible options later
  8. OK fair enough, probably won't bother. Out of interest how long do you have to appeal? So, if I pay within a month, the CCJ won't appear on my credit file, is this correct? And, can you negotiate a lesser amount as full and final settlement and not have the CCJ registered, or is the amount final and non-negotiable? Thanks
  9. So even if the Yorkshire can confirm that the account number that they claimed against was never mine, you still think it would be a waste of time appealing.
  10. She was obviously on good terms with their solicitor, I must have just been unlucky on the day to get her, she clearly had no time for us. It's difficult to expand without showing you the documents involved in full, as I have to remove any identifiers and the fine detail, so if there is any private section of this forum were you can view the full documents, I am happy to upload them. However the main points that I got from this experience were. 1. It wasn't as relaxed and informal as I expected, which threw me into panic mode straight away. 2. The judge and so
  11. Maybe but I have put so much on here I don’t know for sure. I’ll put them on later. I still find it unbelievable that the wrong account number was not considered
  12. They are all in it together, the judge and solicitor spoke as if they were best friends before the hearing, and to me as if I was something she stood in. Not exactly surprised, no faith in the justice system Is that the end of it, is there nothing now I can do
  13. Lost, can’t believe it, judge ignored the different account numbers as I hadn’t mentioned it previously and ignored all my evidence, gutted wasn’t expecting that. so now what, I guess it’s a ccj
  14. Andy just noticed while preparing what I’m going to say tomorrow that the account number they are claiming on is the incorrect one, so doesn’t match the bank statements they sent, I don’t know how I missed it but does that leave their argument worthless, even though I haven’t mentioned it in any statements Every letter they have sent and the account number they referenced in their statements are wrong.
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