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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, I would like to ask you more about the PayPal debt. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?476376-Paypal-Big-negative-balance&p=5155264 Does any of you have any experience? I gambled all money away in 3 casino sessions... . having excellent credit score and mortgage. Now my PayPal is in minus £4k and I have already 3 other loans from my direct bank account and cannot afford to pay this. didn't know they charge from bank transfer where was nothing and few days after transactions got into negative balance... .no idea what to do now..
  2. Please Help and give some advice I have over £7,000£ negative balance on my Paypal account - I can only say its my fault and I have to blame only myself but i want to pay off everything as soon as I can I had a call today from Paypal asking to pay this otherwise they will pass it to Debt collection, they gave me 7 days from today to pay as much as I can but what after ?? Did someone had simillar expeience ? What happenes after 7 days ? I asked to give me 8 weeks to pay it off but she didnt want to lissen Please advise, looks like they dont want any aggrements, I have to add t
  3. Hello newbie here, My Husband & I have been dealing with a Debt Collection Agency SMD Credit Solutions Ltd since April to collect a Debt owed to our Company since November last year. A little background: We were owed £38k and the debt was in dispute by the company who owed us. This was construction industry dispute where we worked for contractor (2) who was working for main contractor (1). Main Contractor (1) refused to pay contractor (2) citing poor workmanship therefore contractor refused to pay us. So it was quite in depth but it was being dragged out and being a s
  4. Good afternoon... I have an issue with PayPal . I have been frauded online and I've been left with a 7000 pounds negative balance I can't pay.. story is as follows. .. I met someone on a website called people per hour.. who wanted someone to help them sell items on eBay whilst I'll earn commission... I did this for 2 items and sold them to 2 buyers who then paid me via PayPal.. I then stupidly paid the money into my bank account and transferred it to the actual seller who then decided to go missing and not send the product to the buyer... Leaving me in the lurch.. the 2
  5. Hello all, Long time lurker, first time poster. The wisdom and knowledge of this forum has gave me the confidence to ignore all previous calls/threats but this latest letter is something new, that I haven't seen listed before, so feeling a little anxious. ARC have taken over my QQ account after QQ failed to accept my monthly standing order payments and insisted on a DD only (we all know why). I have since moved to another bank and get my wages paid into that new account. The old account still exists. I received this letter this morning. ARC have been phoning me 3-4 times a day b
  6. I have a negative balance of £320 but can only afford little payments, I’m hoping to be lucky and not get any letters etc untill jan at least I will have it paid off by then, Hi, I have a negative PayPal balance of £320 (first time) and can only afford one payment each month, I was spending money I didn’t have and now suffering the aftermath, iv read loads of posts about what happens but how long do you actually have before PayPal close account or sell the debt to collection agency’s? Do people actually come to your house or do u just respond to letters and phon
  7. Please help! In May 2004, I took out a single mortgage with Northern Rock a 'Together Mortgage', totaling £112K. Northern Rock incentivised the ‘Together Mortgage’ with the availability to take out secured loans against your property, for buying household items etc. Northern Rock advanced me four secured loans on the property, totaling £21K, which increased the mortgage to £133K in 2006. Due to the collapse and reckless lending of Northern Rock, the property is now in negative equity, with the property being valued at £120K. With this the mortgage/loans were transferred to an organis
  8. Hello. Any advice appreciated please, I have a full paypal account which has been verified and never any issues in 15 years, its backed up with a bank classic account visa(TSB) with no overdraft facility part due to jan 2017 just completed a 3 yr trust deed form 5 completed currently awaiting form 6. Cut to the chase I offer no excuses but my mother taken turn for worse last week : i stupidly gambled online last week. I had gaming casino account for number of years betting mostly small amounts, I honestly cannot explain why or the right details but I suddenly star
  9. I have just turned 60 and my credit file has this as a negative, is this right?
  10. Hi guys, I really need help here. I applied for a Job through indeed about making quick money from ebay and I fell into it, I was careless as I am a student who is 18. the buyer will email me the items and all about it and I will list it on Ebay, he said that I will get a share of it if everything was fine, OK this is what he said Hello, Thank you for applying for my job. Let me tell you more about it... I need someone who can list my items on eBay. You'll be listing authentic products.… I will provide you photos and details of the items that needs
  11. here goes i was contacted my an ebay sellers club on facebook just a few weeks before christmas 2014 asking me to sell michael kors bags through my ebay account, i would recieve the money from the customers and i would send it on to the alleged seller, they would pay all my paypalicon fees and ebay fees, im very vunerable and fell for this [problem], i started to send money onto the supplier andd customers didnnt revieve thier items so requested a refund back through paypal (im glad these customers got thier money back) however my paypal account is now in a deficit of £4500 .. this wouuld be
  12. Hi there I will try and keep a complicated story simple! I saw a car I was interested in the price was 21k. The car was 9 months old and had done less than 3,000 miles I took a reduced part exchange price for my car under pressure from the pushy salesman to get the deal done - (I would never have taken this price normally)this entailed rolling over 5k of negative equity into the new hire purchase agreement 3 months later a warning light comes on Take it to the garage and there is unrecorded accident damage - after much time and stress and reports my claim to have the car rejec
  13. my son use my details to open a paypal account, he linked it to my bank account. last week,he used it to gambling in ladbrokes website, total amount he transferred was over £8000 and bank returned all transaction, i have closed the bank account which was linked to paypal and now the paypal account show a negative balance of 8630£, what should i do if i cant afford it? i have sent email to paypal to ask for a repay plan but they said they dont offer any payment plan, anyone can give me an advice? been insomnia for quite a few days....
  14. Hi Guys, Been reading about the Power of Attorney and bankruptcy. I have read that bankruptcy removes the POA on mortgage, can anyone tell me if the POA goes back after bankruptcy if house is kept. If this is correct then no lender can repossess my property when the house is discharged. Power of Attorney https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/powers-of-attorney-and-registered-land/practice-guide-9-powers-of-attorney-and-registered-land 2.1 General powers under section 10 of the Powers of Attorney Act 1971 2. Types of power of attorney 2.1 General powers und
  15. I have a mortgage shortfall on my credit file..... this has been on my file for approx. 3.5 years and I haven't had the chance to dispute this amount as yet. (I had a buyer that the mortgage company refused to sell to as I would not sign an "acknowledgement" of the "£64k" alleged debt). If they had accepted the buyer, then this debt would have been approx. £18k, but they decided to proceed with the repossession (negative equity/shortfall) and this resulted in this amount of outstanding balance of £64,000 They have written to me a handful of times over the last 3.5
  16. Hi, I need some serious advice on what to do. Long story short, I did something stupid and accepted a job that used PayPal. What it was is I had to accept money onto my PayPal account, and then withdraw it from my bank account to then send it back via Western Union. Apparently they were into e-currency trading and the website they gave me looked very genuine as it had the Forex logo and the different currency exchanges. Now what happened is that PayPal put that money under review and asked me to send proof. After I did that I still lost and they refunded to the "buyer". I now ha
  17. Hi. To say I'm fuming is an understatement. On 30th April I bought a speedo from a seller on Ebay. It was a very reasonable price including delivery. 15th April I opened a case as it hadn't arrived. 20th April I got an email from the seller apologising, saying that my order had been missed and would put it out for delivery the next day. It was during this email that he stated that the speedo would be coming from the Czech Republic. This was not made clear in his ad. 28th April I contacted the seller again as I still hadn't received it. On 30th April it turned up. Ob
  18. Hi, everyone, my case started in 2006 when i remortgaged with gmac. I had a well paid job and all was fine. Shortly after this i was made redundant and had to take a much lesser paid job. I also had a secured loan with gmac. I admit i buried my head in the sand trying to keep the family together but i knew that the inevitable would come one day. In nov 2010 i decided to hand back the keys to the property as all my children were up and gone and i knew the time had arrived. While all this was going on,gmac had handed over to paratus.
  19. Hi, My PayPal Balance is currently on -£800.00 as of today. This has happened because I was spending using eBay/PayPal when I had funds in my account but when PayPal went to take it (A week and a half later), the funds had already left my Current Account on other things resulting in my Negative Balance. On my PayPal Account, the Address is an old one and so is the Contact Number. However my Name, Bank Details, Card Details are all genuine and currently active. My bank will remain in good standing because if/when PayPal request the £800.00, it will just automatica
  20. Hi, I have just successfully completed an IVA and I now want to focus my attention on the secure loan that is attached to my property . This could not be included in the IVA due to the charge on my property. Details: 45k secure loan plus 140k mortgage equals 185k debt. House worth £160k 25k approximate negative equity. I want to be out of debt as quick as possible ie. get rid of the secure loan. I do not see a mortgage as debt as long as I have equity in my property. I would also like a bigger house for me and my family - have 3 kids now and had only 1 wh
  21. Hi, if ANYONE could help me I would be so appreciative, thanks! Basically, about 5 Months ago I was selling virtual goods to a person that added me on the internet I sold around £1800 worth and had no problems with my PayPal as I had my Address verified, bank verified etc etc... Around 5 days ago I got a phone call from PayPal saying I have had my money chargedback and I was in a negative balance of -£1711, they asked me to pay on the phone to which I replied I do not have any money at the moment When I logged onto PayPal and check my e-mails supposedly I had not submitted p
  22. Hi All. I'm wanting to sell my house as I am moving overseas in the next 2 or 3 months but have a few problems with debt and negative equity. I have 3 charges on my property as well as my mortgage. Any offers I will get for my house will not cover the mortgage repayment and these charges as well. What are my options? Will the companies that have charging orders block the sale if they aren't going to receive what they are owed? Are they likely to accept a reduced amount as a full and final settlement offer before I sell?
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