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  1. Update #1: A) I called PayPal trying to fetch more information on the debt. seems they are willing to only take full payment to resolve it (and notify westcot that its solved for them to stop mailing/calling me). They are not negotiating or setting payment plans and said for that, i have to contact the dca. *Please correct me if i am wrong, I think this means that PayPal still Has NOT sold the debt to Westcot and have only hired for collection purposes. B) Since paypal's account was closed. their last email was 1.5 months ago. prob. not using mail as communication? C) Called Westcot regarding Address verification letter (received 4 days ago) to tell them that the address they have is wrong (didnt disclose name) [did this because its a student apartment changes tenant every few months, i am not the owner of it] also because, if they keep sending obnoxious letters and i move in 1 month would be irritating for whosoever person coming next. i am still confused, should i be strong and not discuss? wait for their emails and ignore? how should i proceed with it?
  2. Can Westcot or Paypal apply for a county court judgment (CCJ)? or they have never done that?
  3. Do you think they can turn up to my address? to meet in person? or that's not possible because the debt is £700 sorry What does nowt and luxy stand for? @dx100uk
  4. Hello, I am a new user here, writing to get advice on a Paypal Dispute of £700 This is how it went to westcot DCA (timeline); 1. It starts with me sending an iPhone to someone via Paypal. 2. I take out the money (£700) in the bank after i receive it and remove bank/card from Paypal 3. after 2 weeks he claims on PayPal that nothing has been received. 3. i didn't track hold of parcel receipts, so dispute case is LOST. 4. Paypal A/C Negative balance £700, received email from PAYPAL to pay in the amount 5. Since i have removed bank and card from paypal, they are unable to charge me. 6. I close the Paypal Account which is prob a wrong move ( it has my phone no. and address) 7. Start to receive phones from Paypal calls, which i have ignored for 2 weeks 8. Recently i received a call and letter from Westcot asking me to call back. 9. An Address verification letter received by Westcot asking to call back and tell if its Address is correct or not. They haven't mentioned the debt amount but I assume it to be much more than £700 now because of the legal expense of Westcott. I have not spoken to westcot as i read in other forums to not speak to them. I am scared as i am on a student visa here in UK and aim to work later on in the UK with work visa. Q. what do you think about Westcot taking action for £700 debt. (court or police) Q. What should i do actually do? I live in a private student accommodation (8 buildings and 1500 flats) and will change it after 3 months.. Q. Whats the worse westcot or paypal can do? Or should i just pay them back and consider my loss. Q Can it affect any future visa / gov. related track record of me? Please HELP!
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