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  1. Just to let everyone know how this turned out. Halifax were extremely helpful and have opened a dispute against the payments and are refunding me within 24 hours. They couldnt mark it as fraud apparently as I had used the site last year, but they understood that these transactions made august/september were not me. Couldnt block future payments to the company as it wasnt a continuous payment, just debits. But it seems its all going to be fine. Unless the company try to argue that the transactions were real, but I dont see how they could prove that seeing as they weren't.
  2. 02 Sep 13 Company*** DEB 10.00 54.41 All seem to be just debits.
  3. Must be a card payment, as as far as I am aware thats the only kind of payment that site do. No-one has had access to my card.
  4. OK one last question. Last time I did a chargeback, I got the money within 2 hours. Does this happen everytime? I'm just wondering if I only got it so fast last time because the company in question had actually advised me to do one? I kinda need it asap to pay the bill that it was meant for. I know gas/electric companies cant just cut you off, and I have explained the matter to EDF and they seemed to understand. I just really don't like being in debt to anyone :/
  5. OK, so how do I do one of those for a refund? Thats how I read the post :S If I call my bank tomorrow, I can do these 25 chargebacks at the same time then? Really dreading them thinking I'm an idiot when I explain why I have only just contacted them about problems back in August
  6. I have no evidence besides knowing I did not make any payments to that company What is a CPA? And how did they get my money with one? I don't understand this post at all sorry.
  7. Its a debit card, not a credit card. I'm not too sure how I can prove I didn't make the transactions? When I spoke to the company in question though, they originally had my wrong email address and phone number on the account that the payments came from (as they weren't going to discuss it with me at first, as my message was from a different email to the registered one), which I guess could be a start? Its quite hard to prove that something didn't happen..
  8. Hello. I am new here and didnt know where else to ask to be quite honest. I have made a right mess of managing my bank account and need some advice. Back in August, I began saving money every week for my electric/gas bill which was due on the 1st September. I get charged quarterly and it is usually around £250. The £253.17 that the bill actually was was in my bank on time (to my knowledge). Now here is where it gets a bit tricky. I checked my bank a few days after the bill was due and sure enough, the balance was about £20, which meant the bill had been taken. I thought nothing more of it, until this month. I received a letter from EDF informing me that my account is in arrears. It appears they never took the payment (mind I don't know why its taken them 2 months to contact me about it ) I don't understand much about banks, I asked my son to check my online banking. He went back to my august/september statement and it appears an online gambling company have taken 25 payments of £10 over the course of 3 weeks. The funny thing is, I used to actually use this company, but I self excluded in November of last year. I have NOT used their sites since then, partly because I don't think I could (self-exclusion means your accounts are closed and you cant open more) and partly because I self excluded as I thought the site was dodgy. .so why would I put any more money into it. this other company took my gas bill money. I don't know if it was actually the company, or someone accessing my account (that should have been closed according to the companies policy) but something strange has gone on here, and I definitely did not authorize any payments to that site. I have tried speaking to the site in question but have pretty much been palmed off with 'it was an error on our side not closing your account, and the money was spent by someone.. so you aren't getting refunded' I told them as they are unwilling to investigate, I will raise the issue with my bank I am aware of something called chargebacks as I did one a few years back when I was double billed for something (the company who doublebilled me actually advised I chargeback as it would have taken 7 days to get a refund from them, whereas chargeback is in a few hours) My question is can I actually charge back 25 transactions in one go?! They are all to the same company, all for the same amount too. I have checked and I am still within the 120day limit. Just..its going to be fun explaining to my bank why it has taken this long to actually realize there were fraudulent transactions. I seriously need to keep an eye on my fiances from now on, I realise its partly my fault for not checking statements and such
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