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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all I'm new to the forum. I seem to have an unusual situation. My father in law (visitor non EU, with a non EU or UK license) was caught doing 36mph in a 30mph road, we received a Notice of Intended Prosecution some days ago. He's on a visitor visa only, i was able to add him to my own insurance so at least he was covered when the offence happened. The car is registered in my wife's name, she's not a driver though. The Police's letter came addressed to her (obviously) Not sure what to expect in this case. Certainly they can't take points off his license as it is not a UK one. The letter received by the police is requesting us to name the driver of the vehicle during the offence. He was planning to leave the county soon anyway, what would happen in this scenario? Has anyone experienced something like this before? I was trying to search online, but seems the case is mostly applicable for drivers that have already returned home, and most were driving hired cars. Thanks in advance for any inputs / comments / suggestions. Regards
  2. Hi All, I have recently moved to a quiet village and live in a block of flats in the middle of it. We have allocated parking space for one car and there are additional parking spaces marked as 'visitors'. My partner use the marked space while I was parking on the visitor space. Mind you there are more than enough spaces for visitors there left, so thought this wouldn't be an issue. The reason I don't park on the street is that it is very narrow and if I park there some of the drivers will struggle to get passed, hence I rather to park on the visitors. There are no other signs such as 'private land' or anything like that, just says numbers on some spaces, and 'visitors' on the other. I just had a nasty letter placed on my windscreen by one of the neighbors, saying that I have just done trespassing as there are some 'regulations of the estate' that allow only bona fide visitors to park there and even that not longer than 2 days in any 14 days period, and if I am not a visitor I am not allowed to park there at all. Have not seen any 'regulations', notice boards, road markings other than that 'visitor' sign. Can they do anything to enforce it? It only is a printed letter not a PCN but I don't want to park and block anyone if I don't have to. (BTW road has no markings, sings or lines on it either). Many thanks for your input,
  3. Hello All, My father's family visitor visa was refused on 01-Nov. Basically my father was in UK in May-27 and therefore his second visa starting from 01-Nov was refused because it is less than six months since his last departure from UK. I did not know about this rule. The visa officer further feels that he is trying to make UK a habitual abode. He is eligible to come to UK after 29-Nov as he will have completed six months out of UK. Now my concern is that the visa officer may refuse again thinking that my father is desperate to go to UK and therefore applied as soon as he became eligible and thus refuse again saying that he is trying to make UK is habitual abode. In this regard, I intend to mention the following as reason why he will return to India and not stay in UK. He is coming here to meet with my family ( myself, my wife and my one year old son ). Last time, he returned back within four months even though he had six months visa. Also even though I have lived in UK for a good six and half years now, he has applied only for second visit. Besides this, my father has wife ( my mother & married for over last forty years), a son, a daughter and two grand-children as a family in India. He has substantial fixed deposits in India, besides the monthly regular pension. My questions are: (1)Does the above form a strong reason to return back to India. (2)If the visa is refused again, will I be able to raise complaint and seek ombudsman help if needed. Thanks for your responses.
  4. I received a parking ticket in a visitor bay of an estate as i went to visit a friend who has just moved in. I could not see any thing about a permit when i parked and even check after i saw the ticked. Am so not sure what to do and this is a private estate.
  5. Hi there we are in a very odd situation and would require some advice. My brother is neither a citizen of UK nor he has ever lived here, he is of mature age and sometimes visit UK like once in 2 years for a month or sometimes 2 weeks in a year. He did a mistake without knowing UK motoring law took out dad's car in to the next street at night and got caught my police officer of driving without a third party insurance. He got a fine of £200. But instead of telling us or paying the fine online he gave 2 visits to the local police station, on saturday it was closed on Monday she was told by the officer that he should wait for the letter as its been more than 7 days. He left UK as always, he has no address in UK, he applies for visiting visa on his own basis, we moved property as well (rented) and after 5 month letter came in our old property about his court hearing. We visit our old property twice a week to get letters that still goes to that address. Court hearing date was passed, it was on my brother's name and even if we had got letter on time it his presence to it was impossible. So I wrote a letter to court and explained his case and asked for new fine with mention that his salary is £300 per month only if we compare to UK. I also wrote that he is guilty and if court wants to contact him directly then please ask for our address. I also wrote address of our new house. I gave the letter by hand and it has magistrates court stamp as well. No response came and just this week I got a torn letter from our old property that says NOTICE OF DISTRESS WARRANT an that they have been instructed by court to collect full payment of £830 or remove goods to sell at public auction. Date is like almost one month old and new tenants in our old property are never happy that we still visit their house to get our letters so I dont know may be they threw other letters or I cant really say. Anyway the problem is fine of £830 is too much to pay for him as well. Its like his 3 months salary. My dad is supporting a family of 6 already and his yearly salary is £11K. Yes that much less. He is the only earner in our family. So even if we want to pay on his behalf we cannot and then I dont see the point that why my dad should pay for his 28 years old son. He cannot anyway. No we dont know what to do. I dont think they know that he does not live in UK and was only a visitor. Case is already into bailiffs hand so would they consider monthly instalments? He does not live here so what can happen if we ignore these letters from bailiff? Like lets say when he applies for visiting visa lets say next year or so will his name be in criminal record? We are not financially in good condition. There is no way we can pay £830 so the most we can offer is our car on which by brother got fined. But even if we have to offer this how it can be done? Please advice. I will be very thankful to all of you.
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