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Found 11 results

  1. Frankly I feel that it's probably a bot. I don't know if there's a real Katie Chamberlain or whether they have simply picked some name out of the blue and I can't see what it has to do with smile cloud services Anyway, here's the recording of an unsolicited call. call_16-52-49_IN_01130859953.mp3 Internet searches seem to show that this is not an isolated case. If anyone has further information as to how it works then please post it here. This call was recorded automatically on an android mobile phone. Read our customer services guide
  2. Well I have been making some serious posts recently. Every now and again it is good to relax a little have a little fun. Just remembered this scene as a couple of brothers finally make the big time. Made me laugh. Which are your favourite or memorable TV moments. Which made you smile or frown. I will start things off with this one. Twenty odd years ago we witnessed Del and Rodney finally become the millionaires they had dreamed of. What a legendary scene this is!
  3. Hi all, I have a question for you... A few days ago, on the 31st Dec, I made a purchase with my smile debit card, for £10.00, the transaction was of course accepted and on my way I went. Then on the 2nd Jan Smile charged me the monthly fee of £13.00 for my smile more account, again which is fine. On the 3rd Dec, the £10.00 from the first transaction shows up, Smile informed me they had paid this despite me not having enough funds to pay for this transaction, and puts me £9.08 over my OD limit. I then paid in £35 at around midday on the 3rd Jan(The same day as the payment was listed as being taken) to bring my account back into limit with a little to spare. I have also transferred another £25 today so my account is now well within the limit. Smile are now saying that I am going to be charged £20.00 for the indiscretion, but i fail to see how they can do this, it is unfair in my view as the first transaction in my view was 'paid' at the point of purchase, I base this on the fact it was accepted at POS by the bank, and the last physical payment was actually to themselves for the subscription charge. I of course accept this may not be correct but that's how I feel about it just now. More importantly though, the account was back in limit the very same day before their close of business and therefore I fail to see how they can apply any charge as they have not actually lost anything, nor have they been caused any additional work that actually costs them £20.00. I see this charge as excessive and is more a penalty charge than a charge to recover any loss suffered by Smile. I believe this is rather unfair and would like CAG members to throw me some opinions and thoughts on what they think and how to go about dealing with this. Thanks in advance ... mrbrooks
  4. Hi I am with Smile Bank and have a bundled account with them: that is to say I pay a monthly fee and get various "benefits". One of them is for an airport lounge pass. You get a small number of free passes each year and can pay a small fee to take a guest in with you. I recently found out that if your information changes, for example, your credit card expires and you are issued with a new one, of course with a new expiry date, or if you change address, this is not notified by Smile to the company offering the lounge service, called Priority Pass". If the bundled account is with the bank, albeit it supplied by various external companies for the different services in the bundled account, are Smile not supposed to supply them with information about updates? For example, Smile know when they have issued a new card, and they are also aware of address changes. Or is this a sneaky way of making more money by not honoring bundled services?
  5. I left the UK in August 2011, with a £750 balance in my Smile account and two tiny DDs going out each month. I have just checked the account to find I have been paying a subscription charge of £13 a month for the last 17 months. Can I claim this back? Apart from the two DDs I haven't used the account at all, haven't received any statements - they have an old e mail address and haven't asked me to update it since 2007! and it has cost me a whopping £221! I am mortified and simply can't afford to throw away £221 like this! And the first line of their charges doc says "we don't make charges as long as you stay in credit", then a few pages it down it mentions this subscription fee. They can't get away with this surely? What can I do?
  6. The Co-op Bank (Smile) has reduced my credit limit below the current balance outstanding. Which makes me immediately over the limit and liable to charges!! Can they do this?
  7. I recently sent off a SAR to the Co-op Bank in relation to the PPI that's on my Smile credit card opened in 2005 and they've come back saying they don't have a copy of a signed credit agreement or any other detail of me agreeing to take the cover (e.g. notes on file from a telephone call). I'm adamant either they applied it automatically or I was pressured into it during a "card activation" type call as being a tight fisted sort I never willingly take such insurance, but I have yet to formally complain. I'm a bit confused as to how I proceed. My initial reaction was if there's no credit agreement, there's no obligation to repay the thing but I doubt a court would see it that way. However my understanding is that a provider has to be able to demonstrate my agreement to take the insurance and in this case they cannot do so. So should I send them a letter thanking them for taking my £10 and providing next to nothing in a recorded envelope and demanding it back or should I go back and ask them to check again? Anythoughts would be appreciated R
  8. Hi, I looked at my bank account 2 days ago to see that a company called smile finance have took £26.34 out of my account. I have never heard of this company before and I do not know why they have took this money from my account. I have tired to get in touch with them emailed them twice still nothing. I have even threatened to go to the police about this. Can anyone tell me how do I get this money back. I have not given anyone permission to take money from my bank nor have I ever spoke to them. Because they took this money I have now got bank charges of another £25.00. I have spoke to my bank and they said there is nothing they can do. Surely there is something I can these robbing gets will not get away with this. I just need some other ideas how to get it back. Thanks
  9. I had a loan with Smile with PPI, against which I made a claim just before the loan was due to end. (I had brain surgery) I phoned Smile recently to ask about PPI against this loan and they have now offered me a refund "as a gesture of goodwill". I am struggling to understand how they have worked out the amount they are offering me. They have sent a refund calculation but I have no idea if it is correct. Is there a tool that shows what is the correct way to calculate the refund if there has been a partial payout? I'd be so grateful for any assistance.
  10. Hello, My wife's Smile account has just been closed, denying us access to the overdraft facility. We have recently paid several hundred pounds in from family which was to help get by until I am paid in a few weeks. Since yesterday Smile have firstly said the account would be functioning with a usable o/d until 15th Feb. Then they changed their mind and made the account unusable. We phoned them, explained that we needed to use the facility for a few more weeks and were told this was ok, that the account would be reinstated. Then they shut it off again, saying that was that, they can't let us use the account. I really hope someone has advice on how to handle this.
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