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  1. My complaint startedon the 15th November. Its still ongoing!! Thats why I'm NOT happy. I sent an email to the CEO early this morning, so far no response!!
  2. I refused to take the rest of the case. In the email from Vintage Wines, they state as a gesture of goodwill 12 bottle of Mcguigan wine of my choice. I have sent a nelgthy email today quoting that the wine has not been received, and that I had also wanted £100 in damages for the lino. I can't be much fairer then this. How long should I give them to respond by? Is it then worth me puttin in a Letter Before Action?
  3. Yes I did because thats all they offered me. The 12 bottles of wine have not arrived.
  4. I have kept all of the photogrphs I took of the damaged lino, the box of wine, and the bottle itself. All Morrisons offered me was 12 free bottles of red wine. The wine was McGuigan Merlot. The photograph I took of the bottom of the box is very clear to see it had been leaking before I bought it. They haven't offered me any compensation for the damaged lino which will cost me £100 to replace.
  5. I'm not prepared to claim on my insurance because the cost of the lino is only £100 and it will cause my premiums to go up!! Plus you have to pay the first £250 of any insurance claim, so financially its not worth it!! As the product was clearly faulty at the time of purhcase, Morrisons shoul be addressing the matter but they are not.
  6. I bought a box of 6 bottles of wine fromMorrisons back in November last year. When I got the wine home, I took a bottle out, and proceeded to open it. I was in my kitchen at the time. As I started to unscrew the top, I heard a whooshing noise, the bottom of the bottle exploded, and the red wine went all over my kitchen floor. It took me an hour to clear it all up, but unfortunately the wine had left a nasty stain in my kitchen lino. I took a lot of photographs, including the bottle itself, and also in the bottom of the box you can see it had clearly been leaking before I had bought it!!!!! There was also mould residue in the bottom of the box. I phoned the store up, and took it bac. They offered me a complete refund of the box of wine which was £42. The store manager advised me to contact Head Office with a complaint, and for asking them to pay for new kitchen lino. This I did on the 15th November, I have kept the email as proof it was sent. All Head Office could offer me was 12 free bottles of wine. They failed to mention about offering me money to buy replacement lino which would cost me £100. The wine has NOT materialised. I received an email from the wine merchant on the 20th December, offering me the 12 free bottles and that it would be sent to me in the new year. This has not since been received. So, I'm £100 out of pocket with damaged lino, and the 12 free bottles of wine has not materialised. I have sent today a lengthy email to the CEO of Morrisons, but am not hopeful for a reply. What does anyone advise me my next move is!?
  7. Payment was last made under an IVA sometime in 2015. I've got a statement somewhere from Max Recovery showing when last payment was made. It will become statue barred in around 2021. Default will come off on 1st June 2018.
  8. Its YOU who keeps merging posts and confusing the issue noone else!! My posts was about the FOS!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. See post 3 saying its been merged. Had enough of this now. Going somewhere else as not getting anywhere!!
  10. Its a new query. I'm angry threads got merged when its a new post. Wont be posting any new threads from now on because of this!!
  11. *PLEASE DON'T MERGE THREAD* I have just recently gone to the Financial Ombudsman Service asking for some advice about a creditor, Max Recovery Limited. I have not been supplied with valid proof of debt. The credit agreement that was provided me with is too small to be read, refusing to supply copy of original default notice under section 87,88 89 of the CCA 1974. The Notice of Assignment that was provided has no name address or identifying account number. I have shown valid proof of vulnerability through medical reports that I am unable to work, Max Recovery has accepted this as proof of vulnerable household. However, I gave Max Recovery a detailed income and expenditure sheet and proof of benefit entitledment, they are refusing to write off the debt knowing full well that no payment will ever be made due to financial difficulties. As I understand the adjudicator has asked Max Recovery last week for more information, which they have so far not supplied them with and have not cooperated. Any advise please as the last time I went to the FOS I got stitched up and the decision went against me.
  12. You have the right to reject the Ombudsman's decision I did on my complaint as I wasn't happy with it.
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