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  1. Thank you HB. Appreciate that. Will was straightford. Me and brother to get 50/50 each. Grand children to et £1000 My brother is getting 50 of value of estate. I am getting £25K in cash, plus 50% each of outstanding value I understand my share is £250K plus half of the house an extra £200K. I'm to have an allowance each month rather then lump sum. Happy with that.
  2. Afternoon. My mum died in July last year after complications during heart surgery. My brother and her financial advisor are both Executors for her estate. The financial advisor sent off for Probate end of September. The request and demand for Inheritance Tax was paid towards end of October. Both Executors got a letter from HMRC towards the end of November saying Probate will be sent within 12 weeks. Am I right in thinking Probate should be due either this month or next month!? You cannot phone Winchester Probat
  3. I'm just glad I've got inheritance money coming, so will soon pay it off!!
  4. I took out an £800 loan with Provident in October this year. I was getting married and needed some extra cash. At the time of applying for the loan, I was unable to get credit elsewhere, my own bank refused me a loan. I am querying something. With interest the debt mounted up to £1600. I pay £21.60 per week. The balance is now only £1400 after 9 weeks. Its going to take me 78 weeks in total to pay it off. It just seems to be taking forever, and I'm ony paying off the interest instead of the overall
  5. I'm not going to apply for Universal Credit. I tried even with my own bank Nationwide, where I get my benefit paid into they, they prelimary accepted me for credit, but then declined after doing a credit search. Clearly something on my credit file putting off lenders. I'm frustrated to say the least. Why should I get penalised for 1 default which was not my fault, as the creditor agreed to not chase me for payment, then still slapped the default!? The creditor was aware I had lost half of my benefit when it went to review, they still
  6. I get really peeved with sarcastic comments, mostly from dx100uk who seems to be full of themselves!! I just want to know why I cannot get credit!! Yes I'm on electrol register, etc etc!! Whats the problem!!
  7. Would like some help please. My credit score with Experian is currently 384. I have 1 default registered June 2018, I have a Notice of Correction explaining the circumstances of the default. I have 3 accounts marked as closed and settled but have some late repayment history, Vanquis closed and settled in 2016, Capital One 2018. I'm being turned down for credit left right and centre. Any advice please!?
  8. Don't know if I have one in my area , but will have a look. Thanks xx
  9. I am unable to get credit of any description, apart from a payday loan with expensive Provident. I have 3 accounts, 2 with Capital One, the other with Vanquish. These 3 do show late repayments, but Capital One is showing partically settled in September 2018 and Vanquis settled in full in December 2016. The main issue I had is with NewDay Ltd. I notified NewDay that my disability living allowance was stopped after I had my review when I went to transfer over to PIP. NewDay were sympathetic, and agreed to place my account on hold, freez
  10. My complaint startedon the 15th November. Its still ongoing!! Thats why I'm NOT happy. I sent an email to the CEO early this morning, so far no response!!
  11. I refused to take the rest of the case. In the email from Vintage Wines, they state as a gesture of goodwill 12 bottle of Mcguigan wine of my choice. I have sent a nelgthy email today quoting that the wine has not been received, and that I had also wanted £100 in damages for the lino. I can't be much fairer then this. How long should I give them to respond by? Is it then worth me puttin in a Letter Before Action?
  12. Yes I did because thats all they offered me. The 12 bottles of wine have not arrived.
  13. I have kept all of the photogrphs I took of the damaged lino, the box of wine, and the bottle itself. All Morrisons offered me was 12 free bottles of red wine. The wine was McGuigan Merlot. The photograph I took of the bottom of the box is very clear to see it had been leaking before I bought it. They haven't offered me any compensation for the damaged lino which will cost me £100 to replace.
  14. I'm not prepared to claim on my insurance because the cost of the lino is only £100 and it will cause my premiums to go up!! Plus you have to pay the first £250 of any insurance claim, so financially its not worth it!! As the product was clearly faulty at the time of purhcase, Morrisons shoul be addressing the matter but they are not.
  15. I bought a box of 6 bottles of wine fromMorrisons back in November last year. When I got the wine home, I took a bottle out, and proceeded to open it. I was in my kitchen at the time. As I started to unscrew the top, I heard a whooshing noise, the bottom of the bottle exploded, and the red wine went all over my kitchen floor. It took me an hour to clear it all up, but unfortunately the wine had left a nasty stain in my kitchen lino. I took a lot of photographs, including the bottle itself, and also in the bottom of the box you can see it had clearly been leaking before
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