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  1. I wonder if someone can help me - Ive got a interest only mortgage with GE MONEY which has been in arrears but OK now. Over last few years have had a few payment arrangements with them and as a result they have added lots of £40.00 admin fees. I think these add to over £2500 throughout my hardship. I just wanted to check that was all above board, seems a bit harsh in times of hardship that they actually made more money out of me. Any advice as always is appeciated!
  2. Hi, I’m new here. Can anyone answer these questions? 1) Is all your JSA stopped when you are sanctioned, or is only a percentage of it stopped? 2) If after being sanctioned you go on hardship payments, do you still have to be available for work? 3) And if you do still have to be available for work, can you be further sanctioned while on hardship payments? I’ve just started getting JSA and have not been sanctioned, but the above questions have occurred to me.
  3. Hi, I have a friend (no really) who has debt problems which are being added to I believe by the charges levied on her account. She had a basic account with no overdraft facility although she did keep going overdrawn and hence accrued charges, these have snowballed as happens and resulted in the account being closed. The thing is she is on benefits which the bank are obviously aware of and as soon as the benefits are credited they have been swallowed by charges adding to the debt problems she has. I have tried finding posts on here but dont seem to be finding what I
  4. Hello, I posted on Saturday a letter to Santander reclaiming over 2 k of bank fees (template from this site) . It contained a paragraph in which you say what has happened - lot of death in my family and lost biz too. It was a very painful letter to write. (I kept it just a paragraph). Today they texted me they had been trying to call me and to call back. I hadn't answered since I am avoiding calls from anyone (not in a good place). I feel sick. Do I have to talk to them? I don't think I am strong enough to hold it together on a call (now my keyboar
  5. Hi... just a quickie, please; I'm asking for a friend who is struglling with bills, etc., and has been charged bank fees amounting to almost £4k over the past 6 years... I'm wondering if they would have a case in asking for those fees to be reimbursed? It's Barclays, and some of the fees were levied at a time when the customer was in receipt of housing benefit. They are now working but struggling on a very low income. Any advice would be gratfully received. TB
  6. Hello dear friends after another charges added by HSBC to my account ive decided to look around what i can do to reclaim those charges. Lucky enought had acces to online statements for last 72 months (HSBC) so i done my home work. Total charges added to my bank account over last few years : 2009 - 25 2010 - 850 2011 - 995 2012 - 726 2013 - 495 2014 - 434 2015 - 188 so total 3713 pounds in bank charges. I went thrue few topics regarding bank charges and reclaiming them and i decided to go ahead. I had few times conversation with bank asking them if we can do someth
  7. I signed on just this past Tuesday and today I checked my bank account and find that my JSA payment has not been issued. I am wondering as to why my work coach did not tell me at the time I signed on, as, surely there must have been some information on the system to say that it had been stopped ??? And why did he allow me to sign on if that is the case ???
  8. Hello everyone, From last 5 years I am in financial difficulties due to my work hours were reduced and I am unable to find a new job. I have in total 7500 in credit cards and overdraft. I have been paying everything on time inducing some charges to my bank for going over the limit etc and paid last month £45 charges to my bank. This month now they are going to charge me £95. Last month I contacted all my lenders and asked them for a reduce payment plan due to financial difficulties and they all agreed to it and accepted my plan. When 4 days ago I asked My bank Santander to freeze all char
  9. I worked in a pub for 3 years and 7 months and I was sacked for misconduct in November 2015 and UC imposed me with a high level 91 day sanction (which I was told by the CAB would be extremely difficult to overturn as a reconsider was refused) I got an advanced Payment from universal credit on 8th December 2015, and I was due my first payment on the 13th January this year until I was given a 82-91 day sanction (so not a penny for 3 months) I was advised by the CAB I may be able to get a hardship payment but only from what was the first payment due date this Wednesday, I just wander what I coul
  10. I was wondering whether someone might be able to help me. I put in a request for my previous 6 years of statements in order to claim my bank charges back in 2009. I still have the statements and would like to put in a claim as I still fit the category of 'financial hardship'. However, I was wondering if these statements can still be used as proof of charges as after speaking to them today, the bank currently has no records of my account (they only keep 6 years). I also have over 150 pages to send (!) will this be accepted? I closed the account down around 2009. Any advice on this would b
  11. I am looking for some advice about paying back an overpayment. I am currently getting esa support. What is the amount the dwp can take of each week/fortnight. They are going to take just under £60 a fortnight. I phoned the debt Management number and the person i spoke to was very rude. I was very polite and said to him that i cant manage that amount. He said theres nothing i could say or do and they will be taking that amount whether i like it or not.He also said what hardships did i have. wasnt sure what he meant by that. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.
  12. Afternoon, I've been in a bit of a spot recently, lost my job, had to re-arrange my mortage to interest only or risk losing my house, defaulted on my one credit card, missing paying bills every month, I think you guys get the picture but the last year or so has been financial hell for me. My credit report is a sea of red Anyway I'll concentrate just on the Barclays account here. I've had an account with Barclays for around 20-25 years and I have most of the statements which I've started to dump info from into an Excel spreadsheet. I have a question if anyone would be so kind as to
  13. I am willing to help a friend out in claiming back all charges under Financial Hardship from HSBC. She has over £1200 in charges from 2007. I have read lots of info from the forum but needed to clarify some things before sending the letter to the bank. My friend just came off IVA in 2013 and she has a mortgage she is currently paying from her HSBC current account and makes a high monthly payment leaving her to use up her overdraft every month. Can I claim from 2009 (6yrs back) ? Can I use the same spreadsheet used in calculating Credit card charges ? Can she add
  14. Hello Everyone, I hope this has gone in the right thread Im really hoping for some great advice here, - Although i'm confident i will receive it, Im writing on behalf of my sister. Here is some background information which will help picture our crisis. My sister is 27, a qualified staff nurse, caring, loving and kind.She has fibromyalgia a chronic widespread musculoskeletal pain and fatigue disorder When she first started nursing she was put on HDU a high dependency ward, A highly stressful ward when first qualified. In time my sister became depressed and was put on
  15. I meet all the criteria for financial hardship (checked the Moneysavingexpert advice on this) and have been absolutely crippled by Barclays charging me £3 a day or nearly £100 a month on my account since they changed the rules. I have also suffered from charges piling up on my account to form the overdraft that is the basis for those £3 a day charges. I sent them an SAR, got my documents and duly sent off an email to Barclays Head Office following personalized templates from here asking them to stop all further charges and refund me those for the past four and a ha
  16. I recently wrote to Hsbc to reclaim all my bank charges for the past 6 years and I got a letter from them requesting income and expenditure in other to consider for financial hardship. How do i go about this ? Will I have to prove to that I had gone through the hardship from when they have incurred the charges (6yrs ago) or does it have to be presently ? They advised that I call them within two weeks of the letter to provide my income n exp. I would appreciate your urgent reply .
  17. this government is getting worse. http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/11579910.Charity_urges_Government_to_rethink_hardship_fund_axe_which_could_hit_16_000_Bradford_families/
  18. Hi guys, I am trying to claim my bank charges back (I think about £3000 worth over past five years) I have sent them a letter asking for the records of bank charges back 6 years and I sent them the £10 cheque. I have had no reply in one whole week.... Can they really get away with ignoring customers??? Please help
  19. I,m wanting to put in a claim to my bank,for a hardship claim. I am on ESA,and the charges I have incurred have really made things very nearly impossible for me. How do I go about this though? Any advice would be gratefully received.
  20. I've had an Ultimate Reward current account with the Halifax for the past few years. I'm in receipt of DLA and ESA. The £15/month charge is acceptable, given the breakdown insurance, £300 fee-free overdraft, etc. However, I have been paying on average £30/month to them for an authorised overdraft of £650 (my fault, for using the facility, I know!). I applied for a personal loan in order to repay (and cancel) my overdraft, but the response was 'No' because I was 'in receipt of DLA, a loan was not available'. In order to avoid unauthorised (and some authorised, which amounts t
  21. I have recently contacted Nationwide regarding getting my bank charges refunded over the last 6 years, £760, they have written back to me asking me to complete an Income and expenditure form for myself and for my partner. I didn't include my partner in my letter as this is not a joint bank account, from my understanding I didn't think I was obliged to fill out a form of this kind unless a court has ordered it. If I do not complete this form, will it affect my situation? Thanks
  22. Good evening, I am hoping someone may be able to advise me on what is becoming a very difficult situation. I apologise in advance for the long post but I need to explain the background for it to make sense. I have always wanted to be a pilot and following many years of hard work, I was offered a conditional job as a private jet pilot with NetJets Europe in 2008 on their cadet pilot programme. The condition was that i successfully completed the pilot training course at Oxford Aviation Academy. I would then be taken on full-time within 3 months of finishing the course on
  23. Had a VERY upsetting afternoon. I suffer from Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's Disease. Quite common but only been diagnosed a short time and still trying to get medication correct. I was a Carer for my mum for 10 years but I have now lost my home due to her having to go into a home. I am currently with friends and on benefits. I have many problems which I won't go into here. Because of this, last Jan or Feb, by luck I spoke to someone at HSBC about excessive charges which some got refunded and others didn't. He set a plan in place whereby, because of my long term situation, they were
  24. Just looking for some advice. On Monday, I have been awarded hardship as I have been sanctioned from my Job Seekers, anyway I signed on today and when I got back, I have just rang benefits office up to see if hardship payment as been sent out and got told by advisor that no hardship payment as been sent out yet. Does anyone know when I can expect hardship payment to go in my bank account?
  25. Hello! I have a graduate account with Natwest. My overdraft is £1600, I know very silly of me but then it's offered to a student with no money it's very tempting! After uni I was unemployed for a year, Natwest were pretty awful. I have NO direct debits active on my account. I've been charged £36 a go everytime I go past my unarranged overdraft (out of my job seekers money). Thing is, I only take money out when it's says it's available on my online banking app. It's pretty annoying to get charged when I take money out which is apparently available only to
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