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  1. Sorry been tied up. My husband later settled for £500, too low but was happy with it. Thank you
  2. oh I see. Thanks for the clarification as we have been all over the internet reading different articles. Ok what he plans to settle with if below.... He currently charge restitutional interest at 24.9 on his POC which the lender questions. As advice here that if he can find a product the lender offers at that rate ,that would be okay. We are unable to locate their product online so therefore we decided that pherhap he should offer to settle at the rate (7.2%) the lender claimed to be their charges rate, although don't know if this is correct though but that is the figure they gave when he requested for it. Is it okay to start the settlement with the above as am thinking they may further request a reduced amount after hearing this which will reduce the amount to little Or he just ignore about the 24.9 already used on POC and decide to reduce the total amount they already have.
  3. Hello. My husband has Appointment tomorrow morning with the mediation team to contact him through phone call and he is a bit nervous what they might ask him and why he thinks he has the right to claim the charges back. I would really appreciate your prompt reply and any suggestion. Thank you
  4. I have searched everywhere on their website and could not find their list of products. All i can saw was that they sold part of their savings and retail branch businesses to satander in 2008. They also transferred most of their Insurance and protection customers to a new provider and thirdly, they no longer offer their wealth and investment products. Question is how do I find out if they offer any product at 24 9% to justify my claim. Can we ask for this from them ?
  5. You mean i should not correct the s.interest. Also we have received mediation appointment slated for towards the end of the month.
  6. We have just received this afternoon. How do we go about this as that money they are willing to settle with is too small. Funny enough, there are not even considering to pay the court fees of over a hundred pounds.
  7. Hi sabresheep. Sorry i dont understand post 31. The defendant is mortgage express and apr given in my last post is what the lender confirmed when my hubby requested for it some days back.
  8. As caro (post 13) and sabresheep (post 20) stated. I have had a look on our poc and soc (post 5) and realised we claimed restitutional interest at 24.9% instead of the lender's interest 7.2%. Thank you
  9. Thank you caro. Slick. Yes my husband is the borrower and the claimant. Though he changed his first name around last year and they have amended their system already (proof was sent). So that paragraph 3(i) is completely irrelevant. What do you think ? Also, do you think we should send a letter and new POC to amend the previous mistake about the intereste. Thank you
  10. Hello, do I need to mention about the POC as they said our POC does not comply with CPR 16.4 and PD 16 on Post 18 page 3 down. POC sent is on post 5. Hi SabreSheep, According to post 20. How do I back up the argument that the interest rate is excessive and should I tell them the compound interest and restitution is accepted.
  11. Thank you Slick for the information. Much Appreciated. I shall keep you posted !
  12. Thank you so much SabreSheep. I would read up on the abbey case and will look forward to sending the letter to them.
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