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  1. When I took the contract, one salesman came to my door, I did explain him that I want to keep the number and I was told it is possible after the disconnection of my old contract. It did not happen. I chased them over 3 month and I was told in many occasion it is under process and they will cancel the new Gigafast and re-contract it again with my old number and I could be without connection for up to 48 hours. They event send me extra sim card to use internet during the process of porting my number and I received it. This new sim even shows in my Vodafore profile. But then last week they called
  2. It was my home number. As a family we have from two different backgrounds and all our friends, families, kids schools etc has this number. I have this since over 15 years and I found it very difficult to replace it. I may lose contacts with many friends or some businesses as well. But mostly I use my mobile number for business only and landline for friends and family. It is not only myself but my whole family would suffer a family of four.
  3. I had a landline number for more than 15 years and did changed my service providers couple of times without any problem porting my old number to the new service. I recently changed from Vodafone broadband to Vodafone Gigafast. When I took this connectiion, I was told that it will be possible to port my number. ion Its been now over 4 month and I have been caught up with unreliable service from Vodafone and looks like I have lost my number. It was like 565464. I was trying to get some code to transfer this number else where but they misled me and
  4. Hi guys, Sorry for my late reply. Today I have received second no answer from the Wizz air. They said, Thank you for using our Resolver platform. Please be kindly informed that we have re-investigated your case and the information provided in our correspondence. With all the respect due, we have to inform you that our position on the matter remains unchanged. Should you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience, as we would be more than happy to assist you. Have a lovely day ahead. Kind Regard
  5. Thank you so much. I think I will follow them through email so I keep all the records. I will keep you updated with the progress.
  6. Thank you for your reply. I am agree with you. With this type of behaviour, yes I will go ahead with it. Do you recommend if I just go through an agency and pay 25% cost to them and let them do all the work?
  7. Hello everyone, On Tuesday 16th I had flight from Lviv to Luton and it was delayed 12 hours due to a crack on one of the tyre. They had to get other tyre from Kiev which arrived after 6 hours and then another 6 hours to repair. It seems like technical fault but today I sent them claim through their website and it is refused. They said: Thank you for contacting Wizz Air Customer Service Department. We are sorry to hear about this unfortunate situation, and after thoroughly investigating your case we confirm that flight LWO-LTN on the 16th of July 2019 was delayed due to unexp
  8. OK, I just write them and if it works would be great and if not, I will pay up to 50% discounted price. I will update here. I guess only 10% chance of winning.
  9. Yes there are photos online It was here My only defence could be the massive road works and underground closed. I parked there because I did not want to take my car to the central London.
  10. Hello everyone, Yesterday I parked my car near the Camden Underground and paid two hours parking through my mobile. I was planning of taking underground for a short trip which normally takes one hour but due to Camden Town underground station was shut and the roads around the Camden station were shut, I ended up 30 minutes late back to my car and got a penalty charge note. I never had any parking fine in the UK for many years and I always pay for my parking. I was unable to extend my parking time due to the restriction of maximum two hours of parking at once.
  11. Ah OK, thanks. I am really surprised they are still chasing me. I will ignore them. Sorry for keep on posting but at least I am leaving updates on the issue.
  12. Hello guys, Latest update. Today I have received a letter from Rossendales Collect telling me that Euro parking collection has passed them the amount which comes to now £144.33. Any help or suggestions. They have dated 20th Oct and they want the money by 27th. Please help. I simply can not afford this type of amount. UI was in Budapest last week in the same vehicle. No problems there, I was not stopped or anything. The parking incident happened last year in July. Here is the link for the letter copy. rossers letter.pdf
  13. Hello again, Just to give you an update. Today I have received a letter from an international debt collection called Contractum which is based in London. They are asking me to pay £103.53. They are also saying that I have ignored minimum 2 notifications through Euro parking collection. The amount they said would be paid within 28 days with different options. The letter is dated 7th of May but I have received it today. Any suggestions?
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