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  1. A quick update - Barclays' final response is a flat 'no' as, after completing their 'further investigations' they say 'no new information has come to light.' They also refer to charges I reclaimed before advising them of my current financial hardship. Before I got their letter I had emailed them asking them to freeze interest and charges while I am disputing this and citing the Office of Fair Trading Code of Guidance in which it states: putting pressure on debtors or third parties is considered to be oppressive This includes ignoring disputes about whether money is owed and refusing to freeze action if the debt is in dispute. They have not responded to my email. Where next?
  2. Thank you - it was certainly getting a little confusing and I found that particular contributor's posts very unhelpful. I also wonder about their motives given other posts they have put on here. I think, working through the helpful advice many of you have given, that the best course of action is to open a basic bank account, ask Barclays for their final response and pursue complaints with both the FOS and BCOBS. Still reading up on the latter.
  3. Thank you but I have already made my situation clear to Barclays and told them why I was in financial hardship. I don't think any pointers on preventing family breakdown and the subsequent fall-out are going to help. I wrote to Barclays when this first happened four years ago explaining it all. They ignored that letter. I wrote to their CEO with the same, extensive explanation. That, too, was ignored. Barclays were all over me when I was earning a decent income but the moment things became tough they turned nasty. I have no reason to believe that they will provide any form of 'support' now.
  4. Thanks dx - yes, the benefits are doing directly into this account. It's my only account so they can see all my income and outgoings and the impact the charges are having on me (priority bill payments bounced etc)
  5. It certainly isn't a joke to me and I have little faith in Barclays providing real 'financial assistance.' I did some digging around on the site and found a fairly old thread that related to a similar case including this: That thread is here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?190665-Financial-Hardship-but-Barclays-say-NO-!-**WON-HARDSHIP-REFUND** Barclays have not stated this is their final response but I believe I can take it forward. I just wondered if there was any more up to date advice as the above was from 2009?
  6. I'd also add that for two years during the hardship period for which I am claiming I was on JSA.
  7. I receive Working and Child tax credits as well as Council Tax Benefit - those make up my income apart from very small, sporadic amounts from self-employment. I am also a single parent (my situation became very had when my partner left) and struggling to meet all the bills as we now only have my income and no other means of support.
  8. Thank you - I'll do both in writing and post back my results
  9. I meet all the criteria for financial hardship (checked the Moneysavingexpert advice on this) and have been absolutely crippled by Barclays charging me £3 a day or nearly £100 a month on my account since they changed the rules. I have also suffered from charges piling up on my account to form the overdraft that is the basis for those £3 a day charges. I sent them an SAR, got my documents and duly sent off an email to Barclays Head Office following personalized templates from here asking them to stop all further charges and refund me those for the past four and a half years I have been in hardship. They turned me down flat, stating: Under the Lending Code (section 9) and Banking Conduct of Business Sourcebook (Section 5.1.4), Barclays does have a duty to treat customers in financial difficulties positively and sympathetically. Any such obligations on Barclays where financial hardship has been shown are guided by these codes and rules. However, I would advise that neither of these, nor the Banking Code which proceeded them require Barclays to refund charges or suspend the application of them when someone is suffering from financial difficulties. Having reviewed your account I can see that all charges have been applied correctly in accordance with the terms and conditions of your account therefore I would be unable to offer a refund. However, I have arranged for our Financial Assistance team to review your account and they are keen to have a full discussion with you to ascertain you current position including your current income and expenditure. The Financial Assistance would then be in a better position to look at more permanent solutions to your current position and they have several potential solutions that may assist you ; if agreeable I can arrange for a member of our Financial Assistance team to call you at a time which is convenient to you. I'm sure the 'Financial Assistance team' are no such thing... Where do I go from here?
  10. Point taken...maybe I should just wait and see what CCS do next...
  11. Thank you. Would never call those lovely people - I shall write again offering to pay them directly.
  12. I'd love to dx but their letter states quite specifically: 'We are sorry that you have not received a reply to your initial letter. However, as this amount as been transferred to our recovery agent CCS Collect we ere unable to accept a repayment offer from you." I was really surprised to read that as I thought they had to deal with me if I was making an offer to repay.
  13. Thank you but I'm self-employed and earning very little so there really is nothing to attach.
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