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  1. Thank you, all advice is appreciated.
  2. I will pass this on thanks guys and get on with it.
  3. They closed it when she was in the black, refusef to let her have the 30 quid she had on saying that she might be overdrawn in a few days !! Its the inconvienience of not having any alternative and done with no notice. Really stinks.
  4. Thanks, yes that is in hand not quick enough unfortunately, got her to apply for a post office account yesterday but they have closed her account today. not good !
  5. Hi, I have a friend (no really) who has debt problems which are being added to I believe by the charges levied on her account. She had a basic account with no overdraft facility although she did keep going overdrawn and hence accrued charges, these have snowballed as happens and resulted in the account being closed. The thing is she is on benefits which the bank are obviously aware of and as soon as the benefits are credited they have been swallowed by charges adding to the debt problems she has. I have tried finding posts on here but dont seem to be finding what I need so can anyone point me in the direction of reclaiming charges under hardship rules if this is possible. would it be prudent to send an SAR or is this likely to be a dead duck ? I am in the process of collecting all the info that I can. Cheers
  6. HAARP is well known and been around for years, its the things we dont have info about that are truley scary.
  7. You are trying to stop 2 tonnes of motor with those pads, the premium ones tend to be a little softer so wear quicker and are more dusty. Its always a compromise between wear and performance. Personally I fit the ones that stop me quicker and replace without thinking when performance drops. Remember yours and other lives depend on these.
  8. The danger posed by aspartame far outweighs the problem sugary drinks cause, its a shame that the research into those is kept quiet. I will have normal drinks for my family over the diet ones any day of the week,its a real shame more people are not aware of the side effects.
  9. I joined AutoAid a few years ago and was very pleased, I was fed up with the long wait and escalating prices from RAC and AA, it works like a conventional breakdown service in that you call a number and someone comes out to you, mostly I believe from a network of local garages so my experience was quite quick. Things change a little there as you then have to pay (cash Card whatever) so this is not for everyone, you then send in the receipt to AutoAid and they send a cheque out for your costs. It's been a few years since I was with them but I can say they are worth having a look at, from memory £39 covered me and my spouse. I had a 4x4 recovered from near Lincoln to Oxford around £300 so you have to have the facility to pay but I got a cheque to cover it in a little over a week. well worth a look if you need that service.
  10. I hope these don't go on furlong.
  11. I think you have a talent for understatement.
  12. Thanks Ims, the thought of inputting data from the last 11 years isn't something I am looking forward to !!
  13. Thanks, Yes that's more or less what I thought I would have to do just wasn't sure if it was "allowed" but after some of the drivel they have sent I suppose I shouldn't care. This was my first attempt at claiming so got it superbly wrong, (followed a thread on here about an easy win with Cap 1 ) we live and learn. I have had since four successes following the tried route and am waiting to hear from HFC on another, but this one has got messy. One question about the spreadsheets, there seems to be 2 that are suggested, CISheet and FOSrunning, but can't seem to figure why the different ones are advised, any pointers on these please?
  14. I have already put in a claim for PPI with them and they have rejected it, although not a final response so I will have another go, I went about it badlyby just phoneing their PPI line and saying I was self employed and was not aware the cover was optional. As I say they have rejected it. I was thinking of writing out the FOS questionaire and starting again but not sure if that is something I could do so advice please. I have all the statements from inception and almost every piece of paperwork ever sent to me. I cancelled the PPI in 2005 when I became aware it wasn't mandatory but have only recently found out about reclaiming so thats another point about mis selling. I have already sent an SAR and wait for the results of that. One question that you pose is How do I get them to prove that I asked for it? do I do as I suggest and now send the FOS CQ or is it too late? You also say not to expect a favourable result, That I can believe but feel as though I need to do something as sitting on this and trying to deflect things for the next six years doesn't seem to be the best course of action.
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