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  1. Thanks for that, point one just confirms what I thought, I will get back to work on it with those suggestions in mind. Cheers
  2. Thank you for your help so far and apologies for not getting to this earlier, I have a quick draft letter from my employer as a starting point, there are a few things on it that I would probably change but I am a great believer in getting more than one opinion. I would probably add to this that I have a work colleague who doesn't drive ( he has a foreign licence but hasn't driven here) who I work with most of the time, so effectively if I am banned it would have a great impact on him too. I understand what you say about restricting the argument so in this instance will leave my Fat
  3. Thank you, it is very much appreciated, not what I wanted to hear but that's life. I will save the money on that advise and deal with it myself, I don't relish speaking in court but it's not something I am going to have a great problem with either. I will get to work on the EH angle and see how it looks. ( I have a couple of parties that are fairly good at that kind of thing.) The solicitor fee will help with whatever fine I get ! Thank you very much.
  4. Thank you for your reply, it's helpful and I already have a letter from my employer along those lines, the thought of those points over my head is quite disconcerting but that is out of my hands. I had a colleague some years ago who received a ban for speeding but got a short ban ( can't remember the duration ) at the end he had no points and ironically I got a ticket while on my way to pick him up ! This might make me sound like a habitual offender but the reality is that doing the kind of mileage that is involved with my job carries a higher risk than for most people, this however ha
  5. Hi, I am hoping someone can direct me to the best outcome for my problem. I received 4 speeding tickets in a short space of time last year, just over 3 weeks actually, same place very similar speeds going through roadworks on the A1 the limit was signed at 50 and I was caught doing 61, 60, 62 and 61, no point denying it, Couple of reasons for it, non of which will make a difference I don't suppose but I had a lot on my mind with some domestic health issues and quite honestly I thought they were average speed cameras so wasn't too concerned of that as I would have have
  6. That's a very good point, I was err shall we say a bit trusting. because of the relationship I "thought" I had with them I trusted their word, they told me that it wasn't going to be a problem because the new place would cost less than the old one. Looks now that I will just have to suck it up, I know that there is some extra cash in hand income sometimes but that isn't going to help as it would just be denied. I think I am answering my own questions here. The saying about "No good dead goes unpunished" is remarkably accurate.
  7. Well it's come to the time to the time to do something about this and I have been giving this a lot of thought particularly what BazzaS has said. So, I have no experience in these matters and while it really ticks me off, what is the likelihood of a satisfactory result ? I don't doubt that there is a very good chance of a successful court finding but if the chance of payment is very slim then there is little point in wasting more money. They are on benefits and have nothing of any real value so sending bailiffs in would be pointless. the only other possibility as far as I see woul
  8. Thanks all for your help so far, letter before action sent by normal mail and recorded. I have the delivery signature and posting proof so I think that angle is covered. Now I will wait a bit, I really don't expect a reply but I always hope for the best. Thanks
  9. Just one quick point before I send this, Andy you said 14 days but the pre-action protocol mentions 30, is there a change somewhere ?
  10. Or this one which isn't a template and I think much simpler. I will put the relevant dates in. Simple LBA redacted.pdf
  11. Ok guys, I found the letter template on the "Which" website so I hope its the right sort of thing and would appreciate any advise / corrections on this draft. Thanks. IMG.pdf
  12. Thank you all, I use Ebay a lot so am familiar with the proof of posting, I like the idea of doubling up for the sake of a bit of postage so thanks for that idea. I will get on to this this afternoon.
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