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  1. i had a default of £989 from o2, as my phone stopped working and I refused to pay so they charged me the 24 month contract up front and it defaulted. I asked the debt collector for credit agreement which they couldnt supply and was wrote off
  2. Been trying to sort out my credit file. I have a £1600 overdraft from Natwest from my student days which I'm now paying off £100 a month payment plan, and it's automatically reduced by £100 each month. I have 2 defaults, one is from HSBC Litigations from January 2009 so it's due to drop off January 2015. Default balance is £439 and marked as SATISFIED. I rung them and asked about it and they said it should be marked as paid off, not sure if thats what the satisfied means. It's a massive red mark anyway. Another is with provident loans, for £350 from October 2014. I don't ever remember getting a letter from them about a default whatsoever! The balance is £320 though as I stupidly agreed a £10 a week payment plan as the woman on the phone said if I did then they would remove the default. I received a letter 1 week ago informing me "We told you the default would be removed but it won't be, it will remain on your account for 6 years" which is completely unfair, downright lie. Any advice at how I get can these removed? I can't improve my credit file as I can't get any credit accounts due to the defaults! Thanks for your help
  3. Sorry if this is in the wrong section! My credit rating is very poor! The two negative factors are that I have 1 default and no credit accounts registered at my current address. I've applied for bad credit rating cards etc to help improve my rating and I've not been accepted. I'm in full time employment and desperately need a credit card just to spend like £10 a month on to pay off in time. Anyone know of any companies who may accept me? I obviously don't want to apply for any more than needed. I've tried vanquis and barclaycard credit builders
  4. Hello! I have a graduate account with Natwest. My overdraft is £1600, I know very silly of me but then it's offered to a student with no money it's very tempting! After uni I was unemployed for a year, Natwest were pretty awful. I have NO direct debits active on my account. I've been charged £36 a go everytime I go past my unarranged overdraft (out of my job seekers money). Thing is, I only take money out when it's says it's available on my online banking app. It's pretty annoying to get charged when I take money out which is apparently available only to find out it's not. 2 months ago my balance was -£1588 so I withdrew £10 from a cash point and think no more of it. I visited tesco earlier in the day and spent money, which apparently was pending and didnt come out until 2 days later, leaving my account as £1608. Natwest charged me £96 for this as I had no way of paying back into my account to make it level again for a couple of weeks. I've been unemployed since university but I've recently found employment which I start next week. I've opened an account with barclays and plan to get my wages paid into that, then every payday pay a bit towards my natwest overdraft. I'v sent a letter complaining about them charging me, and charging me when my account was already past the overdraft limit and received this reply. Is this a good reply to them or is it worth me chasing it some more? Is there anyway I could close the account and set up a payment plan with Natwest? £2385.99 of charges in 9 years is pretty disgusting and even getting the £92 back would be great. Letter in attachments, Thank you for your help
  5. Good thinking! However when I spoke to HFC they told me they no longer had my account and had passed it on, however the agency who apparently received it don't know anything. They are the company who issued the default I imagine though
  6. Hello! After weeks of searching HSBC have told me that the debt is apparently with HFC Bank. I contacted them and they said I'm no longer on their system as they passed it on to rob and way co... .after a hour of talking to them they can confirm they have no heard of me and have never had an account open with them at all.. ..the default was issued 5 years ago in January 2009 and it's really damaging my file. No one knows anything about me what shall I do? Shall I send letters to all companies? Thank you
  7. Apparently we were never contacted by EDF....we were there over a year and I guess we just assumed we were paying the bill (one of us was paying electricity and we assumed he was also paying gas)
  8. What proof would we need to ask for? We asked for a bill but they are pressurising... Was 8 of us in the house in all, student house 4 are ignoring my calls in regards to this so looks like us other 4 will have to pay their share!!
  9. Hi! 3 years ago I lived in a student house, we all paid bills together yet apparently somehow we didn't pay the gas bill for the entire time we were there (1 year) Received a CLA letter today addressed to me.. ..no one else got said letter demanding £1082.67 but if we pay within 14 days it's reduced to £866.14!! And threatening court action proceeding soon This is a huge amount of money and I simply cannot pay. What will my next step be? I'm trying to deal with them but they are very rude and demand I pay, then I'll be free to dispute it which i find really odd. Am I within my right to demand proof we lIved there? They might just be fishing. Thanks for your help
  10. Hi! 4 weeks ago I found a default on my credit rating from HSBC Bank. I have no knowledge of this, having never had an account with them. Sent a letter to them and recieved one asking for more address's as they cannot find me on their system. They recived it 3 weeks ago and no reply. I phoned them up today and they say they cannot find me on the system and that I need to take a copy of my credit report into a branch for them to scan into the system so they can find me. this is what my credit report says.... HSBC BANK Loan Default Satisfied 05/07/2009 Seen an error on your report? HSBC BANK Who's this? Entry Number: C1 | Account Updated to: 05/07/2009 acount Type: Loan Started: 04/06/2008 Current Balance: Satisfied Default Date: 31/01/2009 Default Balance: £439 View Account Status Details: Account Status Details (1-12 months) Account Status Details (13-24 months) Last updated: 05/07/2009 Can anyone give me some advice here? It's like talking to a brick wall and I'm meant to be moving house soon! And they won't let me with a bad rating Regards!
  11. Hello! I've recently been HOUNDED for £412 from a company called portfolio recovery associates every day for the last couple of months. They leave a voicemail (pre recorded) when I'm out and when I answer it's a robotic voice saying they would like to speak to me, then it connects to an operator....I thought this was illegal?! Anyway I contested the debt as there's no way I owe £412 to anyone and demanded for them to send me a credit agreement. They sent one, and it says I borrowed £80 from Wonga a while back. The woman on the phone said it's gone up to £412 due to added fees...there is no mention of this in the "credit agreement" only the £80 that was apparently originally borrowed. So my question is this....would I legally have to pay the £412 even though I have no proof that this is the amount Wonga require as there's no mention of this amount?! I mean, PRA could have changed the figures themselves couldn't they? And it's a 3 year old debt...have they stalled the default due to them maybe not having correct proof? And what makes a credit agreement a credit agreement? Thanks for your help typed this on my phone and probably doesn't make a lot of sense! Thank you
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