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Found 14 results

  1. Hi I would be grateful for a little bit of help, or confirmation that I'm on the right tracks for putting my case forward to DLA for mandatory reconsideration please. It involves the past presence test, genuine sufficient link test etc. Basically I really could do with someone showing me where to find the relevant decision makers guidance and confirming whether what I'm going to write is correct. I have found some DMG but I don't know if its up to date, so Ill need to ensure I link the correct DMG paragraphs etc to support my claim. Basically we do not meet the past presence test as
  2. Hi, Unfortunately I defaulted on a credit card. This has been passed to PRA Group eventually. We've had a couple of visits and letters dropped off. Is this a genuine bailiff working on behalf of PRA Group or the Courts I wonder? The "Produced by Rob Barber" in the botteom right corner scrimbled out by pen has me wondering. Thanks, T.
  3. Hi. First time here and spent a few hours looking through the impressive library of information here. Hopefully someone will point me in the right direction. Yesterday, out of the blue I got a letter from CT Capital, to my new address, I have moved twice since my least dealings with them, they did not use my first name, just my last name. It says I previously made a complaint about PPI with them which was rejected. Following a supreme court decision and new rules by the FCA, I can now make a new claim, and then some information of high commission levels th
  4. Hi everyone, I parked my car at the Peel Centre in Stockport to pickup an item which was reserved for me in Argos. Its my first visit at the Peel Centre and no doubt will be the last. Upon arrival there were no visible signs or parking machines around the perimeter so I gathered the parking was free. I went to the store to pickup the item but was told it was reserved by their other store just around the corner. The staff asked if I parked my car here, I replied yes and so she advised me to leave the vehicle here and its only a 5 minute walk. I took her advice
  5. I got an email from the email address Suzanne . Morgan @ dvla . gsi . gov . uk but when I hit reply the target address is DLOMail @ dvla . gsi . gov . uk . I was wondering if anyone could help confirming if it's genuine. They don't ask for any super sensitive data but I still want to be sure it's real before replying because sometimes these emails do just feel a little off. The email says... ---------- Dear *******, Please take time to read this Email, as it requires you to take action regarding your driving licence application. If we do not hear from you within 7 days, your applicati
  6. Afternoon, I've been in a bit of a spot recently, lost my job, had to re-arrange my mortage to interest only or risk losing my house, defaulted on my one credit card, missing paying bills every month, I think you guys get the picture but the last year or so has been financial hell for me. My credit report is a sea of red Anyway I'll concentrate just on the Barclays account here. I've had an account with Barclays for around 20-25 years and I have most of the statements which I've started to dump info from into an Excel spreadsheet. I have a question if anyone would be so kind as to
  7. My Mother-in-law sent for a "free sample" of the above tooth whitening product, in response to a pop-up ad. on the internet. Two packages were delivered to her home, before Christmas, as she was leaving to spend the holiday period with our family. She returned home, yesterday, and on checking her Barclaycard statement, she finds multiple amounts (five in total, ranging from £0.82 to £62.27) have been charged to her account. My Mother-in-law has, unwittingly signed up for a subscription to make monthly purchases of a useless product, at a cost of more than £120.00 per month.
  8. xairfan

    Is it genuine?

    Just received a demand for money from SIGMA RED, supposedly owed to DVLA for a Late Licence Penalty and dating back to 01/11/2013, but not convinced they have the right to do this. Would the DVLA wait twelve months to collect a debt? There are no details about what the penalty was for, just details about the vehicle involved, which I do own. Has anyone had any dealings with SIGMA RED or have any information about them, please. Thanks for any responses. xairfan.
  9. Hi all, I was on my lloyds tsb online banking and I accidentally transferred the money to an old nationwide account i haven't used for a couple of years and was £222 overdrawn. I rang Lloyds straight away and they said there was nothing they could do and I should contact Nationwide. I rang Nationwide and they said as it was £222 overdrawn it's now £78 in credit and they can't do nothing for me despite it being my holiday money for 3 weeks time which i've now lost and the fact it was an error. I didn't type in the details it was an existing payee which i used once around 2 y
  10. As this was a hot topic in a recent thread when I received my latest invoice,I thought I'd try it. Posted appeal on same day I received invoice. Appeal was simply- I am not liable for this charge and wish to invoke your appeals process.Enclosed is a receipt for the date concerned. From date I received the parking charge notice to cancelation of charge letter ,12 days!
  11. I've had a couple of dodgy things happen with my gmail over the last few days, such as old contacts apparently wanting to connect and then I click the link and it goes to an ad about weight loss plans. Now I've had this email to my Hotmail account and wondering if it's for real. Hi Caro, Someone recently used your password to try to sign in to your Google Account [email protected] This person was using an application such as an email, client or mobile device. We prevented the sign-in atte
  12. Hi everyone, I would appreciate some help. I received a threatening letter from Capquest recently which I duly responded with an SAR. My suspicions are with the copy of the CCA that they have sent through. It has all account transactions info from 2007 but there is a "received" stamp on the front that is dated 2004?? the copy does have my signature in the relevant box, albeit very faint, but it has not been dated by me which is something I would not do. It seems to me that there is something fishy with this. can anyone give me advice on how to tackle this or i
  13. There have been a number of blatant spoof threads on here recently so that got me thinking . How many other threads, in which the individual details some extremely bad and unacceptable practices from a Bailiff, are actually genuine? And how many in which are genuine actually tell the whole truth of the situation? There are threads where CAG members provide advice based on what they are being informed (can't do anymore!), but then the thread just slowly slips further and further down as the creator does not come back with an update and outcome. Do you perceive from that, that the
  14. Hi, Hope someone can help....... My lappy decided to die, well the hard drive did. Had it repaired with a new HDD (smaller than orig.) and all was working well. Now I have a 'black screen' and Windows is not genuine messages. I have looked for the Key but Acer in their madness put the sticker on the bottom and it is now completely erased. I did manage to get the KEY for Win7 from the repairer using some software (keyfinder) but this key does not activate Any suggestions??? Thanks G
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