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  1. I always fill out the typical Ingeus template forms when doing a jobsearch at the Ingeus office, I fill in the job i've applied for and the website I have used but have never filled out the space where it asks the name of the company/agency the job belongs I've applied for is with. Today I was told in pretty harsh terms I had to start filling this out or it was a sanctionable offence. I record my jobs applied for on the Universal Jobmatch website and I have email evidence of all jobs applied for which I produce every time I sign on at the local job centre. Does Ingeus have a ri
  2. my friend cancelled his JSA claim today and has appointment booked with his ingeus advisor tomorrow, he has asked me if he can still get sanctioned for not attending as he is switching from JSA to ESA? sorry to keep going on but he keeps asking me.
  3. Hi all , i have been attending work programme for over a month - and was late for an appointment due to a heavy cold and my provider decided callously to raise a doubt with DWP. recieved a 'good reason letter' asking why i dint attend work programme appt.- how can i successfully challenge this and avoid a sanction. help would be very much appreciated guys!
  4. I have been claiming universal credit for around 13 months whilst trying to recover from anxiety and depression. I have on several occasions explained to the DWP that these conditions affect my ability to work and attend scheduled appointments, providing as much medical evidence as doctors will provide. Back in March I missed an appointment during a particularly difficult time for me. I wasn't able to talk to anyone or leave the house. I contacted the DWP as soon as I felt able and arranged another appointment, which I later rescheduled myself, against as a result of my condition. Th
  5. Hi guys, making this post for a friend of mine. Wondering if any of you awesome folks could offer some experience/helpful advice. So basically I was mandated to attend an Ingeus appointment last month, however on the day of my appointment I was suffering with a terrible migraine (I get them occasionally and they can be quite bad). I have phoned in sick before and never had a problem (I think last time I missed an Ingeus appointment was last year). However I phoned in sick this time on the day of my appointment early in the morning (my appointment was some time in the afternoon I thin
  6. I worked in a pub for 3 years and 7 months and I was sacked for misconduct in November 2015 and UC imposed me with a high level 91 day sanction (which I was told by the CAB would be extremely difficult to overturn as a reconsider was refused) I got an advanced Payment from universal credit on 8th December 2015, and I was due my first payment on the 13th January this year until I was given a 82-91 day sanction (so not a penny for 3 months) I was advised by the CAB I may be able to get a hardship payment but only from what was the first payment due date this Wednesday, I just wander what I coul
  7. this is for a friend who had a sanction this time last year for 4 weeks got his benefit back 2nd week in jan 2015 they was wondering does sanction reset after so long? like a year on form his sanction start date and end date? just inquiring as they are getting put on a course which the adviser told that if they didn't attend they would sanction him and they would get a 13 weeks as they had a 4 week sanction but told his adviser that his benefit money was paid on the 12th january. they don't want another sanction but wanted to know how sanction worked if they do get reset.
  8. Benefit sanctions make it harder for people to find work says charity Crisis. The report is dated 11/12/2015... Benefit sanctions are leaving people homeless, hungry and destitute, and making it even harder for them to find work, according to the homeless charity Crisis. Follow the link for the full story... Info from here >> http://www.localgov.co.uk/Benefit-sanctions-make-it-harder-for-people-to-find-work-says-charity/40000
  9. Hi all, hope someone can help with this. I’m on Universal Credit and have been “signing” every two weeks where I don’t actually sign but Jobcentre staff review what I’ve been doing. I’ve kept my own spreadsheets and have presented a printout with each meeting, I’ve got the member of staff to initial and date each time so that they are happy with it. They’ve mentioned about documenting time spent and applying for positions outside my “perfect job” I’ve been doing this and spending way over the supposed 29 hours (I do voluntary work too) Today I’ve been given a UC71 form and
  10. I was asked to sign on for my universal credit by the advisor I saw on the 26th June instead of my normal sign on day the 22nd June. I turned up on the 26th to find there was no sign on appointment for me and the receptionist wouldnt even let me upstairs to see an advisor. I have now received a sanction letter for this from universal credit as there is nothing on the system.I have to take proof in to the Job Centre to stop the sanction. The only proof I have is the advisors note of the 26th June and uc on my Job log sheet. Will this be enough otherwise I will loose most
  11. When i signed on the 1st June, i noticed a small (half A4 size) notice about a Jobs Fair the day after (2nd June), anyway, i signed on as normal and was just about to leave when i asked about the Jobs Fair, he said it was mandatory, and i left... ...the thing is, he made no attempt during the signing to mention about it or give me a "direction" letter, and because of this i completely forgot about the Jobs Fair the day after. Can i still be santioned for not going, i thought they had to give you written notice of it detailing the penalties for not attending, all i had was just an uno
  12. I was referred to the mandatory work programme in Feb and was given a placement which started on 25th Feb. A family member was due out of hospital 6 days later (3rd March) and would need someone to look after them for a short time. I contacted the placement provider and explained the situation, and they agreed that it didn't make sense to attend the placement for three days and then have to take an unknown amount of time off. They told me that an alternative start date could be arranged, but that I would need to contact the Job Centre as they were the only ones wh
  13. This is a good FOI reply I found on Whatdotheyknow site; https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/sanctions_comprehensive_monitori#comment-57627 The FOI 108 DMA Checklist.xls file (click on 'View HTML' to see it) is particularly interesting as it contains a list of all the checks the adviser has to do if they want to raise a valid sanction doubt - there's LOTS of little things that we can catch them out on if they fail to do it Well worth printing out and keeping. Should your adviser ever try to raise a doubt you can produce it and at least make sure they go through every step wh
  14. Hi, just looking for some advice please! I was in receipt of JSA and was sanctioned for 3 month after a training provider failed to send me written details about a MWA placement. I have appealed to the DWP and received a Mandatory reconsideration notice just before the sanction ended. They are basically saying that I did receive the letter as it was addressed correctly, there was no postal dispute and I cannot prove that I didn't receive it, so the sanction still stands. How can I prove I didn't receive a letter!? I completed a form and sent it to the tribunal service and the DWP ha
  15. BBC Parliament Channel today 9.30am -- Work and Pensions Committee sitting -- Taking evidence on the Oakley Review into sanctions with the nation's favourite dumb blonde being grilled.
  16. Hi I'm after any advice I have posted on here before about MWA I had been told to go to. I was told to go to a charity shop and on the day my neighbour gave me a lift there, I was late and the woman was horrible having a go at my neighbour and I walked out embarrassed and ashamed (so was my neighbour - he was shocked that someone 'volunteering' would get spoken to like that) I ended up getting a 13 week sanction Then in April I was told to do MWA again. I got a letter from learn direct saying they'd be in touch for me to come in and see them.
  17. Hi, I have sanction placed on my JSA for failing to attend a work appointment and have told the job centre numerous times that this was because I did not received the letters until after these appointments. I appealed again over the phone and received the letter attached. I was wondering what to do next and whether anyone can help me. Thank You Kat [ATTACH=CONFIG]55410[/ATTACH]
  18. Six weeks ago my partners advisor tried to refer her to the CWP, she refused. This advisor and his pal sat at the desk next to him, both victimised my partner and tried to force her onto the CWP in a dirty underhanded way. We have put in a big complaint under the equality act, and my partner also recorded the one conversation showing she was being ganged up on. You may remember I asked about the recording. The DWP, as yet, havnt answered the complaint. My partner also included a consciencious objection. The CO is being dealth with by a DWP manager in Bracknell. So it looks like
  19. Interesting FOI response concerning UJ-related sanction figures on whatdotheyknow site; https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/207398/response/542365/attach/3/FOI%202014%201877%20WDTK%20Response.pdf Note how many referrals are either not upheld, held in reserve or simply cancelled. Always worth appealing any sanction and fighting it.
  20. I signed on this morning and my advicer gived me a leaflet about payments been sent early but don't understand when my payments will go in my bank and just wondering if anyone know from this: Expected Issue date Payment for Period Ending 15/03/2013 15/03/2013 27/03/2013 29/03/2013 12/04/2013 12/04/2013 I know the top one as I signed on today and it will go in my bank on the 20th (on wednesday) But when will the 27th go in? is it on the 29th it will go in my bank or the 3rd? I should signed on
  21. Hi all My dad is currently on JSA, as he is not good with technology or computers I have to do most of the job search and applications for him. I use sites like Reed and Totaljobs, but the jobcenter people keep threatening him with sanction for not using UJM, now I browse this site for jobs too but hardly ever are there any jobs that can be applied for and most of the jobs just redirect to external site or recruitment agency site for application, so I am lost as to what I can do, can they really sanction him because of that? and is he obliged to give access to his account to them. An
  22. Today I received a letter informing me that "We cannot pay you Jobseekers' Allowance from 1 Match 2014. [...] from 1 March 2014 to 14 March 2014 you were not and could not be treated as actively seeking work. As a result of this decision your benefit may be sanctioned if you reclaim Jobseekers Allowance." I understand why the decision was made. However, some things are not clear to me: 1) What is the length of the sanction? 2) Why do I need to reclaim?
  23. I had a sanction placed on my ESA for missing an appointment (that they said was alright as it conflicted with a MIND appointment) but i received a sanction a week later so i got someone to phone and was told the sanction would be sorted once i attend a new Seetec appointment so i did this the day after now a month later and i have still heard nothing (also just attended another seetec appointment which are monthly) about my sanction and i am still receiving the lower amount is it just a matter of waiting or should i phone them to try and get it sorted quicker. also on seetec i have no
  24. hi - I'm hoping someone can help me with this, and explain what to do next? I 'sign-on' by post, as I live in a rural area. I have only been claiming JSA for 4 months, I usually complete UJ daily, but at my advisor appointment on 7 feb, I informed my computer was being 'fixed' due to problems, and submitted paper copy of job search. He was happy with this. I sent my next declaration by post on 21 Feb, and when no monies in account by 28th contacted 'helpline'. after several discussions- I was told to contact local office as there was a sanction applied by them, and they had been trying to co
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