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  1. I always fill out the typical Ingeus template forms when doing a jobsearch at the Ingeus office, I fill in the job i've applied for and the website I have used but have never filled out the space where it asks the name of the company/agency the job belongs I've applied for is with. Today I was told in pretty harsh terms I had to start filling this out or it was a sanctionable offence. I record my jobs applied for on the Universal Jobmatch website and I have email evidence of all jobs applied for which I produce every time I sign on at the local job centre. Does Ingeus have a right to see which company/agency I am applying for when I produce this evidence each fortnight when I go to the job centre and can they send a sanction to the job centre for me not putting down which company/agency I am applying for work at? I'm applying and recording proof of at least ten jobs each day at home and when I'm on a "jobsearch" activity at the actual Ingeus office too. Their claim today is that this is for their "records" but surely the only people who have a right to know which company/agency my applications are for is the job centre adviser when I sign on each fortnight and whom I provide the evidence of job search to every time? Could anyone please provide any feedback or information? Thanks.
  2. I've not a clue. I'm assuming it's a "course" Job Centre Plus have put me on. That's the problem, I've no information from Job Centre Plus. I was just told they'd arrange for me to go there on the first intake and that was that. In fact when at my signing date last week my adviser was trying to arrange a time for my next date of signing when I replied that I was going on this course the vry same day my adviser was trying to allocate a time for me to sign at the Job Centre. My adviser had completely forgotten I was sent to Ingeus That's when I was handed this shoddy print off of sparse information on it. I've been claiming JSA since September last year if that's any help? This will be six months claiming. EDIT: just noticed there's a two-week course entitled "stairway to work" that Ingeus operate. "It consists of a two-week full-time course, designed to improve confidence and motivation as well as providing advice on how to become more employable and supporting clients to find work. The course covers aspects such as teamworking and communication skills, financial advice, problem-solving and job search skills. Access to the course is via referral from local Jobcentre Plus Advisers" Could it be that one?
  3. Job Centre Plus have put me on "course" with Ingeus starting on Monday from 10am-4pm and lasting two weeks. All I've received from Job Centre Plus is a badly printed out sheet of A4 paper with a google map of where their location is on one side and on the other side an address, travel options and "lunch options: McDonalds" (surely lunch option!) printed on it! All I've been told about this company by my advisor is "they're good, they get people into work" I thought Job Centre Plus were there for that purpose? :/ I live with my father, who is in his 70s, in his house and received a phone call which my father, as he usually does answered, with a confused look on his face he handed the phone to me 30 seconds or so later to which I heard "...appreciate confirmation of your attendance" He heard the word "Ingeus" and knew it was for me as I had told him I was going there Monday. An 30/40 second automated computer phone call in which someone else in your household could answer and be met with a quick burst of a phone number and other information to "confirm attendance" hardly speaks volumes of their boasts on their website which says "Excellence with integrity - The principle of excellence with integrity is the foundation of our organisation, and informs every decision we make." They effectively called me to tell me something yet their automated system kicked in when someone else answered the phone call! Does this automated phone call from Ingeus not break the Data Protection Act? I've also noticed from their website they say "Once you are referred onto the Work Programme by Jobcentre Plus, you will receive a phone call from Ingeus,followed by a letter confirming the date, time and location of your first appointment." Job Centre Plus referred me to this programme over a month ago but all I've received is this automated phone call and no letter. Starts on Monday though! Is this a taste of the incompetence I'm going to have to sit through for the next two weeks? I've also found out through my own research online that I may be expected to sit beside ex-offenders who could be on the same course for the two weeks, nothing against ex-offenders, but surely I should be told these things before I actually get there? Can anyone on this helpful website please give me some info on what to expect and what I'll be doing for the next two weeks?
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